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FTR On Who In AEW Knew They Were Doing Jim Cornette’s Podcast, Not Feeling Welcome At First

July 15, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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FTR appeared on Busted Open Radio for a recent interview and discussed the reaction in AEW to doing Jim Cornette’s podcast, how they felt some resentment toward them at first and more. The tag team’s appearance on Cornette’s podcast saw them be critical of the Young Bucks, and they said that only Tony Khan knew that they were doing it which made things a little tense backstage — and that it was already a a bit tense when they first arrived. Highlights are below:

Harwood on initial resentment toward them in AEW: “Just a couple of weeks ago after our match with SCU, we got an opportunity to get on the mic and talk a little bit. And I started the interview off with, ‘We weren’t a welcome addition here to AEW.’ And that was the honest to God truth. We walked into AEW, and we knew this was going to happen because we were former WWE guys.

“But we walked in there, and there was some resentment from some of the younger guys there. And I think it’s because of our attitude towards the business, our attitude towards professional wrestling and tag team wrestling, and the rules and things like that. So, the backstage vibe at first was kind of tense. And that’s okay with us. We thrive on that, we enjoy that. We enjoy the competitive, the competitiveness of professional wrestling. If we’re all friends and we’re all trying to help each other out, at the end of the day no one gets ahead.”

Harwood on their presence in the locker room being good for AEW: “Myself and Cash as a unit, as a tag team, we want to be the top — I don’t mean to make a pun out of this, but we do want to be the top guys in AEW. We want to help AEW grow, and we want to help make them a contender and a viable force in professional wrestling for years to come for the fans and for the boys. So the locker room I think, it can be at times a little buddy-buddy. And we can come in and shake that up a bit, I think that’s a good thing.”

Harwood on the reaction after they did Cornette’s podcast: “We did Cornette’s podcast not too long ago. And we talked to Tony Khan and asked him if it would be okay if we did that, but no one else knew about that. And man, when we got to TVs the next day after that podcast aired? Oh, we were the biggest heels in the locker room. Everyone, even our buddy MJF, everyone was so pissed off with us, because they thought we went rogue and went on Cornette’s podcast to bury The Young Bucks and AEW. We were not a very well-liked pair in the locker room that day.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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