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Evil Uno Was Happy To See Colt Cabana Return Against Chris Jericho

January 9, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AEW Dark Evil Uno Image Credit: AEW

In an interview with Fightful, Evil Uno gave his thoughts on Colt Cabana returning to AEW TV back in November against Chris Jericho. He also spoke about Alan Angels joining a new faction in Impact and the early days of the Dark Order. Here are highlights:

On changes to the Dark Order over the years: “You know, I think we were always a fun social club. We had a very bad first impression, that’s all. Nowadays I wouldn’t even say it’s a social club. We were very much a family the last two years. Obviously with Brodie’s passing, it was very dramatic for all of us. We were there. It was our absolute lowest on a personal level. But what blossomed from there was we actually became a family. We were a unit at first. We were a group of wrestlers with a common goal, but now I actually trust in every single member. So to know what happened recently hurts me a whole lot because I genuinely care for each member of the Dark Order.”

On Alan Angels joining Violent by Design in Impact: “So I don’t understand it, why you would join a cult who wears yellow of all colors. The worst color on the spectrum. You know what? I don’t have any ill will towards Alan. Yeah. It’s a warning sign that sticks out and hurts your eyes. I did graphic design. You don’t want to use yellow. So anyways, yeah, I don’t know why he joined a cult. Very weird. Very weird. But I will say, I don’t have any ill will towards Alan and sometimes I can kind of rationalize his treatment of us because we might not have treated him so well in our time before. So as the bigger brother in this situation, it’s fine. I accept his harsh words. I think there’s still mixed with a little bit of love. No ill will towards you, Alan. Just wear a different color. It does not suit you.”

On Colt Cabana’s recent Dynamite return: “I missed that week when he was there, so it was a surprise to me. I was very happy to see it on my television show, though. Big Colt Cabana fan, obviously. I hope we get to see him more. His role in Dark Order is still kind of in question. Another one who I think is taking time for himself. But I’m sure, and I hope, in the future we’ll see more of Colt Cabana as well.”

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