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Former WWE Writer Talks About What Dusty Rhodes Was Like Backstage

June 2, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Dusty Rhodes

In an interview with The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, former RAW writing assistant Jason Allen spoke about what WWE personalities were like backstage, including Dusty Rhodes and others. Here are highlights:

On Dusty Rhodes: “There were different kinda – I don’t want to call them rules; but, there were different kinda mores for different guys and you kinda pick those things up as you go. I made the mistake of not shaking Dusty Rhode’s hand one time early in the day and for the rest of the day every time I passed him, he’d shake my hand and was like, ‘Who are you again?’ So he definitely ribbed me for the next couple days about that.”

On Stephanie McMahon: “I went in to meet Stephanie because she wasn’t there when I first started, or when I came up with the interview. Stephanie is 7-8 months pregnant at this point with her first child and she comes up to me and she’s just so sweet and so nice and she’s like, ‘Oh hi, it’s so nice to meet you. Look, I swear I’m not a diva and I’m not like this; but, I need a blueberry muffin right now.’ So that was my first official task, was to run myself to the donut shop and get Stephanie a blueberry muffin.”

On JBL: “My first day at TV, JBL takes out his cell phone and takes a picture of me. He’s like, ‘You know why I’m doing that?’ I said, ‘No I don’t.’ He said, ‘It’s so I could remember your face when you’re gone next month.’ You could tell it was quite the revolving door.”

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