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From the Bowery: Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho (Disc 2)

October 6, 2010 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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From the Bowery: Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho (Disc 2)  

From the Bowery: Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho (Disc II)
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-Jericho introduces us to the matches, and says these are matches that he personally selected. For those who complain about them being on other DVD sets, tough crap, because this is his DVD. Fair enough!

”Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs. Lance T. Storm
October 2, 1990: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

-There is alternate commentary with Striker and Jericho which is awesome. They have no problem ripping on Jericho’s look here. This would be the first match for both men as the trainer knew they were the best two in class, so he put them together to give the fans a chance at a good match. I will be watching this match with the Striker, Jericho commentary for those wondering. Jericho reminds everyone the T in Storm’s name stands for Thunder. They do a basic headlock sequence to start, but Jericho changes things up by running up the ropes to get an advantage. They run the ropes and Storm gets an armdrag, and hooks in an armbar. Jericho was 19 at the time and even if only 80 people in the crowd it felt like 20,000 and he felt like Hulk Hogan. Truthfully the commentary is the best part of this. Jericho takes a wicked backdrop where his feet get caught on the middle rope. Storm gets a monkey flip out of the corner and goes to work with a chinlock. Jericho admits if Lance wasn’t there at the camp he wouldn’t have made it and the same goes for Lance. The in ring action is still standard, and basic as you consider these guys we only had a few months of training. Jericho gets the advantage after a dropkick and he goes to a chinlock of his own. They go into a reversal sequence after Jericho hits a hurricanrana that pops the small crowd. He admits to stealing that from a Shawn match. Updates on upcoming matches crawl across the body of the screen and Jericho has fun with that as you would expect. Jericho admits that Storm was better than him in just about every aspect of their training. Back to the action as Storm gets a wheelbarrow pin for two, but Jericho drops him on his head. He gets a sloppy roll-up for a pin and hits another dropkick. Storm throws some pretty weak looking strikes, but redeems himself with a nice belly to back suplex. They blow a corner spot, but cover ago and repeat it later as Jericho gets a crossbody for two off the top. The bell rings a few minutes later as they reach the 10 minute time limit.

Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm: Time limit draw at 10:00
– Nothing horrible as you could see each man had a very solid foundation. They did what they could in ten minutes, and it’s nice to have this match on DVD. As for the actual match, this was just your basic match with a couple nice spots between two guys just out of training. *1/2

The Infernos vs. The Thrill Seekers
Smokey Mountain Wrestling: March 12, 1994

-The Infernos would be 2 masked men that go by Fire and Brimstone. I have no clue which is which and I assume the announcer won’t either. Jericho and Storm are announced as being from just Canada. The announcers refer to the Thrill Seekers as the Team of the 90s. Storm starts with Fire (I guess), and dominates him with speed and high flying moves. Jericho gets the tag and he picks up where Storm left out with a delayed suplex. He goes to a chinlock, but quickly gives it up and opts to tag Storm. They double team with a double leapfrog/double clothesline combo. The tag goes back to Jericho and he hits a leaping clothesline followed by a scoop slam. Both members of the TS head to the top rope and they get a double dropkick for the pin at 3:00. Storm and Jericho cut a promo after the match. Jericho clearly has a better grasp of cutting a promo, but still kind of raw at this point.

Winners: The Thrill Seekers via pin at 3:00
-Short and to the point. The Thrill Seekers showed off their innovative offense, and won decisively. SQUASH

International Junior Heavyweight Title: Lion Heart © vs. Ultimo Dragon
WAR: July 7, 1995

