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From The Shelf- DGUSA Freedom Fight 2012

July 10, 2014 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf- DGUSA Freedom Fight 2012  

DGUSA Freedom Fight 2012
Deer Park, NY

Your host is Arda Ocal.

The show opens with a message thanking the fans for support as the company decided to run their shows in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Johnny Gargano discusses holding the Open the Freedom Gate Championship for a year. He talks about the damage he saw on the way to the building and seeing the survivors. Gargano says he is not at 100% but nothing is going to stop him from doing what he has done for the last year as champion. He promises the title is going nowhere.

EITA vs. Jon Davis
One of the fans actually times Jon Davis walking to the ring on his cellphone, which is awesome. Davis attacks to start and he chokes EITA with his boot in the corner. Davis stomps away and hits a slam. A second slam by Davis and he misses a leg drop. Basement crossbody by EITA gets 2. Inside cradle by EITA gets 2 and he goes for a small package but Davis counters into a delayed suplex for 2. Back suplex by Davis and he hammers the back of EITA. Chops by EITA and he misses a dropkick. He catches Davis on the second try and he hits a dropkick to the leg knocking Davis off the apron. Baseball slide by EITA and he goes up. Moonsault press to the floor by EITA and back in, he goes up. Missile dropkick by EITA gets 2. Davis presses EITA into a powerbomb and follows up with a German suplex. Lariat by Davis gets 3.
Winner- Jon Davis **1/2 ( Not a bad way to kick off the show. EITA got to impress in one of his first appearances in the company and Davis looked absolutely dominant heading into a future confrontation with Gargano.)

The Scene (Scott Reed and Caleb Konley) w/Larry Dallas and Trina Michaels vs. Tony Nese and Papadon
Reed and Nese start. Reed overpowers Nese in the early going and Nese comes back with some arm drags. He works the arm of Reed and Nese catches him with a pump handle suplex for 2. Tag to Papadon and he hits a kick to the back of Reed. Papadon charges in the corner but eats boot and Konley tags in. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Papadon gets 2. Snap mare and Nese tags in. Nese pretzals Konley and converts it into a cover for 2. Dallas grabs the leg of Nese, allowing Reed to catch him with a clothesline. Marti Belle comes out to confront Dallas as Reed hits a dropkick off the apron to Nese. Back in, Konley locks Nese in the cravat but Nese fights out. Reed hits a knee to the back allowing Konley to hit a knee to the midsection for 2. Tag to Reed and he stomps on the midsection of Nese. Tag to Konley and the Scene hits a chop into a suplex combo for 2. Tag to Reed and he goes for a Tornado DDT but Nese blocks. He follows up and takes Reed off the top with a Frankensteiner. Tag to Papadon and he hits a big boot to Konley. Exploder suplex to Reed by Papadon and he hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Konley. Second rope uppercut by Papadon gets 2 as Reed saves. Flatliner into the corner to Konley and Nese hits the Panic Attack. Buckle Bomb/Enzuigiri combo by Papadon and Nese and Papadon hits the Shining Wizard for 2 as Reed saves. Super kicks by the Scene and Konley hits a German suplex on Papadon for 2. Konley puts Papadon on top and follows up. Papadon blocks a superplex attempt but Trina distracts him. Belle pulls her off and Papadon goes for the sunset flip bomb but Reed prevents that. Enzuigiri by Nese and he goes up. 450 splash on Konley gets 3!!! The Scene clear the ring after the match and Marti Belle is left alone in the ring. Reed grabs her and hits a sit-out powerbomb on Belle. D.U.F come out and chase off The Scene.
Winners- Tony Nese and Papadon **1/2 ( This was fine overall; the fast paced action toward the finish took this up a notch. )

