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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 8.16.22

August 16, 2022 | Posted by Thomas Hall
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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 8.16.22  

Date: August 16, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

It’s time for another special as NXT presents Heatwave. There are a few title matches here, including Zoey Star challenging for the NXT Women’s Title and Bron Breakker defending the NXT Title against JD McDonagh. Other than that we have a heck of a grudge match as Roxanne Perez faces Cora Jade. Let’s get to it.

Paul Heyman narrates the voiceover, hyping up the big matches in an old ECW style voice. He’s still got it.

North American Title: Carmelo Hayes vs. Giovanni Vinci

Hayes, with Trick Williams, is defending and the fans seem to be behind him. An armdrag takes Vinci down and a chop rocks him in the corner. Back up and Vinci hits some rather loud chops before they hit stereo clotheslines for a double knockdown. We take a break and come back with Vinci pulling Hayes out of the air and hitting a slam, setting up a middle rope moonsault for two.

Hayes is right back with the Fade Away for a breather and a suplex into a cutter gives him two of his own. Vinci backdrops him to the floor and hits a heck of a springboard dive, followed by a double jump moonsault for two back inside, with Williams having to put a foot on the ropes. One heck of a clothesline connects but Vinci has to powerbomb Hayes onto an interfering Williams. The distraction lets Vinci powerbomb Williams but Hayes reverses into a hurricanrana to retain at 11:50.

Rating: B-. Pretty nice opener here as Hayes gets another win under his belt and looks smooth doing it. They’re creating a situation where a win over him is going to be a big deal and that is the point of something like this. Williams is good as the trash talking lackey and they compliment each other well. Vinci has the tools, but still needs to actually beat someone to get to the next level.

Toxic Attraction arrived earlier and ran into Bron Breakker, who seemed to catch their eyes.

Julius Creed watched the Diamond Mine’s eight man tag and there is something that has caught his eye.

Mr. Stone brags about Von Wagner, who promises to end anyone smaller or weaker.

Here is the Diamond Mine for a chat. Julius Creed talks about how much they have done to get this far and become the Tag Team Champions. There is someone trying to take Diamond Mine down though and that is…..RODERICK STRONG! That is immediately denied, with Strong saying that he would put the Creeds up against the Usos, with Julius saying the Usos can bring it. Brutus Creed asks if Julius is sure and then standing behind him.

We see a clip of Strong accidentally kneeing Julius, but Julius points out Tony D’Angelo tapping the mat, which he thinks was a signal to Strong. Again Strong denies everything….and here is Gallus (from NXT UK) to jump the rest of the Diamond Mine. Gallus looks at Strong and then beats them down too. Green lights come on with Gallus posing. Of note: that green light with the Diamond Mine down was what Apollo Crews saw in his vision last week. That’s certainly a way to go, and I like that Gallus didn’t bother siding with Strong in a swerve.

Roxanne Perez is ready to take out Cora Jade for good.

Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade

Perez starts fast and the beating is on. Jade gets knocked outside for a suicide dive but a second attempt is knocked away. Instead Jade hits a suplex on the floor and we take a break. Back with Perez fighting out of a double arm crank and hitting some running forearms.

They hit stereo running boots in the corner, setting up a Russian legsweep for two on Jade. A shot to the face drops Perez though and Jade grabs the stick, which is quickly taken away by Jade. Perez thinks about it too long though and a DDT onto the kendo stick finishes for Jade at 11:44.

Rating: C+. That was a bit of a weird ending as a DDT onto a stick doesn’t seem like the biggest knockout move, but at least they had a good enough fight. Jade is being primed to be something bigger around here and while she’s a step above Perez at this point, Perez is more than talented enough to be right there with her. This feud is likely far from over and that’s a good thing.

Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen get into a fight with Gallus and have to be separated.

Long recap of Tony D’Angelo vs. Santos Escobar, setting up one more fight for Legado del Fantasma’s future.

Bron Breakker is warming up when Apollo Crews comes in, looks at the NXT Title, and leaves.

Santos Escobar vs. Tony D’Angelo

Street fight. If Escobar wins, the rest of Legado is free, but if D’Angelo wins, Santos is gone for good. Legado walks in from the street and Escobar is wearing his mask. Before the bell, Escobar chairs D’Angelo down and scores with a hurricanrana through the chair for two. The chair is wedged into the corner and Escobar knocks him down again as Stacks takes out the rest of Legado on the floor.

