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Hall’s AEW Dynamite Review 12.7.22

December 7, 2022 | Posted by Thomas Hall
AEW Dynamite Blackpool Combat Club Image Credit: AEW
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Hall’s AEW Dynamite Review 12.7.22  

Date: December 7, 2022
Location: H-E-B Center, Cedar Park, Texas
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Taz, Excalibur

It’s the go home show for Final Battle and the Dynamite before next week’s Winter Is Coming so it is time to start hammering home the build for both shows. Believe it or not we have a battle royal this week for a shot at MJF’s….ring, rather than the World Title. That should get a lot of people on the show so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Battle Royal

Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy, Shawn Dean, Dustin Rhodes, Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, Kip Sabian, Dalton Castle, Butcher, Blade

The winner gets to face MJF for the Dynamite Diamond whenever they decide. It’s a battle royal style brawl to start as I hope I have everyone included here. Sabian and Cassidy take turns ramming each other into the corner until the Butcher breaks it up. Cassidy is sent over the top so he tries to skin the cat, only to have Blade knock him out.

Rhodes (hometown boy) hits a Canadian Destroyer on Sabian and clotheslines him out. Butcher clotheslines Rhodes out and Cage sends Castle to the apron, but his Boys make the save. Then they make the save again but can’t do it a third time and Castle is out. Then Jungle Boy dropkicks Cage to the apron (kind of, as Cage has to try to go over twice) and dropkicks him out as we take a break.

Back with Jungle Boy knocking out Butcher but getting eliminated by W. Morrissey. Ethan Page makes Hardy raise his arm but Hardy does DELETE after, much to Page’s annoyance. Hardy Twist of Fates Dean and eliminates him under Page’s orders. We’re down to Starks, Page and Hardy and Starks sends Hardy out. Page kicks Starks in the head but gets sent out to give Starks the win at 13:05.

Rating: C. That’s an interesting choice for the winner but I do like the idea of having one person and one person only coming after MJF. Maybe Starks even combines the two matches into one, but it wouldn’t shock me to see him win the ring off a countout or something like that. The rest of the battle royal was pretty lame with the bigger names going out too soon, though at least it wasn’t Matt Hardy.

Post match MJF comes out to promise that he’ll beat Starks twice, even though the fans seem to like Starks. These fans treat Starks like a big deal and he is good, but here is the truth….after the SHUT THE F*** UP chants from the crowd that is. MJF says Starks is a rudy poo candy a** compared to him, because Starks is nothing but a dollar store Dwayne. That’s why MJF is going to start calling him the Pebble.

Next week, MJF is going to beat Starks and skip him across the water so he can land back in Billy Corgan’s NWA and wrestle on YouTube where he belongs. Starks dubs MJF Maxipad and calls him a Roddy Piper wannabe. He wants to know how much shtick MJF has to go with his cheap shoes and cheap heat. Starks talks about how MJF doesn’t have what it takes while Starks is the one who is out there every week.

MJF blows off meet and greets because no one likes him. Next week is a big deal because Starks is shutting him up for once and is ready to smack that mole off of MJF’s neck to take that title. Then MJF hits him low and loads up the ring, only to have Starks hit the spear. Starks showed some fire here and while it went on a bit too long, it was one of the best things he has done so far in AEW, with the spear being rather good.

Samoa Joe is ready for Darby Allin.

Jon Moxley is tired of all the talking and wants to beat someone up. Like the Jericho Appreciation Society, to make sure there is no sports entertainment.

TNT Title: Darby Allin vs. Samoa Joe

Joe is defending. Allin starts fast by dropkicking Joe to the floor but Joe walks away from the running flip dive. Joe peels back the mat on the floor and it’s a powerslam on the exposed concrete to further injure Allin as we take a break. Back with the doctor checking on Allin, who crawls inside anyway. Joe takes him back to the floor but gets sent into the steps, allowing Allin to hit a Coffin Drop to a standing Joe on the outside. Back in and Joe gets knocked down again, allowing Allin to go up for the Coffin Drop, only to land in the Koquina Clutch to retain the title at 10:24.

Rating: B. The action was very good, but my goodness I don’t need to see Allin doing so many insane stunts in a match. Going full on Jeff Hardy is not a good idea and I don’t need to see someone even smaller than Jeff doing it. With that out of the way, Allin throwing everything he had at Joe, only to come up short, was a very good story and I was digging pretty much everything they were doing here, save for the more dangerous stuff.

Post match Joe hits Allin with the skateboard and puts the Clutch on again. Wardlow runs in for the save.

Orange Cassidy offers Kip Sabian an All Atlantic Title shot but Sabian says he’s hurt. Instead, Cassidy offers to let Sabian find someone to face him. Sabian smiles and leaves. Cassidy: “Was that like a yes?”

Video on Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli.

Daniel Garcia/Jake Hager vs. Claudio Castagnoli/Wheeler Yuta

Sammy Guevara and Jon Moxley are here too. Hager puts his hat on but Yuta hands it to Castagnoli, who punts it away. Yuta gets taken into the corner for the beating and now Garcia is willing to come in for the slugout. That’s fine with Yuta, who slams him into a backsplash for one and it’s back to Hager. Yuta knocks him down as well, but Guevara shoves Yuta off the top. The running Vader bomb gives Hager two and it’s back to Garcia for a top rope superplex.

