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Eric Bischoff Says Bringing WCW To Canada Was Both Expensive and ‘Difficult’

November 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eric Bischoff WWE Hall of Fame, WWE AEW Crossover Image Credit: WWE

WCW was not a regular visitor to Canada during its existence, and Eric Bischoff recently revealed why. Bischoff recently spoke with Fightful and noted that heading up north was a tricky proposition for a variety of reasons.

“What was it like? It was freaking expensive,” he told the site. “Doing business in Canada is really, really difficult. I think it’s great. I’m not being negative. But they have very strict immigration process and some of our talent had DUI’s — driving under the influence — and things like that on their record. They just couldn’t get into the country.”

He continued, “So not only do you have talent that has some of that in their background, you’ve got production staff and people like that that had a hard time getting into the country. You had to deal with the Athletic Commission. It’s just very difficult. Canada makes it very difficult for producers other than Canadians producers to produce television in Canada. I understand it and I think it’s great, but when we want to do business in Canada, we have to pay the price.”

WWE is sto to return to the country for its Premium Live Event since 2019 with February’s Elimination Chamber, and AEW ran Dynamite and Rampage in the country for the first time in early October.

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