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Hamilton’s ACTION Wrestling No Easy Way Out 02.12.21 Review

February 18, 2021 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
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Hamilton’s ACTION Wrestling No Easy Way Out 02.12.21 Review  

Quick Results
Logan Creed pinned Hoodfoot in 5:55 (**½)
Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray pinned Bobby Flaco & Rob Killjoy in 10:34 (**¾)
Kevin Ryan pinned Eli Knight in 5:28 (**)
Dominic Garrini submitted Damyan Tangra in 9:03 (***½)
Orion Bishop pinned CT Keys, 2 Fly Ty & Graham Bell in 7:18 (***)
Suge D defeats Cabana Man Dan via referee stoppage in 9:41 (***¼)
Anthony Henry defeats Nolan Edward via referee stoppage in 16:34 (***¾)

We’re back at the Roger Spencer Community Center in Tyrone, Georgia for this one… If you have IWTV, this show’s up as part of your subscription – otherwise, you can sign-up at iwtv.live using promo code ACTION for a free trial

Hoodfoot vs. Logan Creed
We start out with some big lads – but Creed absolutely towers over Mo Atlas – the Hoodfoot. They open with the big lads shoulder tackles, but Creed jabs away on Atlas before a struggle over a suplex sees Creed come out on top.

Creed tries to boot Hoodfoot off the apron, but it’s ducked as Creed crotches himself… with Atlas leaping off the middle rope to clothesline him to the floor. Atlas goes for a dive, but Creed boots him out of the air, then rolls him back inside for a two-count.

A corner clothesline is next, but Creed misses the middle rope bulldog as Hoodfoot comes in with knees and a STO. Hoodfoot gets tripped up as Creed gets back up, then worked his way into a push-down stomp, only for Hoodfoot to return with a back suplex for a two-count. The pair get up and trade strikes, with Creed stinging Atlas with overhead chops, then a double chop before Atlas looked for another back suplex… and gets it!

Atlas gets a two-count from that, but then got tossed outside as Creed just about connects with a tope on the outside. Back inside, Creed splashes Hoodfoot, but ends up getting caught with a Sky High for a near-fall! Another back suplex is elbowed out of as Creed then dumps Atlas with Scorched Earth – think Taguchi’s Dodon – and that’s the win. Both lads swinging for the fences here, throwing bombs and giving us a nice, bite-sized sprint to open up with. **½

Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray vs. Bobby Flaco & Rob Killjoy
Alanis and Gray impressed last time I saw them in ACTION – and they get extra points for masking on the way to the ring. Alanis gets into it with a fan at ringside for having an “Adriana” poster, but this time they’ve not put it on heavy stock like last time.

We’ve a jump start from the makeshift Flaco/Killjoy team, as they charge the ring before plancha’ing into the Skulk pair. We start proper with Killjoy and Gray swapping leapfrogs and roll unders, until a back body drop almost had Gray touching the ceiling. Killjoy lifts up Flaco for a legdrop – with Killjoy landing a double leg drop of his own – as Gray was taking a beating early.

Chops follow as Flaco tags in, but a chinbreaker from Gray lets him break free as Alanis came in to dump Flaco with a chop. Flaco knocks Gray off the apron and hits the ropes for some rope-walking ahead of a leaping back elbow… which Alanis voids before pulling him up into Gray’s boot as a suplex/crossbody combo lands for a near-fall. That WAS a lot going on…

Gray slows the pace down with a chinlock on Flaco, before he pulled Flaco into a backbreaker for a one-count. Alanis is back to keep Flaco cornered with chops and elbows, with Gray quickly returning to charge in with a leaping elbow. Those quick tags continue as they nail a double-team backbreaker while isolating Flaco some more, before a Snake Eyes dumps Flaco in the corner.

Alanis can’t follow up with a clothesline, but he pulls Flaco in by the waistband before tagging out Gray… who tries to restrain Flaco until he caught him with a suplex for a two-count. A chinlock keeps Flaco down, but it’s broken out of… but yet again Alanis tags in quickly to stop the tag out. The Skulk go for the suplex/crossbody combo, but Flaco rolls up Alanis as Gray crashed and burned… and now here comes Killjoy!

Killjoy’s a house afire, diving onto Alanis on the outside before a high crossbody squashes Gray for a two-count. Gray reverses a whip, then elbows Killjoy in the corner before an attempted reverse ‘rana’s countered as Gray’s shoved into the corner… and German suplexed out of it. An over-the-knee brainbuster’s next as Alanis barely makes the save.

Alanis tags in as Gray was up for a Manhattan drop… Killjoy does the move anyway as Alanis ends up being one-on-two down, taking a short X-Factor from Flaco before Killjoy threw Flaco into Alanis for a Flatliner for a very near-fall. Flaco tries to follow up, but with Killjoy taken down on the outside his sunset flip gets blocked…

Flaco keeps going, with a springboard body press to Alanis on the outside, but back inside a cutter from Flaco’s pushed off… he tries to springboard off the middle rope, but Liam Gray’s in to rake the eyes before a simple roll-up got Alanis the win. This was a fun tag match, with a lot of stuff getting tried out, even if some of it didn’t come off clean. Another outing, another win for the Skulk! **¾

Kevin Ryan vs. Eli Knight
On the last show, Kevin Ryan accepted Suge D’s offer of, shall we say coaching… he came through the front door, rather than the locker room, as the pair showed their unity.

Ryan jumps Knight at the bell, but Knight hits back with a springboard dropkick as Suge D abandoned commentary to try and calm things down. Knight fakes out a dive, then hits a dropkick through the ropes to Suge… but taking his eye off of Ryan almost backfires as Ryan tried to pull him out of the ring.

