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Glenn Danzig Wanted to Be a Wrestler, But Thought He Wasn’t Big Enough

September 14, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Glenn Danzig was a guest on last week’s episode of Talk is Jericho and revealed he always wanted to get into professional wrestling. You can check out the episode here, in which the Misfits and Danzig frontman said that he felt his famous lack of height was a detriment.

“I wanted to be a wrestler,” Danzig said. “Yeah! But I didn’t think I was big enough. Then I met some wrestlers and I’m like ‘I could’ve been a wrestler.’ But it all worked out pretty good in the end. [laughs]”

Daniz also listed some of his favorite guys in the industry, saying, “My favorite all-time wrestler is Freddie Blassie. And then I liked Superstar Billy Graham. I used to love Macho Man when he first broke in, and was the anti-hero. He was a bad guy but people rooted for him. There’s so many great characters in wrestling. One of my new favorites is the Wyatt Family. It’s this Cape Fear meets Charles Manson thing, it’s pretty cool.”