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From The Shelf – TNA Turning Point 2007

January 18, 2016 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf – TNA Turning Point 2007  

TNA Turning Point 2007
Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West.

AJ Styles is freaking out backstage about the issues with Christian Cage. Kurt Angle says he won’t listen to him so Angle says he’ll talk to him, but Christian needs to know if they join forces, it’ll be under his rules.

Tables Match- Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother D-Von) and Johnny Devine vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) and Jay Lethal
Only one man has to go through a table to win here. Devine and Shelley start. Northern lights suplex by Devine and he hits some rapid curb stomps. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors by Shelley and he slams Devine. The Guns and Lethal all jump on Devine and D-Von tags in. Hurricanrana by Sabin and Lethal tags in. Powerslam by D-Von and Ray tags in. He rakes the eyes as Lethal tried to fire back and Lethal is able to snap Ray’s arm off the ropes. Urinage by Ray and the Guns catch him with High/Low. They clear the ring of Team 3D and Devine and follow up with stereo dives onto everyone!!! Everyone brawls on the floor and Team 3D slides a table across the ring into the midsection of Lethal. The Guns baseball slide a table back into Team 3D and they hit a stereo lariats on Devine. Sabin sunset flips Shelley into a German suplex onto Devine but 3D is able to attack them right after. Sidewalk slam/leg drop combo onto Shelley and they hit the back suplex/neck breaker combo on Sabin. They go to drive Shelley into the table but Sabin saves him. Ray charges but misses Lethal and he drives himself through the table!!! Suplex cutter by Devine and he misses a baseball slide, allowing the Guns to clothesline him with a table. D-Von attacks the Guns and Devine goes for a slingshot pescado but misses and crashes through a table!!!! They have been putting themselves through tables so the match continues. Sabin looks to dive but D-Von blocks with a table. Double axe handle off the top by Lethal to D-Von and he and Shelley hit a double suplex as Ray moves the table as the last second. They go for the 3D but Shelley counters into a DDT on D-Von. Lethal collides with the ref and he catches Ray with an enzuigiri. Stereo dives by the Guns to Team 3D and Lethal nails Devine with the kendo stick. Lethal goes up and hits the flying elbow drop through the table!!! The ref didn’t see it as Team 3D nails both Lethal and the Guns with the X- Division championship. They place Lethal in the table in place of Devine and the ref sees it.
Winners- Team 3D and Johnny Devine ***1/4 ( Fun opener. I liked the incorporation of the tables as weapons rather than props for convoluted bumps and the story of the Guns and Lethal clearly taking it to the bullies was very enjoyable. The match got a little too out of control and sloppy toward the final stretch and the finish just flat out sucked so it took away from this a bit. )

Kevin Nash promises Scott Hall with be here and he starts talking about how hot Kurt Angle’s wife is. Samoa Joe is pissed that Nash is cracking jokes and he tells him to look for him when Hall arrives.

Roxxi Laveaux and ODB vs. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky
Roxxi and Love start. Chops by Love and she hits a basement dropkick for 2. Tag to Sky and they hit a double hip toss into a double elbow drop for 2. ODB tags in and Sky hits a shotgun dropkick. She rides ODB and gives her a wedgie. ODB gives the ref a wedgie because why not. Sky rolls her up for 2 and Roxxi knees her in the back, allowing ODB to hit a clothesline for 2. Tag to Roxxi and she hits a spine buster for 2. Roxxi puts Sky in the tree of woe and ODB tags in. She drives her boot into the groin (keeping it clean here) for 2. Roxxi and ODB go for the Dirty Dozen but Sky is able to escape and Love tags in. Knee lift by Love and she hits an inverted atomic drop on ODB. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Roxxi and she hits a jaw breaker into a swinging neck breaker on ODB for 2. Side Russian leg sweep/big boot combo on Roxxi gets 3.
Winners- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky *1/2 ( This was a just a comedy match to get ODB’s character over as they couldn’t do much in ring since Love and in particular Sky were still very green at this point. )

Jeremy Borash gives Angle so advice as Angle walks into Christian Cage’s locker room. He wants to form a super unit with him and Robert Roode. Angle points out he would be the leader of this group but Cage says he won’t follow anyone so he declines. Roode pumps up Cage but Cage calls him a kid and tells him to follow his lead. Roode calls Cage an asshole and Ms. Brooks says it takes one to know one.