-More alternate commentary from Striker and Jericho which is good because I don’t understand Japanese. Jericho credits this as the match that got him noticed by Foley and what got him brought to ECW. This is also one year to the day before Hogan turned heel and formed the n.W.o. Sure it has nothing to do with this match, but I want to feel like Tony Schiavone now pimp the n.W.o during a cruiserweight match. Jericho calls Dragon one of his greatest rivals off all time on commentary. Jericho went by Lion Heart only while in Japan. Dragon wants to shake hands before the match, but Jericho is in dick mood tonight and wants no parts of any sportsmanship. A very quick start, as they do the “sound and fury signifying nothing” stalemate. Jericho gets a two count off a moonsault press and then springs off the top rope in the corner to the floor onto Dragon. Jericho brings Dragon back in with a suplex and comes off the top with a splash for two. A slingshot belly to back suplex gets two again as even Jericho admits on commentary that he has forgotten he did some of these moves. He grounds Dragon with a sleeper/body scissors combo for a few minutes until a rope break gets them back to their feet. Dragon sets early on a backdrop and gets caught in a double underhook suplex for two. Jericho tries to spring off the middle rope, but Dragon ducks causing Jericho to crash and burn on the floor. Dragon looks to fly, but does a fake out (619 basically before Rey stole it), and eventually hits a somersault plancha. Jericho shakes it off though and kills Dragon with a tombstone on the floor and Jericho even admits on commentary there was no set-up for the move and was just done because it looked killer. That’s not enough to stop Dragon though as he hits the middle rope springboard dropkick that Jericho admits to stealing. A suplex gets a two count for Dragon, and he locks in a sharpshooter. He breaks the hold however and fights with Jericho up top. For some reason Dragon flips off the top and that leaves him vulnerable to a missile dropkick. He looks for the Lionsault, but Dragon trips the leg and gets a cradle for two. Jericho ends up eating a sweet looking dragon suplex for two as the crowd is starting to buzz now. Back to the top again and Dragon looks for a rana, but Jericho shoves him off to the floor. He comes down off the top, but Dragon gets a boot up and both men are down for a few moments. They head back to the apron and Jericho escapes a suplex. He eventually hits the Lionsault, but a roll-up only gets him a near fall. He looks for a powerbomb, but Dragon reverses to a rana for two. He whips Jericho into the ropes and does a somersault into another rana for two. Jericho ducks a move and gets a bridging suplex for two. We head back up top and Jericho tries a superplex, but Dragon turns in mid move for a near fall. He drops Jericho with a DDT and heads back to the top rope. Jericho has no time to sell though and meets Dragon up top to bring him down with a suplex. Jericho misses a top rope moonsault, and Dragon slams him. He heads up top and tries a Cancun Tornado (I think that’s what Jericho called it). Jericho hits a butterfly suplex off the top rope for the pin at 13:18.

Winner and Still International JR Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho via pin at 13:18
-Even Jericho admitted on commentary that they were just pulling out crazy move after crazy move. There wasn’t really a story here other than Jericho being a dick in Japan. Lots of innovative and flash moves for the time with a breakneck pace, but again, no real story and lack of selling what should have been killer moves was kind of funny after a while. It was never boring however, and easy to tell why Foley and later Jimmy Hart bought into Jericho because of this match. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack
ECW Hardcore TV: March 12, 1996

-Meanie and Stevie invite Cactus to be the 3rd Fabulous One and do the Fargo Strut. Jericho dropkicks Meanie and Stevie out of the ring much to the displeasure of Cactus. That only serves to piss him off and he yanks Jericho down by his hair. Cactus misses a leg drop and gets caught with a dropkick to the face. He regroups by talking strategy with Stevie which can’t be the best thing to do, but it works as Cactus regains control. Jericho counters a hiptoss into a monkey flip that sends Jack to the floor. Jericho looks to fly after him, but stays put in the ring as things slow down some. Cactus now talks to Hat Guy as I guess he may have better advice than Richards. Cactus reverses a whip to the corner and nails Jericho with a running clothesline. He tries in the opposite corner, but Jericho moves and hits a dropkick that sends Jack to the apron. He is in prime position for the middle rope spring board dropkick. That sends Cactus to the floor and while there Jericho takes out both Stevie and Meanie. The crowd loves Jericho and Jack starts tossing chairs in the ring out of frustration. They fight over a suplex on the apron and Cactus ends up getting catapulted into the top of the ring post. Jericho tries a dive off the apron, but gets caught with a clothesline. Cactus finally gets on track as he uses a chair to pound away. Jericho makes it back to the apron, but gets his neck snapped off the top rope. Back in the ring we go and Jack buries a few knees in the midsection. He starts choking away and delivers a few right hands before biting at Jericho’s forehead. Cactus locks Jericho into the Tree of Woe and delivers the jumping double axe. He lets Jericho out of the Tree of Woe as the ECW crowd starts chanting for Lion Heart. It is kind of weird hearing a blood and guts violent crowd in Philly cheer a pretty boy over Cactus Jack, but that’s how well Foley made himself hated. They head back to the floor and naturally that isn’t the best place for Jericho. He gets tossed over the guard rail and then a suplex on the floor. They head back in the ring and Cactus finally hits the leg drop for two. He places a chair over Jericho’s face and heads up top, but Jericho tosses the chair in his face. That stuns Jack and gives Jericho a chance to snap off a rana from up top. He drops an elbow to get a two count. He shows some power by slamming Jack and heads back up top to deliver a splash for two. He sets too early on a backdrop and eats a piledriver. The Cactus clothesline sends both men over the top rope. Jack comes off the apron with a back elbow that drives Jericho into the railing. A suplex of the floor stuns Jack, but he is aware enough to deliver a stun gun to Jericho on the railing. He drops the elbow off the apron, and fires Jericho back into the ring. He looks for another piledriver and hits it. Jack looks for a powerbomb it seems, but Jericho fights out and gets a bridging German suplex for the pin at 12:30.

