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Freddie Prinze Jr. Breaks Down Jade Cargill vs. Marina Shafir

November 18, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Jade Cargill AEW All Out Image Credit: AEW

On his November 9 Wrestling With Freddie podcast episode, Freddie Prinze Jr. shared his analysis of the match between Jade Cargill and Marina Shafir from AEW Dynamite on November 2 (via Wrestling Inc). He expressed his disappointment with the execution and conclusion of the match specifically, although he maintained positive commentary on Cargill’s showmanship. You can read a few highlights and listen to the complete episode below.

On Cargill’s look and performance: “She’s jacked, she’s sculpted. Michelangelo created this woman. Everything about her looks perfect. The hair, the makeup, the wardrobe. And again, I can’t say enough good things. It’s like watching Scott Steiner in his absolute prime.”

On Shafir no-selling the end of the match: “She just looked like she was bored and didn’t want to be there. If I’m Jade, I’m either reading this girl the Riot Act, or I’m talking to Tony [Khan], and having him do it. I’m not trying to rag on this girl, Marina, but either you want to be there or you don’t.”