Video package for Storm/Young airs.

James Storm is looking for beer and is freaking out but Ms. Jackie Moore slaps him and tells him he can have it after the match.

James Storm w/Ms. Jackie Moore vs. Eric Young
Young attacks to start and he dropkicks Storm on the entrance ramp. Storm goes for a baseball sldie but misses and he nails Moore by mistake. Back elbow by Young and he throws some shoulders to the midsection of Storm. Young charges but misses and he hits the post shoulder first. Storm works over the shoulder of Young and he rakes the face of Young. Moore gets a cheap shot in and Young continues to target the shoulder. Chin lock by Storm but Young starts to fight out so Storm bites him to maintain control. Enzuigiri from the apron by Storm and he goes up. Crossbody off the top by Storm but Young rolls through for 2. Jaw breaker by Young but Storm comes back with the Divorce Court. Arm bar by Storm and he hits Eye of the Storm on Young for 2. Storm goes back to the arm bar but Young powers into the running powerslam to break. Young cleans house and he goes up. Flying elbow drop by Young gets 2. Young blocks the Tornado reverse DDT and he hits a Northern lights suplex for 2. Enzuigiri by Storm and he hits the Backstabber for 2. Powerslam by Young gets 2. O’Connor roll by Young gets 2 and Jackie goes to spit beer at Young but misses and nails Storm. Storm drinks the beer and he goes to use the bottle but the ref takes it away. Young rolls Storm up for 3.
Winner- Eric Young ** ( I couldn’t get into this at all. The work was fine but it just boring and dry. Storm’s motivations was beer and the feud was built around drinking contests, so no one could get emotionally invested or even remotely care about this crap. )

LAX says they will take what they want tonight and they tells TNA management to bring it when it comes to a punishment for their mystery member’s attack on Christy Hemme.

Feast or Fired Match
There are four briefcases on poles, three have title shots for the three main championships and the fourth has a pink slip. When all four briefcases are taken, the match is over. You must have your feet on the floor to maintain possention of the cage. Everyone tries to climb to start and Chris Harris clears the ring of Kip James. Slingshot Codebreaker by Petey Williams to Senshi and Dutt hits a slingshot hurricanrana onto Daniels. Double clothesline by Hoyt and Rave by Hernandez and LAX clear the ring of Rave. Everyone ends up on the floor, leaving Dutt and Senshi alone in the ring. Dragon Clutch by Senshi and Williams takes the opportunity to climb. He drops to the floor and gets a briefcase. BG James climbs but Rave shoves him to the floor. Trainers check on BG on the floor as Kip James is able to grab a case. He’s surrounded by the other wrestlers and he tosses the briefcase to BG James on the floor, officially giving BG a case. Chris Harris takes some time to tell the announce team to focus on him as Hernandez presses Ki, who hangs on to the top rope and unhooks the case. He makes it to the floor, leaving one case left. LAX dominate again and they double team Rave again. Christy Hemme rakes the eyes of Homicide but the mystery LAX member nails Hemme from behind. Ace Crusher by Homicide to Rave and he misses a charge on Elix Skipper. Code breaker by Shark Boy to Skipper but he eats an enzuigiri from Daniels. Clothesline by Harris and he tells Shark Boy to go up. Harris stops him and brings him down with an Electric chair. Scott Steiner is cleaning house on the floor as Harris decides he doesn’t wants the case. Shark Boy bites the rear of Harris and Dutt catches him with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Hernandez cracker jacks Dutt onto everyone on the floor!!! Kip James climbs but Hernandez stops him. Dropkick by Kip and he climbs again. Steiner stops him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Missile dropkick by Daniels and he grabs a case. He goes to nail Hernandez with it but Hernandez blocks. Daniels goes low and finally nails him with it. Big boot by Kip and he hits the Fameasser onto the case. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Steiner and he walks out with the case!!!
Winners- Petey Williams, BG James, Senshi, and Scott Steiner *1/2 ( A total mess and some of the worst psychology you’ll see in wrestling. If the idea is that there is a risk to winning the match and some of the guys like Harris and Kip James didn’t want a briefcase, WHY ARE THEY IN THE MATCH THEN? Guys had to stand around and do nothing since it wasn’t there turn to do spots and there was no consistency. There was enough action to salvage this but this concept was just a failure from the get go. )

Video package for Kim/Kong airs.