Winner: Chris Jericho via pin at 12:30
-Good chemistry between these two as they adapted well to each other’s styles. I kept having Michaels/Mankind flashbacks, and while not as awesome, this was still pretty damn good. ***1/2

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chris Jericho © vs. Eddie Guerrero
WCW Fall Brawl: Sept 14, 1997

-They had a match a few weeks earlier at the Clash where Jericho retained, but got his ass kicked after the match and demanded this rematch. Eddie had just turned heel and Jericho was still a few months away from his heel turn that made him a star. The crowd is absolutely jacked as they get on Eddie, but apparently neither of these guys could draw. A lockup to start and Jericho gets an armdrag. Eddie complains that his hair was pulled and who am I to doubt him. They fight over a headlock and Eddie continues to complain about getting his mullet pulled. Jericho counters to fluster Eddie with his speed and arsenal of armdrags. He goes to an armbar, and Eddie has to fight off his back. He gets to his feet, but gets grounded again as Jericho is relentless as he works the arm. Eddie gets to the ropes, but the ref doesn’t break the rope. The crowd seems a little bored and starts a “We Want Flair” chant. Eddie finally breaks by using the ropes, and tries la majistral, but Jericho counters to one of his own for two. Jericho goes right back to the arm, and Eddie tries to get a hiptoss to break, but gets rolled through to maintain the hold. In a sweet ass spot Eddie gets alley-ooped over Jericho’s head and lands chest first on the top rope. A Lionsault follows for two. Jericho gets hung on the top rope and Eddie finally gets some steam as the Eddie Sucks chants resume. He tosses Jericho into the corner and lights his chest up with a chop with gets the reaction you would expect in the Carolinas. Eddie buries both knees into the back and stretches Jericho in a way he shouldn’t bend. He releases the hold and hits a belly to back suplex with force. That was so crisp and looked awesome. He locks in a surfboard, but changes to a dragon sleeper for a bit and then back to the surfboard. Jericho fights his way out of the hold to a standing position, but Eddie gets a lock on the arms. Jericho turns the hold, but Eddie quickly kicks out of that and delivers a few European uppercuts. He slingshots in with a senton backsplash, and follows with a Gory Special. Heenan and Schiavone have no clue, but Tenay tells them about the move. Jericho reverses to a Gory of his own and then just dumps Eddie on his face. He backs Eddie into the corner and delivers a few chops. He hits a few running corner clotheslines, but doesn’t have enough to follow up. Eddie tries to walk the ropes, but gets dropped crotch first. The middle rope spring board dropkick sends Eddie to the apron and they fight there. He looks for a powerbomb off the apron, but instead just drops Eddie throat first onto the top rope. Nice! Eddie tries another Swanton, but Jericho moves and catches Eddie with a release German Suplex for two. Jericho ducks a clothesline and tries a powerbomb, but Eddie escapes that and hits a Rock Bottom. He charges, but gets caught with a powerslam for two. Back to the corner and more chops from Jericho. The head to the other corner and Eddie gets tossed across the ring. That gets followed up with a spinwheel kick for two. Jericho pancakes him again, and looks for another la majistral cradle. Jericho finally hits the powerbomb, but doesn’t release and instead delivers a second one. He sets Eddie up top and tries a superplex, but Eddie counters as he shifts him weight and lands on Jericho. That leaves Jericho in prime position for the Frog Splash at 17:19.

