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Four Superstar Shakeup Trade Ideas

April 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert

Next week is the big Raw and Smackdown Superstar Shakeup. Basically, it’s a trading period. And anyone who knows me, knows that I love coming up with fake trades. Here are four trades that need to go down on Monday.

To Smackdown: Charlotte Flair and Bo Dallas

To Raw: Carmella, James Ellsworth,  and Dolph Ziggler

Acquiring Charlotte would be a huge get for Smackdown. You may think that Raw isn’t getting enough value in return for Charlotte, but Charlotte is unhappy on Raw. She’s done all she can do, is tired of people not listening to her, wants to become the first ever woman to hold both titles, and is basically demanding a trade off Raw. That immediately takes power away from Kurt Angle and forces him to get what he can for her. Dolph Ziggler is a solid pick-up. He’s a steady veteran who could use a change of scenery and he’s a guy that Angle would likely see some value in given his amateur background. Angle wants a female to replace Charlotte, and Bryan happily throws in Carmella, with James Ellsworth attached. Angle accepts this as Carmella is an instant locker room booster (her relationship with Enzo, Cass, and Bayley) and Ellsworth provides a decent comedy character. Kurt loves comedy. Bryan gets Angle to throw Bo Dallas into the trade just so the money works.

To Smackdown: The New Day

To Raw: Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Future Considerations

Bryan wants New Day because he needs something to save his fledging tag division. Angle really wants American Alpha in return, but Bryan isn’t moving them. Like he had to do with Charlotte, Angle has to accept less value for New Day for pretty much the same reasons as Charlotte. Angle sees potential in Tyler Breeze and Fandango. He knows that Fandango beat Chris Jericho and WrestleMania and Breeze reminds him of a young Shawn Michaels. Plus, Angle loves comedy. Angle gets Bryan to attach Future Considerations to the deal. No one knows what Future Considerations is. But Bryan accepts.

To Smackdown: Sami Zayn

To Raw: Apollo Crews and Kalisto

After one segment, Angle is already annoyed with Sami and has no issue dealing him. Bryan would love to have Sami because he’s used to his annoyingness and has accepted it. Bryan has no issues parting with Crews and Kalisto, who have done nothing of note on Smackdown. Angle likes both guys for different reasons. He loves Crews’ athleticism and feels like he can give him a personality and help him find his footing. He also believes that Kalisto could be a huge addition for 205 division, and thinks he could possibly turn Kalisto into the next Rey Mysterio.

To Smackdown: Rusev, Lana, and Cesaro

To Raw: John Cena and Nikki Bella

In the final deal, Bryan has a huge trick up his sleeve. Why would he trade his sister-in-law and her future husband? Business. Bryan knows that Nikki needs time off and that Cena comes and goes as he pleases. Bryan needs consistency and sustainability. He knows that Angle thinks highly of Cena and that Cena’s value to Angle, coming off the Hall of Fame ceremony, is at an all-time high. He thinks about just asking for Rusev and Lana, but decides to aim higher. He asks Angle to give up Cesaro as well. Angle obliges because he’s a true American and has no problem trading three foreigners for the most decorated superstar in WWE history.

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