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Former Stone Cold Stuntman Reveals His Nose Was Broken By Steve Austin On Movie Set

September 21, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Stone Cold Steve Austin RAW

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, stuntman Paul Lazenby, who did stunts for Steve Austin in several movies, revealed that Austin broke his nose during a fight scene in the film Damaged. Here are highlights:

On working with Austin in Damaged: “That was an absolute career highlight and Steve’s one of my closest friends now. It’s kinda surreal for me because I thought I was gonna work with him once and that’s it. We worked together initially on Damaged where I played his opponent in a bare knuckle fight where he accidentally broke my nose. We went out and had a drink afterwards and had a laugh about it.”

On Steve Austin: “He’s the single greatest income generator in the history of pro wrestling history but you would never know it. He’s a great guy and it was a fantastic run doubling him.”

On a union for wrestlers and others in combat sports: “There is good and bad about belonging to a union. There are things about our union I would like to see changed but there are also ways in which I’ve benefitted greatly from it. People need to be protected and especially fighters need to be protected as it’s a very exploitive industry. I want the Ali Act to be brought into MMA because MMA is what boxing used to be where the fighters are treated like livestock while the guys in the suits are making all the money but shedding none of the blood. The sooner we can get some sort of union in MMA and all combat sports the better as far as I’m concerned.”

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