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Freddie Prinze Jr. Praises Kevin Owens’ Raw Promo Against Austin Theory, Says Owens Helped Get Theory Over

September 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kevin Owens Austin Theory WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Freddie Prinze Jr. was a big fan of Kevin Owens’ promo on Raw last week opposite Austin Theory and thinks it helped get Theory over with the fans. Prinze discussed the promo between the two on the latest episode of his Wrestling With Freddy podcast, in which he said that the promo was as good as anything that MJF has done and talked about how he was putting Theory over even as he was talking trash to him. You can see some highlights below:

On Owens’ promo against Theory: “Kevin Owens came out to interrupt Austin Theory, and hit him — well he hit him. But before he hit him in the face, he hit him with a promo that I would put up there against anything MJF’s done in the last year in a half. And he’s damn near almost done it two times in a week now. He was so real and so in control of every single moment. His walk, the stares, the entrance into the ring, all while talking. He was patient, he was calm, and when it was time to go in on this guy he want IN on Theory. And when Theory’s natural instinct is to look away, because if you look at him you’re gonna want to punch him?

On Owens helping get Theory over with the promo: “I felt he was saying some real stuff in there. And I think Kevin wants everyone who’s nice to succeed. So it’s not like, ‘Well you got this opportunity because Vince was here, and now that he’s gone you’re screwed.’ He put that in there for story, but he layered it with so much honestly and truth and said ‘Prove me wrong. Prove these people wrong. Prove everybody wrong, that you didn’t need a handout.’ And he is just dead in his face, and then Theory has to just let all that sink in, and his head’s low…To see him get you over, or ‘put you over’ is the term, and talk s**t to you at the exact same time was just beautiful.”

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