Winner and New WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero via pin at 17:19
-Just a fantastic match as they hit everything crisply and smoothly. They started out with some good old fashioned wrestling and then kicked things into a higher gear. Jericho showed off his power game on numerous occasions, and Eddie was absolutely hated by the crowd. ****

WCW Cruiserweight Title vs. Mask: Chris Jericho © vs. Juventud Guerrera
WCW SuperBrawl VIII: Feb 22, 1998

-Jericho had just turned heel after becoming a crybaby following a losing streak. He put Rey out of action the month before at Souled Out, and now wanted to take the mask of Guerrera. This is Jericho’s 3rd reign as the CW Champion. Jericho won’t take the belt off and decides to wrestle the start of the match while wearing it. They hook up to start and Jericho gives a clean break in the corner. He works the arm of Juvie, and then lights up his chest with a chop. Juventud ducks a clothesline and delivers a spin kick that hits Jericho in his belt. That knocks the wind out of Jericho and now he is more than happy to hand the belt over to the ref. That was pretty funny actually. Juventud gets knocked to the apron, but springboards with a body press. Jericho gets left on the apron and Juventud comes off the top with a head scissors that sends Jericho to the floor. In a famous spot, Jericho pretends to be hurt on the floor and looks for a count-out. Jericho waking up to see if anyone is watching before passing back out has the crowd in the front row laughing. Guerrera gets Jericho back in the ring, but he ends up getting powered to the mat. Now Juvie gets caught on the apron and Jericho hits his springboard dropkick. They brawl on the floor and Jericho uses the steps to launch himself at Guerrera, but gets caught and dropped throat first on the security rail. They head back in to the ring and Juventud springs again, but gets caught with a nasty looking Tombstone. A back elbow leads to the arrogant cover, and part of the crowd is really digging the awesome antics of Jericho. A victory roll out of nowhere gets a two count for Guerrera, but a boot to the face cuts off that comeback. Jericho shows some power with a delayed suplex and hits a backsplash for two. A backbreaker isn’t released and ends up being a submission hold, but Juventud won’t give. Jericho argues with the ref as Tony has spent most of the match talking about Hogan, Sting, Luger, Savage, and the Giant. Juvie gets set up top, but shoves Jericho off and looks for a rana. Jericho catches him however and drops him with an Electric Chair. Now Jericho looks to head up, but Juventud dropkicks him off the top to the floor. A springboard from Juvie crashes down on Jericho in the entrance way. Jericho gets tossed back in the ring and looks to bail. He gets caught with the Juvie Driver and the 450 follows for the pin. The crowd pops huge, but the ref realizes as he made the three count that Jericho got his hand on the bottom rope so the match continues. Jericho takes out the knee from behind and after a roll-up he kills Juvie with a clothesline. He tries a powerbomb, but Guerrera counters to a DDT. He looks for the top rope rana, but Jericho holds on and comes off the top himself, but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. They go through a sweet ass pinning sequence and Jericho ends up hitting the Lionsault. The Lion Tamer looks to follow, but Juvie counters to a roll-up for two. Guerrera looks for another rana, but Jericho steps out and counters to the Lion Tamer in the middle of the ring. Juvie taps at 13:29 and now has to unmask. Juventud does unmask after the match and the mask became one of the trophies that Jericho would carry around with him.