Arik Cannon vs. ACH
Cannon attacks to start and ACH hits a second rope hurricanrana. Standing double stomp by ACH and Cannon bails. Cannon comes back in with a back elbow but ACH dropkicks him back to the floor. Suicide dive by ACH and Cannon hammers away to come back. Handstand head scissors by ACH and back in, he goes up. Crossbody off the top misses and Cannon snap mares him into a basement dropkick for 2. Cannon bites the head of ACH and hits a suplex for 2. They trade forearms and ACH wins that battle. Leg lariat by ACH and he hits an enzuigiri from the floor. Slingshot stunner is blocked but ACH comes back with a Rolling Thunder Flatliner. ACH goes up but Cannon stops him and blocks a hurricanrana attempt. Buckle Bomb by Cannon and he hits a lariat for 2 as ACH gets in the ropes to break. ACH escapes the suplex attempt and hits the reverse hurricanrana for 2. ACH goes up and misses a second rope 450 splash. ACH blocks the Saito suplex and Cannon catches him with a hard right. Basement superkick by Cannon and he hits Total Anarchy for 3.
Winner- Arik Cannon **1/4 ( I think ACH was a bit too excited here, as he was overshooting on spot and was going a tad too fast at times. He has great athleticism, he just needs to tone it down a bit. )

AR Fox declares he’s walking out Open the Freedom Gate Champion.

CHIKARA SEKIGUN (Fire Ant and Jigsaw) vs. Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Player Dos)
They throw some funny insults at each other about the SSB’s T-shirt before the match begins. Fire and Uno start. Uno works the arm of Fire to start and he carries Fire around the ring. Fire comes back with an arm drag and he head scissors Uno into the corner. Sunset flip by Fire gets 2 and he misses a dropkick. Hadoken by Uno and Jigsaw tags in along with Dos. They battle for control on the mat and reach a stand still. Gory Special by Jigsaw and Dos comes back with a second rope hurricanrana. Another hurricanrana by Dos and Jigsaw comes back with a flying forearm. Hurricanrana by Jigsaw and he hits a gutbuster for 2. Tag to Fire and he hits a back senton. Summersault senton by Fire gets 2. Tag to Jigsaw and he chops away on Dos. Tag to Fire and he snap mares Dos into a kick to the back. Basement dropkick to the back by Fire gets 2. Tag to Jigsaw and Dos catches CHIKARA SEKIGUN with a double pele. Tag to Uno and he hits a flatliner on Jigsaw for 2. Corner clothesline by Uno and Dos tags in. Snap mare into a Hilo by SSB gets 2. Suplex by Dos gets 2. Tag to Uno and they hit a double back elbow. Standing moonsault/fist drop combo by SSB gets 2. Jigsaw fights back with chops but Uno boxes the ears to stop that. Back suplex by Uno and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Chinlock by Uno but Jigsaw breaks with a jaw breaker. Tag to Dos and he hits a running knee strike for 2. Tag to Fire and he goes up. Crossbody off the top by Fire and he hits a dropkick. Tilt-a-whirl DDT to Uno and he bails. Stereo dives by CHIKARA SEKIGUN to SSB on the floor!!! German suplex by Jigsaw to Uno and he bails again. Double dropkick to Dos and they hit a double Brainbuster for 2!!! Dos escapes another Brainbuster attempt and they throw kicks at each other. Jigsaw goes for the Jig-a-tonic but Uno nails him into the Yoshi Tonic by Dos. Exploder suplex by Dos to Fire into Jigsaw in the corner. Alabama Slam/Lungblower combo by SSB to Fire gets 2. Fire counters a power bomb into a stunner and Jigsaw dropkicks Uno. Double superkick to Dos and CHIKARA SEKIGUN goes up. Double Coast to Coast by CHIKARA SEKIGUN!!! Falcon Arrow into the top rope double stomp by CHIKARA SEKIGUN on Dos gets 2 as Uno saves. DDT/Flatliner combo by Uno and SSB go for Fatality but Jigsaw saves. He goes up and leaps but Uno blocks a missile dropkick attempt. Fatality onto Fire by SSB gets 3.
Winners- Super Smash Brothers *** ( I think for the majority of the match these four seemed more interesting in entertaining each other with insults and goofiness. For entertainment value this match was good but I know these four had a great match in them.)

Ricochet tells AR Fox he is the better high flyer of the two and is a Ricochet wannabe. He claims to be the most spectacular performer ever on iPPV.