Gail Kim says she’s willing to go to Kong’s level and no matter how bad Kong injures her, to win the title she’ll have to kill her.

TNA Knockout Championship- Gail Kim © vs. Awesome Kong
Kong knocks Kim off the apron to start and they brawl on the floor. Kim tries to fire away but it seems to have no effect. Kong hot shots Kim onto the railings and she charges but misses and nails the post. Kim snaps Kong’s arm off the ropes and back in, Kim continues to attack the arm. Kong catches Kim in a sleeper and she swings Kim down to the mat. Avalanche in the corner misses and Kim fires away on Kong in the corner. Camel Clutch by Kong and she starts pulling the hair of Kim, forcing a break. Tree Slam by Kong and she tosses Kim down by the hair. Clothesline by Kong cuts off an attempted comeback and she hits an Avalanche in the corner. Cross arm breaker in the ropes by Kim and Kong blocks a hammerlock suplex attempt. Kong trucks Kim and Kim fires back with some kicks to the leg. Dropkick by Kim and she goes up. Second rope dropkick by Kim and she goes up again. A second missile dropkick by Kim and she goes up. Back senton off the top by Kim gets 2!!! Back fist by Kong and she throws some knees at Kim in the corner. Kong chokes Kim with her boot and the ref forcefully pulls her off. Kong shoves him away so the ref calls for the bell. Kong realizes what happened and she hits the Awesome Bomb on the ref!!! Velvet Sky comes out and attacks Kong but Kong choke slams her. Angelina Love comes out with a chair but she misses and Kong punches the chair back into Love!!! Kong hits the Awesome Bomb onto the chair on Kim and leaves her lying as well.
Winner by DQ and Still TNA Knockout Champion- Awesome Kong **3/4 ( This was just a long beat down of Gail Kim but it was one of the few matches on this show that accomplished something positive. Gail was put over as a never say die warrior and Kong, between the match itself and the post match stuff, comes across as the biggest monster in the division and an unstoppable force that Gail will have to face once again. They would have better matches in the coming match but for as a set-up for the rest of the program, this was good. )

AJ Styles freaks out about Angle not bringing Christian in and Karen has a second idea, turning Samoa Joe against his partners. Kurt Angle says he’ll go talk to Joe.

Video package for Match of 10,000 tacks airs.

Black Reign promises pain for Abyss and Raven like they have never felt before. He licks his arctic fox, Misty. Wonderful.

Match of 10,000 Tacks-Black Reign and Rellik vs. Raven and Abyss
Raven replaces an injured Rhino. Big boot by Abyss to Reign and Raven hits an Avalanche into a bulldog onto Rellik. Rellik snaps Raven’s neck off the ropes as Reign and Rellik work over Abyss on the floor. Suicide plancha by Raven onto everyone on the floor!!! Raven side Russian leg sweeps Rellik into the railings as Abyss and Reign brawl in the crowd. Back at ringside, Abyss sets up a table and he places the bed of tacks on it as well. Abyss goes for the choke slam but Reigns blocks and sends Abyss into the post. Rellik crotches Raven on the railings and Abyss drives the Darkness Falls into the head of Reign. Reign goes low on Abyss and he drives him into a chair in the corner. Reign and Rellik double team Abyss and begin to work over the now open wound of Abyss. Rellik grabs a handful of tacks and he nails Raven multiple times with those tacks. Rellik works over Raven and he hits some punches in the corner. Raven brings him down with a power bomb and he catches Reign with the Raven Effect for 2 as Rellik saves. Double clothesline by Abyss and he cleans house. Raven and Abyss go wild with kendo sticks but Reign goes low to end that. Reign goes to use Darkness Falls but Raven blocks and TOSSES REIGN OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLE OF TACKS ON THE FLOOR!!!! Raven puts Rellik on a board but misses an elbow drop and crashes through the board!!! Rellik grabs the bag of tacks and pours them out. Abyss goes for the Chokeslam but Rellik sprays mist into the face of Abyss. Abyss catches him with a Black Hole Slam into the tacks!!! Abyss covers for 3.
Winners- Raven and Abyss **1/4 ( This match just dragged out forever. The brawling in the match was boring, the Black Reign and Rellik gimmicks have zero charisma and the crowd sat on their hands waiting for thumbtacks spots that had been done to death by this point. At least Abyss got his revenge and killed this crappy program off for good.)

