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Hall’s AEW Collision Review 12.2.23

December 2, 2023 | Posted by Thomas Hall
AEW Collision Miro CJ Perry Image Credit: AEW
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Hall’s AEW Collision Review 12.2.23  

Date: December 2, 2023
Location: Erie Insurance Arena, Erie, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly

We’re back in the regular time slot this week with no major competition (at least from WWE) and that means the audience might be a bit stronger this time around. As was the case last week, the focus is going to be on the Continental Classic, which has another three matches this time around. Let’s get to it.

Brody King, Claudio Castagnoli, Andrade El Idolo (with CJ Perry), Daniel Garcia, Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson are ready to fight.

Opening sequence.

We recap the Continental Classic to this point.

Continental Classic Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brody King

They strike it out to start with Castagnoli getting fired up by getting hit hard. Neither can clothesline the other down so they eventually clothesline each other down for a double breather. They head outside for another clothesline off before King drops him with a big boot back inside. Castagnoli knocks him outside, where King drops him with a clothesline and sends him over the barricade.

We take a break and come back with Castagnoli fighting out of a chinlock and unloading with uppercuts in the corner. A running double stomp gives Castagnoli two and a rather impressive Swiss Death gets the same. The Swing sets up the Sharpshooter but King makes the rope. Back up and Castagnoli misses a charge into the post, allowing King to nail a heck of a cannonball. Castagnoli pops up at one and hits a Death Valley Driver (or Canadian Destroyer according to Schiavone) for the same. King’s piledriver gets two and a heck of a lariat finishes Castagnoli at 12:32.

Rating: B. This was your big men hitting each other really hard match and as you might have expected, it worked rather well. That’s exactly what they were going for here and I’m more than a bit surprised at the result. If nothing else, that’s probably the biggest singles win of King’s career and makes him a good bit more of a threat in the tournament. Nice job and a solid opener.

Blue League Standings
Brody King – 6 points (3 matches remaining)
Claudio Castagnoli – 3 points (3 matches remaining)
Bryan Danielson – 0 points (5 matches remaining)
Andrade El Idolo – 0 points (5 matches remaining)
Daniel Garcia – 0 points (4 matches remaining)
Eddie Kingston – 0 points (4 matches remaining)

Jon Moxley talks about being banged up and thinking being in this tournament might not be the best idea. His head isn’t on straight and he’s all over the place, but he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. He’s going to wrestle his way out of it though and win this tournament. No one in this tournament can put him through worse than what he goes through every day.

Abadon vs. Kiera Hogan

Hogan looks scared to start but manages a dropkick into the corner. Abadon is back with some strikes in the corner but Hogan manages a running kick to the face for two. Back up and a swinging Boss Man Slam plants Hogan, followed by a springboard cutter for two more. A lick to the face seems to fire Hogan up so she strikes away, setting up a neckbreaker for two. Abadon is right back with a kick to the head, followed by Black Dahlia for the pin at 3:43.

Rating: C. I guess it’s time to heat Abadon up again, which I’ll take at a time other than Halloween for once. Abadon is a unique enough star that a push is worth a try, though it’s hard to imagine this going very far. For now though, things are off to a good start, even if the follow up is what matters.

Post match the lights go out, Julia Hart pops up, and the lights go out again.

Samoa Joe is interrupted by Roderick Strong and the Kingdom. Strong is willing to forgive him for the near broken neck thing but Joe needs to understand that MJF is the Devil. Joe laughs them off and leaves.

Continental Classic Blue League: Andrade El Idolo vs. Daniel Garcia

Matt Menard is on commentary. Garcia grabs a fast rollup for two and teases Andrade that he was so close. Back up and Garcia sends him into the ropes, where Andrade gets to chill for a bit. A dropkick puts Garcia on the floor and a slingshot dive gives Andrade two back inside. Garcia fights back by going after the leg for one, with Menard promising to dance with Garcia if he wins the tournament. Andrade knocks him hard to the floor though and we take a break.

Back with Garcia winning a slugout and tying Andrade in the Tree of Woe to hammer on the knee. A spinning brainbuster gives Garcia two but Andrade is fine enough to send him into the corner. The third Amigo is broken up though and Garcia grabs a sleeper. That’s broken up with a trip into the corner and a superplex to Garcia, setting up Three Amigos for two. Garcia is right back with the Dragon Slayer but tries something else, allowing Andrade to roll into the hammerlock DDT to finish Garcia at 11:03.

Rating: B-. Another nice back and forth match here with Garcia seemingly fitting into his role as the whipping boy who tries really hard in every match. It makes sense for Andrade to go over here, especially with what seems to be a big showdown against Miro on the horizon. For now though, I’ll settle for a pretty decent TV match.

Blue League Standings
Brody King – 6 points (3 matches remaining)
Andrade El Idolo – 3 points (4 matches remaining)
Claudio Castagnoli – 3 points (3 matches remaining)
Bryan Danielson – 0 points (5 matches remaining)
Eddie Kingston – 0 points (4 matches remaining)
Daniel Garcia – 0 points (3 matches remaining)

Respect is shown post match.

We look at the Dynamite Continental Classic matches.

We look at Wardlow smashing AR Fox.

Willie Mack isn’t happy with Wardlow hurting his friend and wants some revenge next week.

Kingdom vs. Iron Savages

Roderick Strong is here with the Kingdom and dedicates this match to his friend Adam Cole. The brawl is on fast until Boulder hits a crossbody to take the Kingdom down. Bronson dives onto the Kingdom as well, followed by a chokebomb for two on Taven. Boulder misses a middle rope moonsault though and it’s a Death Valley Driver into Just The Tip. The spike piledriver finishes for Bennett at 2:31.