No DQ Match- Chuck Taylor vs. Rich Swann
Swann charges the ring to start and stomps away on Taylor. Taylor chokes away in the corner and Swann dumps Taylor to the floor. SWANN CRUSHES TAYLOR’S GROIN WITH PLIERS!!!! Taylor rakes the eyes to end the attack and Taylor drops Swann onto the railings. Swann comes back with a Yakuza kick into the railings but Taylor drives the pliers into the head of Swann. Hip toss on the floor by Taylor and he drops Swann onto the apron. Taylor sends Swann into the beam and Swann comes back with an enzuigiri. Swann nails Taylor in the back with a chair but Taylor comes back with a DDT onto the CONCRETE!!! Back in, Taylor fish hooks Swann with a screwdriver!!!! Back suplex by Taylor gets 2. Taylor chokes Swann in the ropes and Taylor slams him. Taylor chokes Swann with his boot and he bites the hand of Swann. Handspring Ace Crusher by Swann and he nails Taylor in the back with a crutch. He nails Taylor in the back with a chair and he hits the Scissors Kick onto the chair for 2. Dr. Coronal comes out to distract Swann but he super kicks him off the apron. Swann walks into a Urinage on the chair for 2!!! Taylor is given the belt by the Colonal and he whips Swann with it. He goes for the Awful Waffle but Swann blocks and Taylor goes up. Enzuigiri by Swann and he hits the standing Frankensteiner onto the chair!!! Swann nails Taylor with the chair and hits the spinning enzuigiri. Firebird by Swann gets 3.
Winner- Rich Swann ***1/2 ( Very good brawl as Taylor did some sick, torturous things to Swann without going over the top with it. It had a very satisfying finish with Taylor getting his comeuppance again by another former team mate. )

Sami Callihan vs. CIMA
Chops by Callihan but CIMA returns fire with kicks to the chest. Head butt by Sami and he stomps away on CIMA in the corner. Big boot by CIMA and he hits the lungblower. Snap mare and CIMA grabs the surfboard. CIMA converts it into a cover for 2 and he hits the Hilo for 2. Surfboard by CIMA but Sami bites the hand of CIMA to break the hold. They trade chops and Sami hits a bicycle kick. DVD by Sami and he hits the ricochet splash for 2. Springboard clothesline knocks CIMA off the apron and Sami follows up with the suicide dive. Sami sends CIMA into the railings and hits a running chop to CIMA. Back in, Callihan covers for 2. Indian Deathlock by Sami but CIMA makes the ropes to break. Slam onto the ropes by Sami and he covers for 2. CIMA escapes a suplex attempt and hits a dropkick to Sami. Sit-out Fisherman’s suplex by CIMA gets 2. CIMA puts Sami in the corner and hits a running knee lift. Slingshot double stomp by CIMA gets 2. Double knee strike in the corner misses and Sami gets the dragon screw leg sweep. Figure-4 by Sami but CIMA grabs the ropes to break. Super kick by CIMA but Sami come sback with a lariat for 2. CIMA blocks a powerbomb attempt and Sami hits a big boot. Sit-out powerbomb by Sami gets 2 and he catches CIMA in the Stretch Muffler!!! CIMA makes the ropes to break. Enzuigiri by CIMA and he hits a cradle Saito suplex for 2. CIMA puts Sami in the tree of woe and goes up. Coast to Coast by CIMA and he hits Schwein for 2. CIMA goes up and hits Meteora for 3.
Winner- CIMA ***1/2 ( Good competitive match. I enjoyed Sami’s relentless attack on the leg during the match, too bad CIMA couldn’t be bothered to sell it for the finish. )

After the match, Ricochet comes out and tells CIMA to stay out of his business.

Akira Tozawa says he’s going to win the Open the Freedom Gate Championship and speaks in Japanese. He says Mad Blankey means Bullshit. I love Tozawa.

