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Freddie Prinze Jr. Answers Fan Question About Booking Celebrities In A TLC Match

June 11, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Freddie Prinze Jr - 24 Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

In the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie (via Fightful), Freddie Prinze Jr was asked which celebrities he would book for wrestling matches, and he named four. One match was between Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin in a TLC match, while the other was Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Rachael Leigh Cook. It’s unlikely either one would ever happen, but Prinze is preparing to launch his own wrestling promotion in California.

He said: “I already have the match, these are two friends of mine who I love very much and both of them love wrestling. But I would love to see Seth Green, which is Scott Evil, if you guys don’t know who that is, vs. Macaulay Culkin. I don’t have to tell you what movies he was in. a tables Ladders and Chairs match. They’re smaller than luchadores. They would literally fly. If he jumped off a 10-foot ladder it would look like it was 30 feet up. They would love to and I love them and they would get hurt. I would visit them in the hospital and give them kind words. But Seth Green vs. Macaulay Culkin in a TLC match and on the women’s side, I’m putting Rachael Leigh Cook in there against Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Rachael Leigh Cook going over big, big, and it’s a squash match. I’m not giving the women less time because I’m a misogynist. It’s just because Rachel is so powerful and unpredictable that she just annihilates Love in less than three minutes.

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