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Goldberg On Being a Role Model For Jewish People, Challenges During His WWE Return

February 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Goldberg SummerSlam

Speaking with Israeli’s Total Slam podcast, Goldberg discussed his WWE return and the responsibility of being a role model for the Jewish community. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke with the show’s hosts about how he had to sort of drop his family into the middle of life as a professional wrestler and how the return had some “trials and tribulations.” You can check out some highlights below, as well as the full interview (which starts at 30:29):

On being a role model for Jewish people: “You know what, I feel the same way. And I’m honored and privileged to be put in that kind of category. You know, usually when you go out there you’re fighting for yourself. But I felt as though every time I got in the squared circle, I was fighting for all the Jewish people. That’s truthfully how I felt. I was a representation of them, and I always will be. And I wanted to portray it in a positive light and be that superhero that everybody wished that they could be, and just set a good example for those that follow in my footsteps.”

On his family “atmosphere” when he came back to WWE: “It was hell. It was a situation my family had never found themselves in before. I’d obviously retired many years prior to my son being born. And you know, I got the opportunity to get the chance to go back. And the only reason that I would consider putting the boots back on and putting the trunks back on is for my family. And it was something that they’d never seen, never experienced before. And I wanted them to be in the moment and experience that for themselves because it’s something you can’t really eloquate. That’s hard to paint a picture for somebody in such a wild situation, and have them understand actually what’s going on. So I figured I’d just drop them right in the middle of the situation and they could find out for themselves.”

On the challenges of his return: “But it was not filled with an easy route by any stretch of the imagination. There were trials and tribulations along the way. And you know, at my accelerated age, it’s not the easiest thing to turn into to the old Goldberg again. So you do the best that you can do and you hope that it’s enough. Ad you know, it was a tumultuous atmosphere for a little while. But that’s just what happens when I’ve got to turn green every once and a while.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Total Slam with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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