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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Says He Detained Man Who Broke Into His Home

December 16, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mid-South Wrestling 12-29-84 Hacksaw Jim Duggan Image Credit: WWE

Hacksaw Jim Duggan recently detained a man who broke into his home, according to the wrestling legend himself. Duggan spoke with Wrestling Inc and said that an intruder broke into his home, entering through the front door, on December 8th at around 6:45 PM. Duggan said he took the main down and grabbed the .44 that the intruder had, holding him at gunpoint. He said that the man was hysterically frightened and said people from another home were coming after him with the intent to kill him, and noted he and his wife had heard other people in their neighborhood yelling. Duggan had his Christmas lights turned off and kept the gun on his lap with his hand on the intruder’s back until the cops arrived.

The WWE Hall of Famer said that the man was fleeing from individuals in a situation related to a separate legal matter and had pounded on several other doors before climbing their fence and entering through the unlocked door. The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department apprehended him and Duggan did not press charges., Duggan said, “Thank God we didn’t shoot him.”

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