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Goldberg Speaks On Interactions From His First WWE Year With Vince McMahon

August 15, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Goldberg WWE Raw, Kenny Omega Credit: WWE

While appearing on Talk Is Jericho recently, Goldberg commented on the contrasts between his earlier stint and his 2016 return to the company (per Wrestling Inc). You can listen to the entire episode and read a few highlights below.

On his relationship with Vince McMahon during his inital contract: “It was not warm and fuzzy by any stretch of the imagination. The first year that I was at the WWE, from what I can remember, was one of the most stressful years of my entire life. And like I say, some of the things may have been fabricated in my own mind, to lobotomize me. But I felt as though I was still the enemy, walking in the locker room, everyone going ‘What the hell is this guy doing here?’ I’ve always felt like an outsider, but never as much as I did then.”

On the transition to WWE after his success in WCW: “It was totally different for me. It was something I didn’t really feel comfortable doing, first and foremost, because I was hanging out with Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall]. And they’re best friend was Triple H up in WWE, and they had the whole Kliq thing and they always talked. Then there was some animosity between Hunter and I, and we just so happened by represented by the same manager. There were things going back and forth. Plus, no offense, but I think we were kicking their ass in the ratings. So I was a bad guy, I was one of those guys that was leading the charge. How else are they going to look upon somebody like that? Was I go going to go up there and they were going to completely destroy the character, therefore turning me into the monster that many people thought that I was, in that I had to protect myself, even more, going up there.”

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