We take a break and come back with Castagnoli coming in for the hot tag to clean house. The running uppercuts knock Hager silly but Garcia breaks up the Swing. That doesn’t last long as Garcia gets knocked off, leaving Castagnoli to get swung anyway. The running clothesline gives Castagnoli two and Moxley cuts Guevara off on the floor. Hager pulls Castagnoli out of the air and ankle locks him as Garcia gets the Dragon Slayer on Yuta. Castagnoli rolls his way out though and saves Yuta, followed by an uppercut to pin Hager at 12:36.

Rating: C+. Good enough match, but it feels like I’ve seen every combination of these two groups imaginable and I don’t need to see them fight ever again. The feud needs to end on Saturday and the lack of Jericho in the last two weeks hasn’t done it much good. The action here was good given who was involved, but it’s hard to get that invested in something I’ve watched for so many months.

Post match Tony Schiavone is in the ring and shows us a clip of himself talking to William Regal before MJF turned on him. They reminisce for a bit before Regal says that if you are seeing this, something bad has happened to him. Regal talks about how the team is there to help build up Yuta. The reason Regal turned on Moxley was to teach him one final lesson: always stay one step ahead because you don’t know what is coming. Regal is Blackpool Combat Club until he dies. Back in the ring, the Club isn’t sure what to think but Moxley promises to end the Jericho Appreciation Society.

So….hang on. Regal screwed Moxley over to teach him a lesson because he loves/cares about Moxley and the team that much? So he knew what MJF was likely to do and put himself in harm’s way to show that the evil one can strike at any time, even if the evil one is the one who was teaching them the lesson? And Tony, who wasn’t happy with Regal at Full Gear, felt no need to mention any of this for two weeks? That’s quite a bit to take, even if this was 100% a way to tie together loose threads with Regal heading back to WWE.

The House of Black is here to punish people for treason. This team seriously needs to stop talking so freaking much.

Jamie Hayter is ready to find out her next #1 contender.

Kiera Hogan/Madison Rayne/Skye Blue vs. Jade Cargill/Baddies

Velvet pulls Blue down by the hair to start as Jade approves from the apron. A running knee in the corner rocks Blue but she kicks Grey’s leg out. Velvet sends Blue into the apron and we take a break. Back with Blue kicking Velvet down and bringing in Hogan, who is planted by Jade. Rayne comes in and enziguris Cargill, only to get Jaded for the pin at 8:04.

Rating: C-. Remember how I said it’s hard to get invested in something I’ve seen for months? That is the case on a much larger scale with Cargill squashing people. She has had almost no serious competition for months and it is long past the point of being interesting. Cargill has the look and every bit of presence you could want, but please find SOMETHING new to do with her, because this is way beyond stale.

Saraya is in the back when Britt Baker interrupts. She has tickets for Saraya to come to the Kia Forum, but not for a rematch. Instead, Saraya can get a partner to face Baker and Jamie Hayter. Saraya tries to get Tony Schiavone, but Baker takes him away.

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

Tag Team Titles: FTR vs. Acclaimed

Acclaimed, with Billy Gunn, is defending. Caster and Harwood lock up to start and it’s Caster dropkicking him into an armdrag. The armbar doesn’t last long on Harwood so it’s off to Bowens as everything breaks down. The champs grab stereo Sharpshooters in the middle of the ring but both are broken up. With that out of the way, FTR takes them to the floor and sends Caster into the apron as we take a break.

Back with Wheeler putting Caster on top but getting knocked backwards for a high crossbody. As Jay Lethal/Jeff Jarrett and company watch from the back, Caster backdrops Harwood and brings in Bowens to clean house. A superkick gets two on Harwood, who is right back with some rolling German suplexes. Harwood rolls Bowens up with trunks for two and it’s back to Wheeler for the spike piledriver and a near fall.

Caster saves Bowens and comes in for a wheelbarrow cutter and a rather close two on Harwood. Bowens has to break up the Big Rig but gets sent outside, leaving Caster to be sent into the post. The Big Rig gives Harwood a VERY close two with Bowens making the save. Bowens hits the Arrival on Wheeler but Harwood breaks up the Mic Drop. Wheeler tries a jackknife cover but Caster rolls through into a cradle to retain at 16:48.

Rating: B+. This was a great match with FTR getting to play subtle heels throughout for a change. The Acclaimed getting to pin FTR is a big step in making them feel more legitimate as Tag Team Champions, though doing this at the pay per view and Acclaimed vs. Swerve/Lee on Dynamite would have fit much better. Awesome action here though and they had me biting on the Big Rig near fall.

Post match respectful scissoring ensues, which seems out of character for FTR. The Gunn Club pops up on screen with a Christmas card from the Briscoes (or Dem Boys as the card says)….and dog collars in the stockings. There’s your co-main event.


Ricky Starks won a battle royal last eliminating Ethan Page
Samoa Joe b. Darby Allin – Koquina Clutch
Claudio Castagnoli/Wheeler Yuta b. Daniel Garcia/Jake Hager – Uppercut to Hager
Jade Cargill/Baddies b. Madison Rayne/Kiera Hogan/Skye Blue – Jaded to Rayne
Acclaimed b. FTR – Rollup to Wheeler



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
The main event was more than enough to carry the show, with Joe vs. Allin being very good as well. Other than that, you had some good enough material, but Final battle continues to feel like something we have to get through rather than something worth watching. I’m sure the show will be good and the two main events will rock, but I could really go for getting away from Ring Of Honor for a long time. Solid enough show here, and certainly not boring in the slightest for a bonus positive.

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