Post match Strong jumps out of the wheelchair for a jumping knee, seemingly breaking the chair in the process.

Ethan Page is back and wants to be the King Of Canada, so he wants Kenny Omega in Collision.

Video on Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale, which took place last year at Supercard of Honor and flared up again on Rampage.

Buddy Matthews/Malakai Black vs. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels

Matthews powers Sydal down to start before rolling through a high crossbody without much trouble. A tornado DDT doesn’t work for Sydal so he kicks Matthews in the head and hands it off to Daniels. Black comes in and Daniels slows down a bit, allowing Black to kick him into the corner. Daniels is sent outside and Black hits a heck of a middle rope moonsault as we take a break.

Back with Sydal coming in to strike away until Black catches him on top. Matthews and Sydal score with top rope Meteoras but Black pulls Sydal outside. Daniels dives onto Black but Black is fine enough to knee Sydal out of the air. The spinning kick to the head knocks Daniels silly for the pin at 8:39.

Rating: C+. Daniels and Sydal have been the team you put out there to make the other team look good since they got back together and they did it again here. This was far from some classic, but the House Of Black looked pretty strong in their win. They’ve been something of a focal point in recent weeks and I could go or more of them filling that role.

Post match here is FTR, with Black thinking they are here to join the House Of Black. The House has been there for FTR, which the fans seem to like. Then the House jumps FTR and the beatdown is on, with Harwood having to watch Wheeler get kicked in the head. Harwood gets kicked down as well, with FTR being reminded that they have no friends.

Earlier this week, Toni Storm is tired of her hair not being done. She’s not a fan of Skye Blue, who can be the first challenger.

Post break, Blue calls Storm pathetic so they can fight soon.

Video on Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland, with Cage accusing Copeland of grabbing his coat tails and always being better than Copeland could hope for. They fight on Dynamite.

El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Kip Sabian

This (along with the previous match) is described as a standby match because the Continental Classic matches aren’t reaching their time limits. That’s actually a nice bit of continuity so I’ll take it. Sabian works on the arm to start and Vikingo actually can’t roll his way to freedom. Vikingo slips out and hits a double springboard armdrag but Sabian kicks him out to the floor. There’s Sabian’s springboard moonsault to the outside as we take a break.

Back with Vikingo missing a running knee in the corner but managing a torture rack knee to the face. The middle rope Phoenix splash gives Vikingo two but Sabian is back with a springboard hurricanrana for two of his own. Sabian is knocked outside though and there’s the corkscrew moonsault to drop him again. Now the 630 can finish for Vikingo at 8:08.

Rating: C+. Sabian was a lot more fired up here than usual and they had a pretty nice match. The problem is Viking continues to be put in and out of spots without getting to do much. That doesn’t really work long term, though at least he’s out there getting to showcase the incredibly athletic things that he can do.

Post match, Sabian turns down a handshake.

Keith Lee is asked about who “him” is but Shane Taylor interrupts. Taylor wants Lee at Final Battle and game on.

Miro tries to crush Andrade El Idolo but CJ Perry talks him out of doing it. He finally calms down and leaves.

Continental Classic Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Danielson has an eye patch. Feeling out process to start, with Danielson striking away. Kingston backs away into the corner but manages one heck of a chop to drop Danielson. Back up and Danielson strikes away, with Kingston telling him to bring it. A suplex sends Kingston to the floor but he counters a dive into a suplex to leave them both down.

We take a break and come back with Kingston’s superplex being broken up, allowing Danielson to hit a missile dropkick. Danielson eventually gets the LeBell Lock but can’t get it all the way on. Instead they strike it out until Danielson misses the running knee and gets planted with a suplex. The spinning backfist gives Eddie two and some knees to the bad orbital bone make it worse.

Danielson is back with the YES Kicks but Kingston chops him very hard. Kingston shrugs them off and hits an enziguri until Danielson gets in a suplex for the double knockdown. Danielson kicks away some more at the five minute call. A suplex puts Kingston down and Danielson stomps away until Kingston needs a breather from the exhausted Bryan. Not that it matters as Bryan is back up with the running knee for the pin at 13:32.

Rating: B. This was the hard hitting strike off that you would have expected here and it’s good to see Danielson getting on the board. What isn’t so good to see is Kingston losing again, as it doesn’t bode well for his future. At the same time, it doesn’t exactly make the two titles he gave up look valuable when he has lost his first two matches clean. Good main event though, as more Danielson is a wise idea.

Blue League Standings
Brody King – 6 points (3 matches remaining)
Andrade El Idolo – 3 points (4 matches remaining)
Claudio Castagnoli – 3 points (3 matches remaining)
Bryan Danielson – 3 points (4 matches remaining)
Eddie Kingston – 0 points (3 matches remaining)
Daniel Garcia – 0 points (3 matches remaining)


Brody King b. Claudio Castagnoli – Lariat
Abadon b. Kiera Hogan – Black Dahlia
Andrade El Idolo b. Daniel Garcia – Hammerlock DDT
Kingdom b. Iron Savages – Spike piledriver to Bronson
Buddy Matthews/Malakai Black b. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels – Spinning kick to Daniels’ head
El Hijo del Vikingo b. Kip Sabian – 630
Bryan Danielson b. Eddie Kingston – Running knee



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was the show where they were focusing on the in-ring aspect almost entirely. That made for a good night with some solid back and forth action as the Continental Classic rolls on. The most important thing here though was the show felt like it mattered, which can be an issue for some AEW offerings. It wasn’t the case here though and AEW wraps up its week rather nicely.

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