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Freddie Prinze Jr. On Hornswoggle’s Fear of Chickens, Getting Him His First Speaking Lines

February 13, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Hornswoggle WeeLC Image Credit: WWE

Freddie Prinze Jr. is a fan of Hornswoggle’s, and he recently looked back at the WWE alumnus’ time there including one of his biggest fears. Prinze touched on his experiences with Hornswoggle on the latest episode of Wrestling With Freddy. You can see a couple of highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On Hornswoggle’s fear of chickens: “Dylan [Hornswoggle] is afraid of chickens the way I’m afraid of boats. Fit Finlay had a chicken under the ring, and Dylan couldn’t come out because it was a live show. So he’s just under there, fighting with a chicken that’s trying to cut his throat.”

On behind a fan of Hornswoggle: “I love Dylan. I was the one who got him the first time to get his character to speak. And he actually rapped to Snoop Dogg.”