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Eric Bischoff On What Issues WWE and AEW Have With Their Storytelling

June 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eric Bischoff AEW Dynamite 10-28-20 Image Credit: AEW

Eric Bischoff recently expanded on his comments regarding how both WWE and AEW have issues in their storytelling mindsets. Bischoff weighed in on the topics in the latest Strictly Business podcast. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On WWE’s storytelling issues: “In WWE’s case, I think they’re suffering from self-inflicted success. I think the sheer volume of content that they’re creating has de-emphasized quality storytelling. There’s still story, it’s just not compelling. It’s not growing the audience, it’s not creating that high level of interest in the product that there was previously.”

On AEW needing to emphasize storytelling more: “I think with AEW, they only do four pay-per-views a year, they’re not doing one every 45 minutes like WWE. They’ve got more time and if they would choose to really focus on the plot, structure that plot so that it times out in a very specific way as we’re building towards those pay-per-views, that fantastic athletic exhibition that we see combined with more emphasis on plot and story would take them where they really want to be. But I think the emphasis for AEW, for whatever reason, right now is just more on the physical exhibition and story, while yes technically it exists, I think it’s very undisciplined, very unstructured and it’s clearly not growing the audience. Just like WWE’s isn’t by the way, I’m not criticizing one over the other, neither one of them are doing a good job of growing their audience. That’s my point.”

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