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Eric Bischoff On Why Jeff Jarrett Didn’t Work As a Horseman, Jarrett’s Spot in WCW

October 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jeff Jarrett Debra Four Horsemen

– On the latest 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff spoke about Jeff Jarrett’s close proximity to the Horseman and if he was every really a member of the group. Jarrett expressed a desire to join the stable when he came over from WWE in 1996, and there were allusions to him being part of the group via Ric Flair, but the rest of the group never warmed to him. Bischoff talked about Jarrett’s spot in WCW and why he was never really accepted by the fans as a Horseman.

On if Jeff Jarrett was really a Horseman: “Well, I guess I don’t know what constitutes a formal, card-carrying, legendary Horsemen member. I don’t know if you got a secret little card, or pass to a strip club. I don’t know what the bennies [benefits] were. [laughs] You know, he was in the orbit. And I think there was a lot of discussion. One of the reasons I hired Jeff was when it came to his in-ring work, I mean Jeff — and I’ll say this to this day. Especially at this time, Jeff was great [in the ring]. He knew how to tell a story, he really got psychology. Still does to this day. His character wasn’t, in my opinion, the strongest. But in terms of being able to deliver a great match. And not only deliver a great match, but have a great match with a variety of different styles and sizes of talent, and experience levels. Jeff was one of the best. So he was a great addition to the roster.”

On why Jarrett wasn’t a good fit as a Hoseman: “I don’t know that the audience ever looked at Jeff as somebody [who could be a Horseman]. And you know, all you have to do is go back and look at this PPV [Halloween Havoc]. Jeff came out in that white Spandex Chippendales kind of gimmick with the long, flowing blond hair. He just didn’t have that look of a Horseman. And I don’t think the audience ever recognized him as someone who could be a part of that original group with that credibility. But you know, he flirted with it for quite a while, and so did the audience. And so did we.”

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