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Grayson Waller Says His Back Hurts From Carrying Legends Like John Cena, Comments On Interacting With The Rock

September 23, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Money in the Bank John Cena Grayson Waller Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Cheap Heat (via Fightful), Grayson Waller spoke about possibly having The Rock on his talk show, noting that he’s been carrying legends during his time in WWE. He’s interacted with Edge and John Cena since his arrival on the main roster.

He said: “I dont’ know if The Rock is ready for the Waller Effect. He’s been away for a while. I’m already helping out John Cena. I’ve got a lot that I’m carrying. My back is sore from carrying these legends. Rock is a big boy, that’s a lot to carry. I was backstage. I went to get my chapstick from the car, I go to my car, come back, and all of a sudden people are like, ‘Did you know the Rock was here?’ ‘What are you talking about? The Rock wasn’t here.’ Turns out, he was. I ran through the venue. I checked every door, every room. That brother, as soon as he found out that I was coming back, he got on his tour bus, him and Pat McAfee went back to hang with Deion Sanders. Rock didn’t want to bar with Grayson. Let’s be real. I think Theory put it on him. That was the best Theory has performed on the microphone. At the moment, it’s the cool thing to say bad things about Austin Theory. He’s good looking, he’s young, talented, has had so many more opportunities. If your mom or sister saw him in person, they’re going home with him. I’d be jealous too. He put it on The Rock. Watching it back later, I was very impressed with what Theory did. The Rock is the GOAT on the mic, on the mic, careful John, for a reason. Even now, he’s been away for so long, the control he has over that audience is different. I can appreciate that. He’s on a different level.

When asked if The Rock was a dream guest for the Grayson Waller Effect, he added: “More than anything. I always look at the Waller Effect, obviously, it’s an entertainment product, I like having the show and saying mean things to people, but I see it as a test to myself. I like to test myself against the best. That’s how I get better. Having someone like Cody Rhodes, who is very good on the microphone, John Cena, this is me testing myself and I want to see where I’m at. I think The Rock is the best, so that would be a great test for Grayson Waller. I feel 100% I can compete and maybe even roll over him, which not many people can say they can do.

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