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Former WWE VP Kevin Quinn On His Memories Working In WWE, Working With Stephanie McMahon, Interactions With Vince

December 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Former WWE Senior Editor, Director of Editing, Technical Director, Director and VP of TV Technology Kevin Quinn did an AMA to commemorate his time in WWE, sharing stories of working backstage and more. Quinn worked for WWE for over 35 years, being recently let go due to the pandemic, and revealed that he was retiring after his release. The highlights are below:

On who is easiest to work with between Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H: “Stephanie was a dream to work with. She’d tell you what she wants, you tell her what you have to make it work and she’s thrilled with it.”

On how he started working for WWE: “At Towson State College in MD there was a teacher that moon-lighted at the facility in Owings Mills, MD that asked me one time to come help him copy and edit some WWE shows. The rest is history.”

On which show he was most proud of being a part of: “WrestleMania 29 preshow. I directed the preshow which had a match or 2 in it. I’ve edited millions of matches but never directed one live before that.”

On his favorite story from producing Legends of Wrestling: “One of the hosts was NOT drinking ‘coffee’ in his coffee mug. Towards the end of a taping he had to relieve himself. We heard this in the control room and cut shots around him not being there. We went back and listened to his wireless mic and it was hilarious. He came back and you never knew he was gone.”

On the most important quality for a wrestler to have in order to thrive in WWE: “A character that the fans will fall in love with.”

On the craziest thing he had to edit out: “Jerry Lawler was accused of statutory rape and we had already shot 3 hours of program. We had to remove him from every show already shot. It took 2 overnights.”

On who he has the fondest memories of working with: “I’ve loved working with the late Lord Alfred Hayes. He helped me get to know my future wife. Then when I got engaged he tried to talk me out of it.”

On the funniest wrestler you worked with and the most straight-laced: “By far Mean Gene or Bobby Heenan were the funniest. Bob [Backlund] was the most serious. He would take 40 takes to get something right.”

On his interactions with Vince McMahon: “Vince invited me and my wife to both of his kids’ weddings. He loves the people that help him take care of the company. He’s very personable behind the scenes. But business is business.”

On the reason for his release: “All covid. I have no issues with the company decision.”

On which wrestler was most polite to the production crew: “The Rock made a plaque that still hangs this day in the TV Production facility thanking all of the people behind the scenes that helped make him what he is.”

On his experiences working with Kevin Dunn: “I’ve known him longer than I’ve known my own wife. If you can figure him out you can work well with him and he appreciates you.”

On the longstanding reports of last-minute changes made to shows: “It’s very common for changes to be made last minute … VERY COMMON.”