Goldberg Says His Wrestlemania 33 Match With Brock Lesnar Was Retribution

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Goldberg gave his thoughts on his match with Brock Lesnar at WWE’s Wrestlemania 33 event. Here are highlights:

On his match with Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33: “It was a very tense build up and everything; 13 years far removed from the business, 13 years removed from the match, and the way we had went out. At the same time it was different circumstances, but in everyone’s eye it was a negative, self included so to be able to be able to have an opportunity to put something positive ahead so people don’t dwell on that the rest of their lives and get a little retribution and go out and show everyone that I can still do it. There are a lot of things on that checklist that I had to take into consideration, I’m currently writing a book about my last run; I mean, there was a lot packed in within a very short period of time. At the end of the day I am honored, humbled and privileged to anybody that thought I could pull it off and given the opportunity to show that I can. From the first day to the last day, I had all the confidence in the world to no confidence at all, which is what drives me; trying to be humble in every respect, where sometimes the negative pushes you to the point where you are in an emotional tizzy about it, which is a word I have never used. It’s a mentally lobotomizing situation that I can sit here and complain about all day long where people wouldn’t understand it, but at the end of the day I am the luckiest guy in the world to be given that opportunity.”

On saying he was miserable during his last run: “People had made mention that I was so miserable throughout the previous run, but you know what, a woman is miserable throughout her pregnancy, but it doesn’t mean that at the end of the day she has the baby it is a negative experience. I tell it like it is; it sucks burping and farting all day because you are pushing your body to count the calories and be a semblance of who you were back in the day. There are certain things that are difficult to do; packing on the weight at 50 years old is extremely difficult for me to do because at 30 I was trying to gain weight and your body doesn’t react the same way. Through the miles of abuse you put on it throughout the years; whether it’d be on the field or in the ring, it doesn’t want to respond the way that it used to, but again, as miserable as I may have sounded, i was more than humbled to of been given the opportunity that it happened.”

On Brock Lesnar: “Brock is one of my best friends on the planet. He always has been and always will be. Whether we’re inside the ring with him. He has done a lot of things in his life and is the utmost professional. That guy can work his ass off. Whether we shell 2 moves or 200 moves, whether it’s the psychology or the simple art of selling, Brock Lesnar is one of the best that has ever been out there. I hope people can appreciate the growth he has made as a person and character throughout the years because he’s a pro; he knows what to do, to be able to share the ring with him again 13 years far removed from the last time, and like you said, I may be beating a dead horse here, it was an honor and a privilege.”

On the Goldburger: “It’s awesome. It’s funny because the 6-8 month run I had, I don’t think I had any sugar products, so now that my diet is now completely out the window I am very much looking forward to my appearance at the Sugar Factory. Like you said man, it’s a rare appearance for me. I don’t do many of these. To be able to get back to Vegas is great, it’s a great place. We had Halloween Havoc there in Vegas every year for WCW, which is one of the biggest events of the year there ever. I have some great friends in Vegas, it’s a great hotbed for [pro] wrestling fans too. Going out to the Sugar Factory is a different deal for me. My kid is going to be over the moon; he already can’t wait to board that plane tomorrow and consume as much sugar as humanly possible. They have had an A-List group of celebrities that have passed through those doors before myself, so it’ll be an honor to be up on the wall with them. It’s going to be a fun experience. They are opening up a number of them throughout the country and the world. Sugar Factory is a really cool place and Vegas is the perfect place for it. Today is Dame Vera Lynn’s 100th Birthday, which will be performed by The Islanders so shout out to them. I am obviously going to see them when I go up there. They have been a staple in the Goldberg household with all the years they have been in business. I have some great friends over there, and not to mention when you are dieting, the Sugar Factory is a stomach nightmare. Sugar Factory, followed up by Tony Islander, that is a nuclear explosion waiting to happen.”

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