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Georgia Championship Wrestling (10.10.1981) Review

January 8, 2024 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Georgia Championship Wrestling Ric Flair 9-19-1981 Image Credit: Georgia Championship Wrestling
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Georgia Championship Wrestling (10.10.1981) Review  

-Originally aired October 10, 1981.

-Your host is Gordon Solie.

-Terry Gordy is here to tell us that he’s bringing a good friend of his into Georgia: Jim Duggan.

-And then, la dee freakin’ dah, here’s Michael P.S. Hayes, who’s so tired of listening to Gordy whining and crying that he’s brought out a baby bonnet. Gordon Solie very hastily cuts to commercial.

-We return from the break with Terry Gordy holding a baby bottle and screaming about how humiliating this incident was, so apparently Gordon Solie really didn’t want to cut to commercial and we missed a whole THING during the break.


-Brian Blair mat wrestles both opponents. Bruno Jr., whose friends could call him BruJu, tags in and shows what he’s capable of. Blair tags in with bolo-like forearms and a full bodyslam, making sure not to do that half-bodyslam where he just holds his opponent in the air for the rest of the match, because he would only tire himself out that way.

-Bruno comes in with his own FULL bodyslam, making sure not to do an overflowing bodyslam or else they’ll have to mop the excess bodyslam out of the ring. Heels get Blair into the corner and gang up on him. Hot tag to Bruno, Jr. and he’s a house of warmth. Blair tags back in and does his finisher from this period, applying an abdominal stretch and rolling down to the mat to make it a pinning combo, and Gordon dubs the hold “the banana split!”

-So it turns out that the tape machines were still rolling after all, so we get the footage from the commercial break…Otis Sistrunk sneaks up on Gordy and holds him in a full nelson while Hayes ties the bonnet onto his head and shoves a pacifier into his mouth. Gordy does a great sell, staring at the audience and looking like he’s trying not to cry.

-Back to live action, Gordy comes back out here and threatens to destroy his ex-partner one-on-one, SOME DAY!

-Steve O takes down Sonoda for a side headlock while Gordon goes into an amazing dissertation about the differences between martial arts training and sumo training and how both are easier to adapt to American catch-as-catch-can wrestling than European wrestling, and this is exactly the kind of stuff that earned Gordon his reputation and makes it easy to forgive some of his oddness like “FULL bodyslam.”

-Sonoda beats on Steve O until O surprises him with a savate kick that impresses the hell out of Gordon. Steve O throws a series of kicks, apparently trying to beat Sonoda at his own game. Atomic drop gets two. Bodypress off the top rope gets three for Steve O.

-We go to footage shot in a hotel room with Gordon Solie interviewing the Masked Superstar, Ray Stevens, Tor Kamata, and Great Mephisto. The choice of location and the lighting do all they can to make this look like a snuff film. Superstar has been getting phone calls all week from promoters cancelling every one of his bookings, and he’s tired of his livelihood being played with like that. He pulls out a briefcase full of money and gives it to his three business associates as a down payment for ending Tommy Rich’s career.

-Tommy Rich is live in the studio with a refrigerator box, hiding the mystery partner that he’s brought to Georgia to watch his back. Come to the Omni on October 18 to watch the unboxing!…Unless Mephisto and co. have the guts to come out here in the studio to get up close and find out right now.

-Gary Hart is here to tell us all about his man Great Kabuki. Kabuki’s face was severely burned in a match with Tiger Jeet Singh contested on top of a bed of hot coals. And that’s why Kabuki wears the mysterious facepaint.

GREAT KABUKI (with Gary Hart) vs. TONY TOSI
-The jobber’s name is an educated guess from the ring introduction. Cagematch says it’s Tony Russo but it’s very definitely not Tony Russo. This guy actually has a great look and a great build and I’m wondering if he’s somebody that I just don’t recognize at this stage of his career.

-Tony throws chops. Kabuki chops back and applies a nerve hold. Tosi comes back with more chops, but he’s worn out and can’t even follow through with anything after throwing him into the ropes. Savate kick by Kabuki gets the pin.

