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Finn Balor Loves the Supernatural Elements Of His Bray Wyatt Feud, Talks WWE 2K18 Ratings & More

October 12, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Finn Balor WWE TLC

– Finn Balor discussed his appreciation of the supernatural elements of his feud with Bray Wyatt, his WWE 2K18 rating and more in a new interview with CBS Sports. You can see highlights below:

On his ‘Balor Club’ vs. ‘Demon King’ ratings in WWE 2K18: “I’m not sure which one the fans prefer, I’m not sure which one I prefer, but what I do know is in [WWE] 2K18, Finn (Leather Jacket version) is not as strong as Demon King Finn Balor. And I’m a little bit curious about that because clearly Finn Balor created the Demon King. So, I don’t know if it’s a compliment to the Demon King, if it’s an insult to Finn Balor, but I’m still trying to work out the kinks with 2K18. We might have a big problem then next year because they’ve been asking me to be the cover to 2K19 next year, but I might have to decline them because of this issue.”

On being excited for his feud with Bray Wyatt taking on a more supernatural element: “I’m loving it. I’m seeing it as a challenge; it’s something new, it’s something fresh. I’ve been wrestling for almost 18 years now. I’ve done grappler versus striker, striker versus wrestler, high flyer versus mat technician, I’ve done every style of match that you could possibly think of. And to be put in this situation, with probably one of the most interesting characters of our time, and being given to work with this opportunity in this program and adapt to the situation and learn his character and figure out how he works… it’s been a challenge for me. You can only get better by challenging yourself. I don’t know how fans are reacting to it, I don’t know how critics are reacting to it, but for me, I’m welcoming the challenge and I’m enjoying it.”

On the biggest challenge he’s faced in his feud with Wyatt so far: “I think the biggest challenge is getting the opportunity to talk more than I had previously been given the opportunity to do. I’ll be honest, I’m not someone who likes to go out there and talk, I like to have fun, but I kind of have to adapt to this storyline. There’s a lot more talking involved and it’s something I know that as a performer I have to improve on my talking skills… It’s a new challenge. It’s something that keeps me pushing myself and I feel like I’m growing and developing another skill set.”