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Goldberg Discusses His Issues With Chris Jericho, Says He Never Hurt Him

August 15, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Goldberg WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

In the latest episode of Talk is Jericho (via Fightful), Goldberg spoke with Chris Jericho about their issues in WCW and Goldberg said he still never tried to hurt Jericho. Here are highlights:

Jericho on the issues between them: “The WCW thing we were doing, I was trying to get a match with you and we ended up culminating it in Nassau Coliseum. We never had the match, we finally ended it with you spearing me down the aisle. To this day, it’s still one of the most terrifying rides. ‘He’s already angry at me, he’s going to kill.’ Obviously, you didn’t, but that thing was fucking six feet down the damn ramp.”

Goldberg on never hurting Jericho: “I have a question for you. Did I ever hurt you? You and I had some issues, whether they were fabricated, they were all fabricated in my mind. This goes back to the Bret Hart thing. If there was anybody in the business at the time that I wanted to hurt, it probably would have been you. Look what happened. Nothing. Nothing happened. I didn’t hurt you.”

Jericho on playing up the heat between them: “I was leaning into it too. ‘Screw this guy, he’s angry at me, I’ll be angry at him. I’m really going to go for it with Greenberg’ and all that stuff. I set myself up for it too. It was a strong move, but there was no maliciousness in it at all. I think I even said, ‘pick me up and throw me into the guard rail a couple of times.’ We were doing business out there and sometimes when you have that real life animosity in the back, it leads to realism on screen that translates.”

Goldberg on facing him again in WWE: “Remember Elimination Chamber, when I put you through the glass. If I didn’t care about you as a human being, I never would have picked the glass up off of you after. Those little things that people don’t see. They don’t get it. I could have hurt every single person I got in the ring with, and vice versa, everybody could have hurt me, at the end of the day, you try to be as professional as humanly possible and work for the betterment of the business.”

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