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Eric Bischoff Returns to WWE TV on Raw, Suggests Kanellis’ Move to Smackdown

July 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eric Bischoff Mike Kanellis Eve Maria Kanellis Raw Reunion

– The new Executive Director of Smackdown, Eric Bischoff, made his return to WWE at Raw Reunion and suggested Mike Kanellis make a brand jump. Bischoff appeared backstage amidst festivities for Raw Reunion talking with Eve and Mike Kanellis when Maria came in to berate her husband. Bischoff suggested during the segment that if Raw wasn’t working out, maybe they could go to Smackdown.

Bischoff took over as the head of Smackdown’s creative team as of this week, though he is not expected to have an on-screen role in any authority figure manner.