Winner and Still WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chris Jericho via submission at 13:29
-A lot better than I remembered, but then again I last saw this match nearly 13 years ago (wait, really that long? I’m getting old.) Jericho’s antics were hilarious as he finally had a personality and in his in ring work was always great especially when he had cruiserweights to toss around. ****

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Chris Jericho © vs. Dean Malenko
WCW Nitro: July 27, 1998

-This was billed as the long awaited blow-off between the two and if Jericho wins Dean doesn’t get another shot. Dean is quite pissed due to all of Jericho’s trash talking of his dad, so Jericho does the smart thing and attacks Dean before he can get in the ring. They fight on the floor and once back in the ring Jericho looks to come off the top rope, but gets caught with a dropkick. Dean unloads right hands as he shows some rare fire and aggression. Jericho gets the Lion Tamer very early and Dean gets to the ropes rather easily to break. A springboard dropkick sends Dean to the floor and Jericho follows with a dive over the top as we head to a commercial break. We come back with Jericho controlling in the ring, but Dean tries to fire back. He runs into a boot in the corner, but tosses Jericho across the ring with a release German suplex. He looks for another suplex, but Jericho counters to an inverted suplex and the Lionsault gets two. Now Dean escapes a double underhook and hits a double underhook release powerbomb. He looks for the Texas Cloverleaf and the crowd pops huge as he locks in the hold. Sadly for Dean, Jericho is right next to the ropes and gets there rather easily. Dean heads up top, but Jericho hits the ropes to throw him off balance. They fight on top and Dean hits a sick DDT off the top rope that blows the roof off the place. That was just spectacular. Jericho gets his hand on the bottom rope even though the crowd thinks it’s three. Jericho rolls to the floor and pulls some brass knuckles out of his boots. The ref gets hit in the eye and Dean drops Jericho and grabs the brass knuckles. He decks Jericho and like an idiot celebrates with the brass knux still on his hand. The ref sees the illegal object and calls for the bell at 6:23 (shown).

Winner and Still WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chris Jericho via DQ at 6:23 (shown)
-Way too short for what was the hottest feud in WCW at the time. The ending also sucked, and killed the crowd. Outside of that they did all they could to make this entertaining. It’s just a shame WCW put shackles on what should have been an epic blow-off on PPV. **1/4

-RAW: Aug 9, 1999: The Millennium clock finally hits all zeroes in front of a raucous crowd in Chicago and right in the middle of a in ring promo by The Rock. Again, this is just one of the greatest moments in the history of RAW and the greatest debut of a wrestler possibly ever. The pop for “JERICHO” flashing on the Tron is amazing, and I still love the 1st version of “Break the Walls Down” (It’s the Millennium Bitch).

Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho © (w/ Chyna) vs. Kurt Angle
WWE No Way Out: Feb 27, 2000

-Angle debuted only 3 months earlier and is the reigning European Champion. Angle and Jericho each cut hilarious promos on each other as they head down to the ring (“Kirk Angel”). A lock-up to start and Angle powers Jericho down with a shoulder tackle. Angle gets sent to the mat and gets frustrated so he slaps the spit out of Jericho’s mouth. Angle hits a drop toehold that hangs Jericho up on the bottom rope. Kurt charges and gets backdropped over the top rope to the floor in an impressive bump. They fight on the floor and Kurt shows a more aggressive side than what we were used to at the time. Jericho looks for a clothesline, but ends up hitting ring post instead. Angle tries to send him into the steps, but Jericho comes off with an Asai moonsault (as even called by JR). Kurt gets sent back in the ring and Jericho heads up, but the ropes get hit and Jericho gets crotched. An overhead suplex gets two for Angle as the crowd starts a Y2J chant. A snap suplex gets another two count for Angle as the crowd now starts an “Angle Sucks” chant. Jericho ducks a clothesline and kills Kurt with a double underhook into a backbreaker. Sweet! Angle is out at two however, and hits a sweet German suplex for two. Things slow down a little as Angle takes things to the mat with a headlock. Jericho elbows out, but gets dropped with an armbar takedown. He now has a target to work on and attacks the arm as one would expected. He backs Jericho in a corner and fires away with right hands. Angle makes the mistake of charging out of the corner however and eats a spinwheel kick. The running bulldog follows, and he hits a flying forearm (alas HBK) for two. Angle ducks a move and tries a rana, but Jericho counters to a powerbomb after dead lifting Kurt off the mat. He looks to follow up, but gets caught in a cross armbreaker. Jericho breaks by getting to the ropes, but he still ends up eating an Angle Slam for two. Kurt is freaked out because he didn’t get the win there and grabs a title belt to use as a weapon. The ref stops that noise and that leaves Kurt open to get put in the Walls. Now he struggles to the ropes, but is able to break. The action spills back to the floor and Angle takes a swing at Chyna with the Euro title. Jericho hits Chyna by mistake and sends her into the ring steps. The ref checks on her as Jericho hits the Lionsault in the ring, but Angle had the belt in his hands and hits Jericho in the face. That’s enough to give him the IC Title and make him the EuroContinental Champion at 10:14.