El Generico and Samurai Del Sol vs. The Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! and Ryo “Jimmy” Saito)
Generico and Saito start. Feeling out process to start and they reach a standstill. Tag to Horiguchi and Del Sol. Arm drags by Del Sol and he hits a dropkick. Tag to Generico and he snap mares Horiguchi for 2. Tag to Saito and he snap mares Generico into the chinlock. Slam by Saito and he steps on the face of Generico. Elbow drop by Saito for 2. Tag to Horiguchi and he grabs the abdominal stretch. Generico escapes and tags Del Sol. Snap mare and Del Sol hits the slingshot 450 splash for 2. Suplex by Del Sol gets 2. Snap mare and Del Sol kicks the back of Horiguchi. Indian Deathlock by Del Sol and Horiguchi grabs the ropes to break. Tag to Generico and he hits a backbreaker for 2. Tag to Del Sol and he grabs an abdominal stretch. Horiguchi hip tosses out and Saito brings out a strap. Generico stops him and he whips the strap into the face of Horiguchi!!! That had to suck. Del Sol covers for 2 and Horiguchi comes back with a back drop. Back elbow by Saito gets 2. Rolling Fisherman’s suplex by Saito gets 2 as Generico saves. Drop toe hold/elbow drop combo by the Jimmyz and Horiguchi hits a basement dropkick for 2. Snap mare by Horiguchi and Saito goes up for a double stomp for 2. Double back elbow by the Jimmyz and Del Sol comes back with a double springboard arm drag. Double springboard back elbow by Del Sol and Generico tags in. Generico cleans house and hits the exploder suplex into the corner on Horiguchi. Saito trips up Generico and Del Sol dropkicks him, forcing Saito to bail. Summersault plancha to the floor by Del Sol. In the ring, Generico hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for 2 on Horiguchi. Tornado DDT by Horiguchi gets 2 as Del Sol saves. Saito blocks the Rising Sun with a German suplex for 2!!! Standing Sliced Bread #2 by Del Sol gets 2. Powerslam by Generico and he monkey flips Del Sol into a 450 splash on Saito for 2 as Horiguchi saves. Hurricanrana by Horiguchi to Generico and Horiguchi sunset flips Saito into a German suplex on Del Sol. German suplex by Saito to Generico gets 2 as Horiguchi saves. Spin kick by Del Sol to Horiguchi and Generico hits the Yakuza Kick. Horiguchi counters the Brainbuster into the Backslide from Heaven for 2!!! Sick Kick by Generico and Del Sol hits Rising Sun for 3!!!
Winners- El Generico and Samurai Del Sol ***3/4 ( I enjoy the Jimmyz act a lot. It’s the right blend of goofiness combined with excellent wrestling skills and it is a joy to watch. Good tag match and had the awesome final stretch you would expect for this match. )

Sami Callihan says he’s hurting but he loves the feeling. He says he’s not upset about losing to CIMA because he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. He’s accepted loss and knows it’s a bump in the road for him. He promises to get better from losing and next time, he’ll do what he does best. He says this weekend he proved he was the best.

Elimination Match for the Open the Freedom Gate Championship- Johnny Gargano © vs. Ricochet vs. AR Fox vs. Akira Tozawa
Before the match, Jon Davis comes out and attacks Gargano. He rams Gargano into the apron a few times before refs finally drag him to the back. Tozawa attacks Fox to start and he and Ricochet hit a double back elbow. Double suplex by Ricochet and Tozawa and Tozawa chokes Fox with his boot. Double dropkick by Fox and he hits a back elbow in the corner to Ricochet. Slam by Fox and he hits the split legged corkscrew for 2. Ricochet rakes the eyes of Fox and Fox goes for a suplex but Tozawa saves. Corner lariat by Fox to Ricochet and he hits the slingshot basement dropkick. Kick to the back by Tozawa into the basement knee strike. Zig-Zag by Ricochet to Tozawa and he throws some kicks to the chest of Fox. Snap mare into a spinning kick to the back of Tozawa by Ricochet. Ricochet mocks Gargano as he is being helped up and he takes some time to join commentary. Back in, Ricochet slams Fox and goes up. Gargano shoves him off the top and he hits a slingshot Spear to Tozawa. Enzuigiri to Fox and Ricochet hits a knee to the back. Bicycle kick in the corner by Tozawa and Fox hits the Twister. Standing SSP by Ricochet gets 2. Ricochet goes up and hits the Shooting Star Press for 2 as Fox pulls him off the cover in a stupid move on his part. Tozawa chokes Gargano with his boot in the corner as Ricochet and Fox brawl on the floor. Tozawa with rapid chops in the corner to Gargano and he does the same to Ricochet. Now he does it to Fox!!!! He punches Ricochet and Fox in the face but Gargano returns the favor!!! Enzuigiri by Gargano knocks Fox onto Ricochet and Gargano hits the suicide dive knocking Fox into the front row!!! Tozawa with a suicide dive to the floor onto everyone!!! Fox with the Kick flip onto everyone on the floor!!! Back in, Tozawa hits the Brainbuster on Fox. Springboard clothesline by Ricochet and he slams Tozawa. Ricochet goes up but Gargano shoves him to the floor. Rolling Thunder by Fox to Tozawa. Slingshot DDT by Gargano to Fox gets 2. Forearms by Gargano but Fox ends that with a big boot. Spinning enzuigiri by Fox and Tozawa hits the rolling elbow. Spinning enzuigiri by Ricochet and he walks into a discus lariat by Gargano, knocking everyone down!!! Gargano puts Tozawa on top but Ricochet stops him and follows up. TOWER OF DOOM~!!!!! Fox covers Gargano for 2. Standing Sliced Bread #2 by Fox to Gargano. Springboard Codebreaker by Fox to Ricochet gets 2. Springboard Ace Crusher by Fox to Gargano gets 2. Corner dropkick by Ricochet to Gargano and he sweeps the leg. Gargano blocks the standing moonsault from Ricochet but Fox catches him with a springboard 450 for 2!!! Reverse cannonball to Ricochet in the corner by Fox and he puts Ricochet on top. Tozawa blocks Low Mein Pain with a German suplex for 2 as Ricochet breaks with a 450 splash for 2!!! Ricochet throws some kicks to the back of Fox and Ricochet dropkicks him off the apron. Enzuigiri by Tozawa to Ricochet and he trade strikes with Gargano on the apron. RICOCHET DIVES OVER BOTH WITH A CORKSCREW PLANCHA ON FOX!!! Tozawa blocks the slingshot Spear with an enzuigiri but Gargano comes back with a superkick. Tozawa rolls through a sunset flip and hits the Shining Wizard!!! Holy crap what a sequence. Riocchet puts Fox in the tree of woe on a ladder and he nails Fox in the knee with a chair a few times. Back in, Ricochet covers Fox for 2. Fox’s leg gives out on the Irish whip and he tries the Codebreaker but Ricochet blocks. Texas Cloverleaf by Ricochet and he throws shots at the injured leg. Fox taps!!! AR Fox is eliminated.