The suicide dive is cut off with a trashcan lid to Escobar’s head though and we take a break. Back with D’Angelo crushing Escobar’s arm with the steps and then suplexing him on a pile of chairs on the floor. A Falcon Arrow and a trashcan lid shot to the head gets two on Escobar but he’s right back with a headscissors.

Legado drops Stacks on the floor and Escobar grabs a rollup for two on D’Angelo. Escobar tells Elektra Lopez to hand her a crowbar but D’Angelo runs her over and doesn’t think much of it. They get back in and look at each other before going after something. Escobar gets D’Angelo’s whistle but D’Angelo gets the crowbar and knocks Escobar silly for the pin at 12:41.

Rating: C+. Another not so great ending aside, this is the result that makes the most sense. This feud has gone on for what feels like the better part of ever and it is nice to see them FINALLY wrap things up. In theory this sends Escobar up to the main roster, where he should have been for a long time now. Either way, what matters is that the feud is over and they can both move on to ANYTHING else.

Indi Hartwell congratulates Kayden Carter and Katana Chance on their win but misses the good old days. A woman comes up and gives Hartwell a letter…..from Dexter Lumis. She’s rather happy, but NXT UK’s Blair Davenport comes up and takes it away. Davenport says she’s going to be NXT Women’s Champion. That’s a nice debut.

Video on Tiffany Stratton vs. Wendy Choo, which will take place again next week in a lights out match.

Women’s Title: Zoey Stark vs. Mandy Rose

Stark is challenging and the rest of Toxic Attraction is here too. Rose gets knocked outside to start but manages to send Stark’s bad knee into the announcers’ table. We take a break and come back with Toxic Attraction getting caught tripping Stark and ejected. Cue Nikkita Lyons to take them out but Rose grabs a half crab. That’s broken up and Stark strikes away, including a clothesline.

An enziguri gives Stark two and the flipping knee to the face connects, with Stark not being able to follow up. Instead Rose crawls to the floor and ties the bad knee up in the ropes. Back in and Stark grabs a rollup for two but Rose hits her running knee….for two more. With nothing else working, Rose puts Stark’s knee brace on and hits another running knee to retain at 11:40.

Rating: C. I’m not sure I get this one as Rose is running out of challengers to beat. They seemed to be building up to the Stark win here and then Rose just beats her again. That’s certainly one way to go, but I’m starting to wonder who takes the title from Rose. This seemed to be the most logical way to go and yet here we are with the reign continuing.

Quincy Elliott, the Super Diva, is coming and doesn’t mind being different.

Grayson Waller doesn’t like Apollo Crews but invites him on the debut of his talk show next week.

NXT Title: JD McDonagh vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker is defending and uses a sledgehammer to break a table that says JD. Must not be a Scrubs fan. McDonagh spins out of a wristlock to start and forearms him in the face, only to get gator rolled into a delayed vertical suplex. The spear misses though and McDonagh gets in a shot of his own as we take a break.

Back with McDonagh hitting a neckbreaker over the turnbuckle to send Breakker crashing out to the floor. Breakker fights up again but misses another pear and goes shoulder first into the post. Something like a Crossface goes on but Breakker is right next to the rope. Breakker’s arm is fine enough to hit a Frankensteiner for two but McDonagh is back with a Spanish Fly.

A brainbuster connects for two and now it’s McDonagh getting frustrated. Breakker is back with the spear but McDonagh rolls outside. Another spear connects and Breakker takes the straps down but McDonagh pops up and smiles. A third spear into the gorilla press powerslam retains the title at 13:11.

Rating: B-. This was pretty much Breakker 101: he gets hurt, fights through it, and then wins with raw power in the end. That’s not the worst way to go, but at the end of the day it is something they’ve done more than once now. Breakker is still a project, but this feud didn’t do him many favors. He needs something to make him feel like a big deal again and this wasn’t it.

Post match Tyler Bate (with the United Kingdom Title, which is CURRENTLY VACANT ON NXT UK TV and being decided in a tournament WHICH INCLUDES BATE) comes out for the staredown. There’s your upgraded feud.





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The final score: review Good
The 411
I liked the show for the most part, but at the end of the day, nothing really happened during the matches. It was one of those shows where they hyped up a bunch of matches and all of the champions retained, but then they made up for it with everything else. This show more or less said that NXT UK is done after they run out their current shows and honestly, that might be better for everyone. NXT needs the boost and it was certainly an eventful show, so well done on that front.

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