Winner and New IC Champion: Kurt Angle via pin at 10:14
-Very solid outing between these two and they would only get better as Angle improved at an incredible rate. I could have lived without the ending Chyna drama, but it served its’ purpose I suppose. ***1/4

WWE Championship: HHH © w/ Shane and Stephanie vs. Chris Jericho
RAW: April 17, 2000

-Jericho apologizes pre-match to all the hos and skanks he may have offended by comparing them to Stephanie McMahon. HHH power walks to the ring as he is fighting for the honor of his wife. It must be said again that Steph looked very good during this first run with HHH. Jericho goads HHH into putting the title on the line and then announces he has bought some protection from the APA so nobody can help The Game. The bell sounds and Jericho goes nuts on HHH in the corner with chops. The Game is so focused on defending Steph and now having the APA at ringside that he is totally off his game. He gets sent to the floor with a backdrop and Shane is having heart failure it seems. A baseball slide misses from Jericho and he eats a right hand from HHH. He still takes a little time to regroup and that costs him as he gets knocked off the apron with the springboard dropkick. Jericho tries to suplex HHH back into the ring, but HHH fights back. He drops Jericho with a high knee, and finally gains control of the match. He unloads with right hands on a downed Jericho in the corner. On the floor we go as they fight around the announce table. HHH gets sent head first into the table, but gets a boot up to halt a charging Y2J. HHH fires him into the ring steps and catches a breather back in the ring. Jerico gets tossed in and HHH hits a delayed suplex. He follows that with the Harley Race knee for two. The Game is a little frustrated and goes back to landing right hands upside Jericho’s head. The crowd rallies Jericho for a second but he eats a DDT after setting too early on a backdrop attempt. HHH heads up top and Jericho actually breaks out the pop up suplex that would become an Angle staple. A missile dropkick gets a hot near fall as the crowd was buying that one. Jericho gets caught in position for the Pedigree, but he counters to the Walls. HHH fights off the move long enough that Jericho just opts for a catapult. That takes out the ref and Shane shoves Jericho off the top rope. The APA chase after Shane, and he runs with the best of them. Steph slides the title belt in the ring, but Jericho grabs it first, but we have no ref. Finally Earl Hebnar (who is on probation from McMahon) runs down, but HHH is out at two. HHH hits a facebuster and then realizes who the ref is and he shoves Hebnar. Jericho scores with a spinwheel kick and hits the Lionsault. Earl quick counts HHH down and we have a New WWE Champion at 8:37. After the match HHH bullies Hebnar into scratching the match from the record book and demands his title be returned. Jericho accuses Steph of sleeping with half the boys in the locker room and eventually gives the title back.

No Match via referee’s decision
-This was a misfire by the WWE here as the crowd was begging for Jericho to keep the title and all this did was piss off the fans. The match (that never existed) was quite good for under minutes and you could see Jericho changing his style to fit the WWE Main Event instead of WCW’s Cruiserweight Division. ***

