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Gabe Sapolsky Disappointed by Kenny Omega ‘Blood Money’ Comments on WWE Network Airing EVOLVE Opposite AEW Fight for the Fallen

July 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Kenny Omega 1 AEW Double or Nothing

– EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky recently took part in a Reddit AMA session, where he spoke on a number of topics. During the session, Sapolsky was asked for his response to AEW talent and executive Kenny Omega, who negatively commented on WWE airing the upcoming EVOLVE 10th Anniversary show the same night as AEW Fight for the Fallen.

As previously reported, after WWE announced they’d be airing the EVOLVE show the same night as the AEW event, which is a charity show for victims of gun violence, Kenny Omega wrote (in a tweet that was later deleted): “If lining your pockets with blood money is okay, then what’s wrong with trying to undermine a charity show for victims of gun violence? I hear that healthy competition is supposed to be a good thing and yet I can’t help but feel like I’m gonna be sick.”

Below are some highlights from the AMA:

Sapolsky’s response to Kenny Omega: “I thought it was a little disparaging to all the work and sacrifice we have done to get this opportunity. That part was disappointing. We had the date booked before their date was announced. The very first conversation I had with Triple H in 2016 there was talk of doing a special. We are in Philadelphia the night before WWE has a PPV there. We are in a great building at the 2300 Arena that is tailor made to go right on the WWE Network. Everything just came together to do it on this date. It’s been a long process. I saw Kenny deleted it and then tweeted something else, so it is all good by me. I haven’t talked to Kenny in a long time, but I always felt we had a positive relationship. He was one of the guys I really wanted to push in 2008 and into 2009. I’m glad all his hard work has paid off.”

Sapolsky responding to a fan on if EVOLVE is selling out and feeding their stars to the WWE system: “I’m glad you used the term sellout. I feel that it is really a misunderstood term these days. I remember when I was 14 or 15, Rush came out with Power Windows. I was a huge Rush fan starting at about 6th grade. They came out with Power Windows and got new haircuts and clothes for MTV, had a more pop oriented sound and didn’t have those arena riffs from their earlier days. My friends and I were disgusted. We spent the whole day complaining and burying Rush as sellouts. We hated them. If there was social media I would have buried them and said awful stuff. So I understand where you and the other ‘sellout’ talkers come from. Now as a grown man I realize that Power Windows was where Rush wanted to go as artists at that point. I even like a few of the songs on the album.”

“This is where I want to go in pro wrestling now. I am producing what I love and enjoy. I am proud of our EVOLVE shows. I work in a great culture. I love my boss. I love the people I work with. It is such a tremendous team. Now if I was going against everything I believed in or didn’t enjoy producing this content. If it went against what I feel or want to do, then I am a sellout. However, this is the opposite. If this is being a sellout, I hope everyone has a chance to sellout and can do what they love surrounded by people they love. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for giving me the platform to say all that.”

Sapolsky on what he has learned since leaving ROH about his time as the head booker: “This is an excellent question and totally loaded. I look back now and I needed to fail there to be ready for what we are about to do and my position now. I learned to be a team player. I learned that no one is so special that they are indispensable. I learned to check your ego. Those immediately come to mind. I try to pass those lessons on to others before they make the same mistakes I did.”