The final three slug it out and Ricochet hits the 619 into the Saito suplex from Tozawa for 2. Ricochet rakes the back of Gargano and he and Tozawa throw kicks at Gargano. Ricochet covers for 2. Gargano shoves Tozawa into Ricochet and Tozawa accidently nails Ricochet with a bicycle kick. DDT/flatliner combo by Gargano and everyone is down. Tozawa blocks a suplex attempt but Gargano catches him with a suplex into the corner. Cradle suplex into the corner by Ricochet to Gargano gets 2. Double Pele by Ricochet and he goes up. Double Phoenix Splash by Ricochet gets 2!!! Ricochet goes up but Gargano stops him and Tozawa runs up with a super German suplex!!! Hurt’s Donut by Gargano and Tozawa hits the German suplex for 3!!! Ricochet is eliminated.

They trade forearms and Gargano hits a tilt-a-whirl Lawn Dart. Basement superkick by Gargano gets 2. They trade counters and Gargano hits Hurt’s Donut. Tozawa rolls through Gargano Escape and hits a Release German suplex. A second one by Tozawa and Gargano hits a super kick. German suplex by Tozawa gets 2!!! Gargano blocks a German suplex and Tozawa hits the bicycle kick to the back. Gargano comes back with the hanging Hurt’s Donut. A second Hurt’s Donut by Gargano gets 2!!! Gargano Escape by Gargano and Tozawa counters into a small package for 2. Back to Gargano Escape and Tozawa taps!!!
Winner and Still Open the Freedom Gate Champion- Johnny Gargano ****1/2 ( This was unreal. Some of the sequences in this match was breath taking and each portion of the match had heart stopping near falls. The storytelling with Gargano and Fox’s injuries were great, Tozawa and Ricochet played their roles to perfection, and the action was top notch. The breaking up of pin falls in an elimination match drove me nuts though and the final two portions of the match couldn’t touch the insanity of the opening portion with all four guys. Still, this was top notch and one of the best matches in the company’s history.)

Johnny Gargano delivers the end of show speech.

The 411: Looking at the circumstances surrounding the show as it occurred in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the DGUSA roster put on a hell of a show for the very small, condensed crowd. Every match from the No DQ on was very good with the four way main event being one of the best matches in the history of the company. DGUSA was able to provide a good show in somber conditions and ended 2012 on a high note. This is a show worth watching and I guarantee you will love the main event.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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