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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Recalls Randy Savage Advising Him To Go To WCW

March 1, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was among those who made the jump from WWE to WCW, and he recently recalled how Randy Savage advised him to do so. Duggan went to WCW in 1994, and he spoke about how Savage suggested that he leave WWE for the rival company on The Hacksaw Hour. You can see the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On Savage advising him to make the jump: “I was going to ride that horse to the end, brother. Advice Macho gave me: ‘Never take yourself out of the game.’ I took that to heart… I would have stayed there as long as possible, unless they started to abuse me obviously — start jobbing me all the time, just really abusing me.”

On his run with WWE: “It ran its course, it was a great run and obviously, that was to this day the Golden Age of WWF because by then a lot of guys were starting to move on, it was a new group coming in.”