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Freddie Prinze Jr. Recalls IYO SKY Putting Racist Fan In His Place in NXT

August 5, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Iyo Sky Io Shirai NXT Image Credit: WWE

Freddie Prinze Jr. weighed in on IYO SKY’s WWE main roster debut at Summerslam and recalled her famously shutting a racist fan down in NXT. You may remember that back in December of 2019, a fan told Shirai on NXT to “Go back to China,” which she had a quick response to. Prinze talked about the moment while discussing her debut alongside Dakota Kai and a returning Bayley on the latest episode of his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, and you can check out the highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On the stable’s debut and the 2019 NXT incident: “It was a great way to open SummerSlam. It just reminded me of one of the coolest Io Shirai stories ever. There was an episode of NXT, and I don’t think it was a TV show, it was just a house show because this [incident] was recorded on someone’s phone. And Io Shirai’s in a tag match, and she’s waiting for the hot tag to go in. Just then, some racist pr–k in the crowd yells ‘go back to China.’ And she throws a look over her shoulder, and she goes, ‘I’m Japanese, b—h.’ And she takes the tag and the whole crowd just storms this racist guy verbally. They own him and begin to clown him. It was great to see.”

On reports that things backstage in WWE are less tense with Vince McMahon gone: “I can confirm that. ’ve heard that from a ton of people already.”