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Freddie Prinze Jr. Believes Roman Reigns vs. The Rock Should Happen At WrestleMania

January 4, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rock Roman Reigns, The Rock, Paul Heyman Image Credit: WWE

It has been rumored for months that Roman Reigns may face The Rock at WrestleMania 39, and Freddie Prinze Jr. believes that it should happen. Rumors have been busy for a long time about the idea that Rock will face Reigns on one of the two nights of April’s big show, and Prinze weighed in on the topic on his latest Wrestling With Freddie podcast. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On the rumors of Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania: “I actually think this isn’t a rumor, I actually think they’re trying to plan for this. I think a WrestleMania with The Rock and Roman Reigns could happen, should happen, and the reason why has nothing to do with either of those two men.”

On how he thinks it will play out: “I think ultimately Solo is going to be the one that leaves The Bloodline, and I think he may even turn babyface and side with The Rock.”

On whether Rock would be able to bump enough for an actual match: “He can for sure pick Roman Reigns up and slam the s*** out of him. He can for sure take a few bumps.”