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Fred Rosser Reveals What He Discussed In Interview For Shelved Nexus Documentary

January 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Darren Young Fred Rosser

Fred Rosser recently weighed in WWE’s Nexus documentary that has reportedly been shelved, discussing what he was interviewed about for the piece. As was reported last May, WWE filmed an Untold episode on the Nexus, though it has yet to be released despite being set to air last June. Speaking with the My2Cents podcast, Rosser talked about what he was spoke about in the piece.

“Pretty much the interview talked about the history of the original NXT, all the ups and downs we went through with that, doing Nexus, me not being comfortable with myself because I wasn’t out to the world, so I wasn’t comfortable with myself,” Rosser said (per Fightful). “My potential with the Nexus wasn’t any good because I wasn’t comfortable.”

He continued, “Now, ten-plus years later, I’m so confident and happy with the moves we’ve made. I use that platform that I built with the original NXT and Nexus and use it today, making move with New Japan. I talked about how the NXT originally was an obstacle course, a game show, and I hated it. You had guys juggling. Just imagine Tommaso Ciampa being in an obstacle (course), have to juggle and do these wacky obstacles and you fail. No one is going to take you seriously. It took me that much longer to be taken seriously. As we speak, 19-plus years in the business. Finally, I’m starting to get recognition. I didn’t have it with the Nexus because I wasn’t comfortable. I pretty much talked about my journey, my journey in WWE, my best friend was Heath Slater. At the time, I didn’t like Justin Gabriel [PJ Black] because he was very picky and metrosexual. All those guys, we still stay in contact through a text thread. Everyone still loves one another. Nothing I say is off limits. I can plan these interviews, but I work better by speaking from the heart.”

Rosser previously talked about how he wore an NJPW jacket to the interview and was asked to take it off, but declined. There’s no word on when or if the piece will release.

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