-Gordon asks Michael Hayes to come out for some comments, but Terry Gordy shows up instead and threatens his ex-partner, coming to get him. Michael Hayes shows up for the rebuttal and promises that on October 18 in the Omni, he’s going to settle this thing and humiliate Gordy in a one-on-one match.


-Wells does a flying headscissors that leads to a faceplant. I’ve never seen that but it got such a great reaction from the audience that I’m surprised it never got used as someone’s finisher. Shoulder tackle gets the pin in under a minute.

-Ric Flair defends the World Title against former champion Dusty Rhodes on October 18 in the Omni. We get some pre-taped words from Ric Flair, who always buys whatever he wants, and when he finally found something that money couldn’t buy–the world title–he just took it because he’s that good. Next, we go to the Florida studio to hear from Dusty Rhodes, who beat the meanest men in the world TWICE to hold world titles, so Ric Flair ain’t nothin’ to a man like Dusty.

-Tommy Rich and his box are here again, but we still don’t get to see who it is in there.


-I know we make a big deal out of squash matches where the jobber became a bigger star later, but I’m always fascinated by matches like this, shining a national spotlight on guys who just disappeared after a while. This is clearly supposed to be a showcase for St. John, a surly, snarling mat technician, but apparently he’s completely out of the business by the end of this calendar year, and Gordon actually offers a hint to why, as he mentions, seemingly not in storytelling mode, that St. John just has the worst luck with injuries, and rattles off a list of them.

-Woodby throws punches but St. John punches back, and a belly-to-belly by St. John gets the three-count.

-Flair works his magic on the mic a little more and promises another win over the son of a plumber. “I took this belt from you because I WANTED IT.”

-Gordon replays the Hayes/Gordy incident from the previous hour, and Gordy storms out here, completely annoyed that Gordon insists on showing it. Gordy says he made Michael Hayes a star, and Hayes ain’t going to get away with embarrassing him.


-Underhill gets a takedown, stunning Gordy AND Gordon Solie alike. Most interesting part of this is the dueling crowd chants of “We want Michael” and “We want Terry,” achieving the Team Edward/Team Jacob dynamic that modern wrestling has never been able to pull off. Director totally misses whatever Gordy did to win, but Gordon says it was a hard right hand.

-Great Mephisto, Ray Stevens, and Tor Kamata are here. Tommy Rich is an American PUNK and they’re amazed that he found one friend to help him in a match.

-Timbs blows a spot right away with II, and II just kind of freezes for a second, looking like he’s going to set up another spot, and then deciding “the hell with it” and tagging out.

-Steve O holds his own against both opponents. II gets back in there to take a shot at Tomahawk Thompson and gets the edge, taunting his opponent with a celebratory diaper wiggle. Timbs tags in and gets his leg worked over. Tomahawk tags in and they work his leg too. Kneelift gets the win.


-Jacobs gets the upper hand on Stevens, who hastily tags in, and we get a really funny subtle bit of snark, as the camera gives us a close-up of Tor Kamata, and Gordon, in his deadpan way, says, “You want to talk about being in shape…Abe Jacobs is certainly that.”

-Stevens tags in and takes a beating from both opponents, not afraid to make somebody look good on his account. Kamata tags in and rams Thor into the corner upside-down. Big splash finishes.

-Tommy Rich is here with his box again, as well as Otis Sistrunk & Michael Hayes. Hayes runs down the pro-Terry contingent in the audience and gets them nice and riled up.


-Hayes knocks Dumas to the floor and beats him up in front of the pro-Terry fans, just to rub it in good and deep. Sistrunk tags in and does…what he can. This team is a bad idea. They’ve essentially signed a celebrity to a full-time job as a wrestler, and they’re hiding him by putting him in a tag team, which is a GOOD thing, but it’s Michael Hayes, whose whole thing was always that he was the dedicated talker of his group. Putting him in charge of working isn’t playing to his strengths. Hayes finishes with a piledriver.

-Chop, kick, chop, green fog, kick…but Mackenzie gives him a fight and hangs in there for a bit until Kabuki grounds him with a snapmare and a stomp from the top rope. Heart punch gets the three-count.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Pretty great episode this week, as they took a Memphis-style approach with one story guiding the whole thing, and it seemed to work pretty well.