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Eric Bischoff On Why Sami Zayn Shouldn’t Win World Title Yet

February 26, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw Sami Zayn Image Credit: WWE

Sami Zayn battled Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber, and Eric Bischoff recently touched on why WWE was right not to have Zayn beat Reigns. During his appearance on Kick Rocks, Bischoff talked about Zayn’s attempt to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and why it wasn’t the right time for that to happen.

“That’s so opposite of what a number of people believe but one of the most powerful characters you can have on your show is a babyface that’s striving to achieve something, a World title in this case,” Bischoff said (per Wrestling Inc). “The value in that character isn’t getting the World title, the value in that character is the audience’s desire to see that character achieve something and be willing to go on that journey until he or she does. You don’t want to cut that short.”

Zayn is continuing his quest to dismantle the Bloodline following Elimination Chamber and is trying to recruit Kevin Owens to join him.