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Eric Young Says He Wrestled Tonight’s Impact Match With A Torn ACL, Praises Eddie Edwards For Carrying Impact Banner Through ‘Dark Times’

April 22, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Impact Wrestling 9-22-20 Eric Young Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

In a post to Twitter, Eric Young expressed a heartfelt message praising Eddie Edwards for helping to carry Impact Wrestling through dark times, and noted that he wrestled their match on tonight’s episode with a torn ACL. Young revealed the torn ACL last month.

He wrote: “Tonight is a bittersweet night for me! Tonight I wrestle in the main event of the go-home show for the PPV this coming weekend. I have the honor of wrestling Eddie Edwards! Eddie is a guy I have always respected and enjoyed sharing the ring with. IMO Eddie is one of the best, most versatile in-ring performers I have ever had the chance to work with. They call him the heartbeat of IMPACT Wrestling and that is not a gimmick. Him and a bunch of others kept the flame of this company burning during some dark times. In short, Eddie is the man and one of my all-time favorite opponents and that’s a long long list! Another interesting thing about this match is that it is almost a year to the day of me being released from my former place of employment. This Thursday, I stand in the ring in the main event and put on a match that is as good or better then any match that will air for any company anywhere in the world! A bold statement for sure, but it is the truth! No slight on any show, any product, any main event, and certainly no slight on any performers. I hope my brothers and sisters who were just let go from their positions in other company’s see this and know there is a whole beautiful and ultra rewarding world outside of that place! My last bit is a personal point of pride for me, I wrestled this match with a fully torn ACL! I did not know at the time how serious my injury was, in fact, no one did. I love this business, I love pro wrestling, and after over 23 years, the fire still burns. I am just as good or better than anyone doing it today! A little over a year ago I couldn’t get booked on a show with my former employer to save my life. Fast forward to this Thursday I will have a 5-star main event match for a blossoming company! Proving I am very very good at what I do and I did it ON ONE FN leg!


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