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Hall’s TNA Impact Review 2.22.24

February 23, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
TNA Impact Alex Shelley 2-22-24 Moose Brian Myers Image Credit: TNA
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Hall’s TNA Impact Review 2.22.24  

TNA Impact
Date: February 22, 2024
Location: Osceola Heritage Center, Kissimmee, Florida
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

It’s the go home show for tomorrow’s No Surrender and as usual, the card is mostly set. There are still some matches and stories that could use an extra boost though and that is likely to be the focus this week. This is also the last TV show under the command of Scott D’Amore, so get ready to say goodbye to an era. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Chris Sabin vs. Jason Hotch

John Skyler is here with Hotch, who gets taken down to start and claims a hair pull. Sabin snaps him down with an armdrag before grabbing a middle rope sunset flip for two. A Russian legsweep into another cradle gets two and Hotch needs a breather on the apron. That lets him snap Sabin’s throat across the top rope but a chop hits post to give Sabin a breather. Back in and Hotch gets in a knee to the back of the neck for two as we slow down a bit.

Hotch uses the bad arm to chop some more, which really doesn’t seem to be the best idea. A rolling neckbreaker (ala Mustafa Ali) gives Hotch two more and we hit the neck crank. Sabin armdrags his way to freedom and hits a leg lariat, followed by a middle rope tornado DDT for another near fall. Cradle Shock is broken up though and Hotch grabs Rolling Chaos Theory for two of his own. They trade rollups for two each until Sabin is tossed outside. Hotch’s dive hits Skyler though and Sabin scores with a missile dropkick back inside. Cradle Shock finishes Hotch at 9:37.

Rating: B-. The Good Hands moniker does really suit Hotch and Skyler as they can be put in the ring with anyone and get at least something decent. It helps when you have Sabin on the other side, as he can do just about anything out there. Good opener here and a nice boost for Sabin before his title defense at No Surrender.

Mustafa Ali talks about how Chris Sabin has led the X-Division into an uncertain time and now it is time for new leadership. He approves this message.

The System is ready for tonight’s six man tag. Moose is ready for his No DQ match against Alex Shelley, but Santino Marella comes in to say both the System and Shelley’s friends are banned from ringside. Moose isn’t pleased.

Chris Sabin is ready for Mustafa Ali.

Simon Gotch vs. Jack Price

Josh Alexander comes out for commentary. Gotch easily takes Price down to start and the beating heads to the floor without much effort. Back in and Gotch hits some shots to the neck setting up a middle rope DDT and a Gotch Style piledriver. Gotch chokes him out for the win at 2:24.

Post match Gotch won’t let go so Alexander comes in for the staredown, though they’re not allowed to touch each other tonight.

The Grizzled Young Veterans want the Tag Team Titles because they are the best team in the world. The ABC has never been in water this deep and at No Surrender, they are going even deeper.

Video on PCO vs. Kon.

Steve Maclin vs. Trent Seven

The Rascalz are here with Maclin and Mike Bailey is here with Seven. They start fast with Seven hitting a crossbody into a legdrop for two before chopping away in the corner. Maclin clotheslines his way out of trouble and stomps Seven down with some rather basic (yet effective) offense. A hard right hand puts Seven down and we take a break.

Back with Seven firing off some chops in the corner but getting dropped with another clothesline. Maclin grabs a backbreaker and goes up, where Seven catches him with a superplex to put them both down. Seven grabs a DDT and clothesline Maclin outside, where Bailey has to take out the Rascalz. A top rope dive takes out everyone but Bailey and the Seven Star Lariat gets two back inside. Seven clubs away at the back and loads up what looks to be an abdominal stretch, only to have the people outside get into it again. Maclin knees Seven down and hits the KIA for the pin at 14:26.

Rating: C+. Good stuff here as Maclin gets a hard fought win on his way to a likely showdown with Nic Nemeth in the near future. Seven is another one in the good hands category as he is known enough to be a threat while not being likely to win any big matches. This was a nice match and boosted Maclin up, which he could use after a not so great last few months.