WCW Championship: The Rock © vs. Chris Jericho
WWF No Mercy: Oct 21, 2001

-The Rock returned to the WWE after filming The Mummy 2, and won the WCW Title from Booker T at SummerSlam. After finishing that feud he moved onto a rivalry with Chris Jericho, and thus we get this match. The awesome combination of JR and Heyman are your commentary team. JR immediately takes a shot at the old WCW by noting this is Jericho’s first ever shot at the WCW Title even though he was in the company for nearly 3 years. Hearing Heyman pimp the heritage and prestige of the WCW Tile is rather weird. JR is also about the history as he name drops Flair, Briscoe, and even brings up the Black Scorpion angle. Feeling out sequence to start and they fight off a headlock. The Rock quickens the pace with an armdrag, and JR mentions the name of Steamboat. Jericho escapes a headlock and goes to work on the arm. The crowd starts a Rocky chant, and he responds by elbowing out of the hold. Jericho is a little irritated so he bitch slaps the Rock drawing an “ohhh” from the crowd. The Rock sets early on a backdrop, but he catches Jericho in position for the Rock Bottom. Jericho elbows out though and tries to hook the Walls, but Rock gets to the bottom rope. He heads to the apron for sanctuary, but that gives Jericho a chance to hit the springboard dropkick. After an exchange on the floor, Jericho comes off the top with a back elbow. The Rock tries to fire back, but gets cut off with a flying forearm. They head to the corner and Jericho throws off some chops. Heyman notes that it isn’t an excuse for the fans to just go Woo! The Rock fires back with chops of his own, but a spinwheel kick cuts him off this time. The work on the arm seems lost now as Jericho targets the back with a backbreaker. He hits a senton backsplash for a two count. The Rock tries another comeback, but again, he gets no love as Jericho delivers a sweet looking stun gun. Jericho heads up, but the Rock shakes the top rope and it causes Jericho to crotch himself. They do battle up there and Jericho gets brought down with a superplex. That leaves both men down and Charles Robinson starts a 10 count, but both men are up at 9. They exchange blows and the Rock gets the better of that. A Samoan Drop (yes, he is part Samoan, so all good) nets a two count. The Rock finally takes control and Jericho tries to create space on the floor. The Rock gives chase and rams Jericho into the announce table for shits and giggles. Back in the ring they go and there is a very vocal section of the crowd that is cheering for Jericho. Rock hits a nice vertical suplex, but again, Jericho is out at two. Jericho builds some steam, but Rock side steps him and fires him over the top rope to the floor. Nothing happens on the floor as they head right back in, and things kind of slow down as Rock hooks a chinlock. That seems a little out of place as the crowd isn’t sure what to do since the heel is the one being worn down. I guess both guys could be considered faces in the whole Alliance vs. WWF feud, but in this match the fans are behind Rock outside a vocal minority. The Rock looks for another superplex, but this time Jericho is hip to his game and shoves Rock off the turnbuckle. He scores with the missile dropkick, but can’t capitalize with a pin attempt. The pace quickens again and Jericho gets a two count off a hurricanrana. He seems to be getting frustrated so he casually boots Rock in the face. Jericho flips out of a suplex attempt and hits his own version of the Rock Bottom (Nice!) and a Lionsault follows for two. Heyman goes nuts as he calls Jericho a choke artist for not being able to finish the Rock there. The running bulldog leaves the Rock down, and Jericho looks to deliver the People’s Elbow, but it misses. The Rock catches Jericho’s boot and hooks in his sloppy version of the Sharpshooter (or Scorpion King Deathlock as called by some). Jericho gets to the ropes as the crowd starts to become a little more divided. Either that or the Jericho fans are just that much louder. They head back to the floor and the Rock prepares the Spanish Announce Table, and he creams Jericho with a Rock Bottom through the table and to the concrete. Sweet! Even JR notes that the ref is being pretty liberal with his count, but the Rock rolls back in to break. Jericho is dead and gone as he gets rolled back into the ring. The Rock coils as he eyes up Jericho for another Rock Bottom, but Jericho elbows out before charging into a spinebuster. Now the Rock looks for the People’s Elbow, but Jericho grabs his leg and hooks in the Walls in a fantastic spot that has the crowd going nuts. The fans actually buy into the fact that the Rock is screwed and they buy it more as Jericho pulls the Rock back into the middle of the ring. Stephanie runs down and tosses a chair into the ring. Steph hates both men, but apparently she hates Jericho more as she cheers on the Rock. Apparently the Rock isn’t a fan though as he pulls Steph into the match and drops her with a Rock Bottom. That’s enough of a distraction for Jericho to plant Rock with what would become The Skull Crushing Finale onto the chair for the pin and WCW Title at 23:44. The Rock teases blasting Jericho with the chair after the match, but instead hands him the chair as a reminder that he couldn’t beat the Rock straight up. Never mind the fact that Rock put Jericho through a table on the floor.