Kurt Angle enters Samoa Joe’s locker room. Angle tries to warn Joe that Hall and Nash are going to use him and he tells Joe to do the right thing tonight.

Video package for Booker and Kaz/Cage and Roode airs.

Booker T says he came to TNA for the TNA World Championship and to face the best young talent in the world. Booker promises that Roode is going to eat his finisher tonight.

Robert Roode and Christian Cage w/Ms. Brooks vs. Kaz and Booker T w/Sharmell
Cage and Kaz start. Cage chops away but Kaz returns the favor. Second rope uppercut by Cage and Kaz comes back with a spinning heel kick. Springboard leg drop by Kaz gets 2. Tag to Roode and Booker. Booker works over the arm of Roode and he hits a hip toss. Clothesline by Booker gets 2. Suplex by Booker gets 2. Cage and Roode double team Booker in their corner and Booker catches Cage with a back drop. Tag to Kaz and they hit a double back elbow for 1. Corner forearm by Kaz and he stacks Cage and Roode up in the corner for a double slingshot corner dropkick. Summersault plancha to the floor by Kaz!!!! Punches in the corner by Kaz but Roode snaps his neck off the ropes to end that. Tornado Reverse DDT by Cage gets 2. Back elbow by Cage gets 2. Roode and Cage work over Kaz in the corner and he hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Chin lock by Roode but Kaz fights out. O’Connor roll gets 2 as does a jackknife roll-up. They trade roll-ups for near falls and Roode dumps Kaz to the apron to end that. Kaz springboards in but Roode catches him with a Urinage for 2 as Booker saves. Kaz drop toe holds Cage into the groin of Roode and he rolls Cage up for 2. Wave of the Future by Kaz and Roode pulls Booker off the apron to prevent the tag. DDT/neck breaker combo by Kaz to Roode and Cage.Tag to Booker and he cleans house. Flying forearm by Booker and he catches Cage with a spine buster for 2. Booker goes up but Roode stops him, allowing Cage to follow up. Booker blocks the super plex and Booker hits a missile dropkick. Side kick by Booker to Roode and Cage pokes the eye. Sunset flip by Booker gets 2. Side kick misses and Booker gets crotched in the ropes. Double missile dropkick by Kaz and Roode backdrops him to the floor. Double leg lariat by Booker and Roode nails Booker from behind to prevent the Scissors Kick. Roode goes to use a chair but misses Booker and nails Cage!!! Kaz dropkicks Roode to the floor and Booker hits the Scissors Kick on Cage for 3. Roode and Cage get into it after the match but AJ Styles calms them down.
Winners- Kaz and Booker T *** ( A solid tag match. Nothing spectacular but the work in the match was good and it was a nice way to usher Booker in to the company, working with someone who he’s familiar work and getting accustomed to the unfamiliar styles of guys like Kaz and Roode. )

Samoa Joe freaks out backstage on Kevin Nash as Scott Hall is still absent. Nash says he’s going out there, whether Joe joins him or not. Joe says he’ll be out there, and we won’t be alone.

Video package for Angle Alliance/Joe, Hall, and Nash airs.

Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Tomko) vs. Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, and ???
Scott Hall did not make it to the show. Joe says people backstage told him to come out and explain why Scott Hall didn’t show up. He says Scott Hall punked out and he talks about the two types of wrestlers in TNA, the diehards that bust their ass and superstars that think they could do whatever they want. Joe tells Scott Hall to kiss his ass and he says that when he asked for a wrestler to replace him in the main event, everyone stood up. He says one beat up wrestler stood up, and he brings out Eric Young. Joe and Styles start. Roll-up by Joe gets 2 and he rolls Styles around the mat. Chop to the back/kick to the chest/knee drop combo by Joe and Young tags in. Atomic drop by Young and he hits a back elbow for 2. Chin lock by Young but Styles fights out. Backdrop by Young and Angle tags in. Uppercuts by Angle and Young catches him with a belly to belly suplex for 2. Tag to Nash and Tomko. Tomko fires away and hits some clotheslines with no effect. Big boot by Nash and he throws some back elbows in the corner. Nash works over Tomko in the corner and Tomko fights back. Sidewalk slam by Nash and Young tags in. He catches Styles with a Thesz Press and he hits the wheelbarrow neck breaker for 2. Styles rakes the eyes and Angle snaps Young’s arm off the ropes. Styles puts Young on top and catches him with the Pele. Styles goes for the superplex but Young counters with the Gordbuster off the top. Tag to Nash and Angle. Nash cleans house and Young goes for a slingshot pescado but gets caught. Joe knocks Tomko and Styles down with the elbow suicida. Ankle Lock by Angle to Nash but Joe is hesitant to help Nash. Joe eventually super kicks Angle and Joe tags in. Joe cleans house and he hits the snap power slam on Tomko for 2 as Angle saves. Release German suplex to Joe and Nash catches him with the Jackknife Power bomb. Springboard forearm by Styles to Nash and Nash blocks a second springboard attempt. Big boot by Tomko and Joe catches him with an enzuigiri. DVD by Young and Joe hits the corner knee strike. Muscle Buster by Joe gets 3.
Winners- Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young **1/4 ( As flat and as lifeless a main event as you’ll see. They had to packed all their stuff into ten minutes and we just got a giant moveathon as they couldn’t even get a story going with Young’s bad arm, which would have been the easiest thing in the world to go to. From the stupid shoot promo to the match itself, this failed completely and is sadly a perfect end to this dreadful show. )


Robert Roode, Christian Cage, and The Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Tomko) vs. Kaz, Eric Young, Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Samoa Joe from Impact 12-6-07
Kaz and Styles start. Crucifix by Kaz gets 2 and we reach a stalemate. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Kaz and he follows up with a swinging neck breaker for 2. Jaw breaker by Styles and Angle tags in. Spinning heel kick by Kaz and Booker tags in. Booker works over Angle and he hits a super kick for 2. Roode tags in and he works over Booker. Spinebuster by Booker and Young tags in. Thesz press and some rights by Young and Cage tags in. Young dropkicks the leg of Cage and he clotheslines Cage to the floor. Tomko attacks from behind but Nash cleanrs the ring of him. Slingshot pescado by Young onto Cage and Tomko on the floor!!! Summersault plancha to the floor by Kaz!!! Nash fakes a dive as we go to break.
Back and Cage sends Young shoulder first into the post. Cage works over the shoulder of Young and Styles tags in. Dropkick by Styles gets 2. Angle tags in and he hits a back breaker for 2. Chin lock by Angle but Young fights out. Release German suplex by Angle gets 2 as Joe saves. Styles prevents Young from getting the tag and he stops Young as he tries to go up. Styles follows but Young blocks a back suplex attempt. Tag to Joe and he hits an enzuigiri on Tomko. Tomko catches Joe with a power slam but Joe returns the favor for 2 as Styles breaks with a Lionsault. Slingshot DDT by Kaz to Styles and Joe and Tomko clothesline each other. Tag to Nash and he cleans house. Sidewalk slam by Nash on Roode gets 2 as Cage saves. Booker cleans house and Tomko low bridges him to end that. CORKSCREW PLANCHA BY JOE TO THE FLOOR!!!! Nash hits a big boot on Roode for 2 as Cage pulls the ref out of the ring. Roode goes low on Nash and Cage tells Roode to give him a chair he was going to use. Young hits a missile dropkick to Cage knocking the cage into Roode and Nash hits the Jackknife Powerbomb for 3!!!
Winners- Kaz, Eric Young, Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Samoa Joe *** ( Fun match that was better that a majority of the stuff on the PPV. Unlike the main event from the PPV, you at least had some tiers in the match that built to the move-a-thon final stretch and everybody in the match had a moment throughout where they got to shine. )

The final score: review Bad
The 411
This was the Vince Russo special. Wacky gimmick matches, shoot promos, terrible finishes, mystery prizes, and teammates who hate each other. Combine all of these things together and you get a terrible PPV. Two solid matches and one good angle did not mask the rest of the garbage I sat through. Many of the angles and storylines they were trying to highlight in the show got forced down the fans throats so the crowd was lethargic and disinterested in most of the matches on the show. The wrestling for the most part was dull, there was a plethora of horrible finishes, and the shoot promo by Joe did not one any favors and managed to harm him by having him come across as a crybaby rather than the ass kicker that made him a star in the first place. They got way too cute and almost nothing they tried worked. A failure of a show booking wise and as dull a show in ring wise as you'll see. Avoid this show at all costs, it's a low point for TNA in their peak years.