Gisele Shaw is ready to win the Knockouts Title but here is Gail Kim to interrupt. Kim likes that Shaw got rid of her friends but thinks Shaw could have done it with some more dignity. Shaw blows her off.

Mike Bailey and Trent Seven are ready for the Rascalz at No Surrender.

Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian

Well maybe not as Kazarian is here in street clothes with a chair. He’s not going to let Young call the shots here and brings out a ghost from Young’s past.

Eric Young vs. Big Damo

Damo was better known as Killian Dain in WWE as part of Sanity with Young. They start fast with Damo running him over and hitting a slingshot hilo for two. We’re already in the chinlock as Kazarian is watching from the stage. Damo grabs something like a seated abdominal stretch before missing a charge into the corner. The Death Valley Driver gives Young two, followed by a superplex to put Damo down. Young grabs the piledriver for the pin at 4:44.

Rating: C. This felt like your standard “you have to beat this guy to get to me” match and as usual, it worked well. Young vs. Kazarian has been a good choice for the veterans feud and the likely No Surrender match should be a nice addition to the card. This was a fine enough setup as TNA does their usual simple yet effective build.

Post match Young issues the challenge for No Surrender.

Tasha Steelz is down for a rubber match with Xia Brookside. As tends to be the case with these things, it’s not like the first two matches were that memorable in the first place.

Jody Threat and Dani Luna want the next Knockouts Tag Team Title shot.

Ash By Elegance vs. Savannah Thorne

Ash’s handler does the big intro and has Thorne go outside. Ash offers a hand to kiss and then blasts Thorne with a clothesline. Choking on the ropes, with trash talk, ensues and a handstand splash hits Thorne as well. Thorne dares to throw a right hand and gets choked in the corner, setting up Rarefied Air (Swanton) to give Ash the pin at 2:32. Ash was the “I’m beautiful and better than you” villain here, complete with some nice gymnastics. I’m not sure how far that will take her, but it’s better than the generic stuff she did as Dana Brooke.

Post break, Ash By Elegance has left the building. I hope she got in a shower first.

System vs. Kushida/Alex Shelley/Kevin Knight

Alisha Edwards is here with the System. Moose backs Shelley into the corner to start but Shelley grabs the arm to escape. Knight comes in to work on Eddie’s arm and all three good guys get in a crank of their own. A crossbody into a backsplash keeps Eddie down and Knight adds a regular splash for two. It’s back to Moose, who knocks Kushida out to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Kushida avoiding a charge to send Eddie and Myers outside but they cut off a tag attempt. Alisha gets in some choking before Moose misses a charge in the corner. Kushida knocks him down and brings Shelley back in to pick up the pace. Everything breaks down and Shelley gets Myers and Eddie in a hold at the same time, with Moose having to make the save.

Myers gets caught in a neckbreaker/moonsault combination for two with Moose making another save. Knight hurricanranas Moose off the top for one and then sends him outside. Another hurricanrana drops Moose on the floor and the step up dive puts the System down as the fans are rather pleased. Back in and Knight’s Code Red gets two on Moose and something like the Dream Sequence hits Myers. Alisha offers a distraction though and Moose spears Knight for the pin at 17:51.

Rating: B. Fast paced, action packed main event here with Knight getting quite the showcase. He feels like someone who could turn into a star if he is given the chance and that was on display here. What mattered was Moose getting to look strong before going into the title match, though he’s going to have to do it on his own at No Surrender. Heck of a fun match here and a good main event.

Post match the beatdown is on but Shelley pulls Moose into the Border City Stretch with the rest of the System making the save to end the show.


Chris Sabin b. Jason Hotch – Cradle Shock
Simon Gotch b. Jack Price – Choke
Steve Maclin b. Trent Seven – KIA
Eric Young b. Big Damo – Piledriver
Ash By Elegance b. Savannah Thorne – Rarefied Air
System b. Kushida/Alex Shelley/Kevin Knight – Spear to Knight



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was the Impact that I’ve enjoyed for a long time now, as they had good matches combined with building things up for the important show. No Surrender is looking like a strong card and they did a lot of work for it here. I’m scared to know what the future holds around here, but at least they are ending their current era on a hot streak.

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