Winner and New WCW Champion: Chris Jericho via pin at 23:44
-Biggest match in Jericho’s career at this point, and he knocked one out of the park with the Rock. The title would go right back to the Rock a few weeks later, but was the start of Jericho’s push through the glass ceiling. The match itself was great even with the slow middle portion. ****1/4

Undisputed Championship Match: Steve Austin © vs. Chris Jericho
WWF Vengeance: Dec 9, 2001

-This is the culmination of a mini tournament to unify the WWF Title and the WCW Title (now called the World Title after the Invasion angle ended a month earlier). Austin was the reigning WWF Champion and defended the title successfully against Angle earlier in the night. We actually get the closing moments to the Rock/Jericho World Title match as Jericho pins Rock with a Rock Bottom following a low blow. Jericho is now your new World Champion. His celebration is short lived as the glass shatters, and Austin enters the ring. Jericho looks to be easy pickings, but Angle heads into the ring and blasts Austin with a steel chair. To make sure things are even, the Rock drops Jericho with a Rock Bottom and then chases Angle to the back. The bell finally rings and we’re squared away as both men are left down in the middle of the ring. It sounds like the crowd is starting a “Triple H” chant as they look towards the entrance ramp. That makes sense as he was hyped to return at this show, but he still wasn’t cleared following the torn quad. Now the crowd realizes he isn’t coming and starts chanting “What” to get behind Austin. He responds by spearing Jericho and unloading with right hands. Jericho gets his head bounced off the top turnbuckle ten times. Austin sets for the Stunner, but only gets the boot before Jericho bails to the floor. A brawl erupts down there as Jericho gets his chest lit up with some chops. Jericho gets tossed into the front row and then tossed back over to the ring. This is just a Grade-A ass kicking as Jericho gets bounced for security wall to ring post. The concrete floor gets exposed, but nothing comes of it as Jericho takes Austin over to the Spanish Announce Table. They fight on the table and again Austin looks for the Stunner, but Jericho catches his boot and tries for the Walls. Austin powers out and Jericho crashes to the exposed concrete. The crowd is pretty silent for what is being hyped as the biggest match in history of pro-wrestling. They head back into the ring and Austin goes shoulder first into the ring post. Austin holds on to the ropes to block a dropkick attempt, and Jericho gets catapulted into the turnbuckle for two. Jericho turns Austin over with an armbar, and uses the ropes for added leverage as he rips at the shoulder. He keeps yelling at the ref to “Ask him” but all that does is make the ref realize he has been using the ropes for leverage. A suplex drops Austin, but he comes back with a right hand as Jericho comes off the top rope. Austin gets a backdrop, but Jericho grabs his boot as he gets flipped over and after a roll-up for two he locks in the Walls. The crowd is just gone, and it’s quit shocking to see this during an Austin Main Event. Austin gets to the ropes to break and Hebnar gets dropped with a flying forearm as Austin ducks. The crowd starts another “Triple H” chant, but again, he’s not coming. Jericho hits his own Stunner. Vince heads down and brings Nick Patrick with him. Flair comes down and punches out Patrick, but he gets punked out by Vince. For old time’s sake, Austin heads to the floor to abuse McMahon before heading back in and getting a Thesz Press on Jericho. A blind charge hits boots, but Jericho gets caught coming off the top and we get the Walls of Austin. Jericho taps out, but there’s no referee to call for the bell. The crowd finally comes to life when Booker T runs in and blasts Austin with the WWF Title. McMahon shoves Hebnar back into the ring and Jericho unifies both titles at 12:31.

Winner and Undisputed Champion: Chris Jericho via pin at 12:31
-Historic moment as it gave the Jericho character something to brag about for the rest of eternity. The match however wasn’t the greatest you’ll ever see between these two. Jericho just came off doing 20 minutes with the Rock while Austin did 15 with Angle a match earlier. The overbooking was kind of off putting, and for some reason the crowd was just dead. Still it’s the crowning moment in the kayfabe career of Chris Jericho as he unifies the WWF and (WCW) World Title in the same night by pinning the Rock and then Austin. **1/4

The 411: Nice assortment here as you can see Jericho was going for what he wanted included on his DVD set. He throws in matches from each stage of his career and what he considers his top moments. Some may complain about the lack of WCW matches, but what we got was fine. One more disc of matches to go!
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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