Knight pushes him away, then hits a running cannonball off the apron before taking it back inside as Ryan lifts him up onto the apron for a hot shot. A moonsault to the floor follows, but Knight’s back into the ring quickly, catching Ryan in the ropes before missing a running kick. That hangs Knight in the ropes as Ryan came back with a stomp for a near-fall… and Ryan begins to control things from there… albeit briefly, as Knight catches Ryan on the top rope with a dropkick.

Ryan blocks a sunset bomb, but couldn’t avoid a Quebrada as Knight came oh so close to the win… but heading up top proved to be his undoing as Ryan knocks the referee into the ropes, crotching Knight before something off the top rope crashed and burned. They go back to it, but Ryan pulls Knight down off the top into a stunner as Suge D scalded Ryan for showboating, before a running double knee to the back got the win. While the action wasn’t clean, it fit really well into the story as Suge continues to shape Ryan into his way of doing things. **

After the match, Suge gets in Knight’s face and seemed to threaten to break Knight’s Tweeting hand. Knight flips him off, so Suge goes for the middle finger… then held Knight so Ryan could “finish the job.” Fingers. Snapped.

Damyan Tangra vs. Dominic Garrini
We’ve got two guys with a somewhat similar style here, but before the match, Garrini and Kevin Ku paraded around their Tag Team of the Year plaque.

Garrini kicks away the offer of handshake, and takes down Tangra early on by the arm. It’s escaped though, as Tangra moves into a half nelson, then a front facelock, but Garrini switches out as the ropes saved Tangra. Rejecting the offer of staying on the mat, Garrino gets brought down with a waistlock as Tangra ends up slipping out of a wristlock and applies his own, only for Garini to counter out with a bow-and-arrow hold that ended in the ropes.

Staying on the mat, Garrini taks the mount and slaps Tangra before Tangra rolled out of an omoplata attempt and returned the favour. A side headlock nearly squeezes out Garrini, but Garrini slips free and resumes the palm strikes before rolling in for a cross armbar that also ends in the ropes.

Tangra returns with a STF, but didn’t move Garrini as there’s an instant rope break – which commentary took as a sign… a sign that Garrini displayed with a vicious slap. Elbows come next, then kicks, as the pair try to give the other a dead leg. A liver kick shudders Tangra, but he keeps going as Garrini rattles him with more elbows, ahead of a German suplex. Garrini returned with a running uppercut, but Tangra’s not out of it yet as he hits a thrust kick and a death valley driver for a near-fall, before Garrini stuffed an attempted STF.

Garrini keeps pushing, rolling in with a version of Zack Sabre Jr’s Orienteering with Napalm Death, but Tangra kicks out as it turned into a pinning attempt, only to get spiked on his head with a headlock takedown. A knee from Garrini followed ahead of a standing gutwrench powerbomb, but he doesn’t go for a cover as Garrini instead runs into a boot, before a wrist-clutch Exploder nearly gets him the win.

After kicking out, Tangra blitzes Garrini with a head kick, before a swinging facebuster and a STF almost put Garrini away… yep, there’s No Easy Way Out, but Tangra pulls Garrini away from the ropes, then reapplies the hold as Garrini eventually makes it to the bottom rope. Shrugging that off, Garrini goes for a Falcon arrow, but switches down into a rear naked choke on the way down… leading to the eventual submission. These two meshed really well, with the newcomer Tangra giving Garrini a scare, but in the end the experience was the edge. Where do I sign up to see a rematch? ***½

Graham Bell vs. CT Keys vs. 2 Fly Ty vs. Orion Bishop
Everyone tries to gang up on Bishop to start, but it’s a con as Ty charges at the big man, while Bell knocks down Keys from behind.

Graham backs into Bishop, and quickly tries to move away… before finding out that a clothesline had no effect. Nor did some forearms, as a springboard crossbody was caught and turned into a fallaway slam by the monster Bishop. Keys comes in with Ty to double-team Bishop, but they get shoved away… they low bridge Bishop’s charge, sending him outside as commentary suggested a knee injury had flared up.

Meanwhile, Keys took Ty into the corner, then flew with a back elbow off the middle rope, taking Ty outside. In comes Bell to attack from behind, but Keys lands a pair of clotheslines and a Michinoku driver for a near-fall. Bishop slides back in and catches Keys from behind… but CT shrugs that off before a discus elbow was caught and turned into an Exploder.

In comes Ty and Bell as they try to double-team Bishop again, but he just headbutts them away before Ty was saved from a slam. Bell just puts the laces of his boot through Ty, sending him sailing to the outside as Keys tries to come back with a crossbody… but Bell spears him out of the ring. Ty’s back… and gets speared too… and here comes Bishop for the hattrick.

Nah, Bishop caught Bell and gutwrenches him for a near-fall, with Keys breaking the pin up. Bishop took Ty outside, but couldn’t do a dive as Keys cuts him off with an elbow, before Bell picked his shot with a spear on the apron to Bishop. With everyone else on the outside, Keys nails a tope con giro, before a Bell spinebuster back inside dumped Keys.

Bell tries for a punt kick, and puts his laces through Keys again, but Bishop breaks up the cover and deadlifts Bell into a german suplex, taking him outside. Ty tries again, but Keys just hands him off to Bishop, before Keys eats a Fire Thunder Driver from Bishop for the win. Another quick undercard match, with Bishop looking good in his fits and spurts here – while CT Keys and Graham Bell had some bright spots too. ***

Suge D vs. Cabana Man Dan
Suge came in through the front door again, and is getting billed as coming from “Leeds, England” these days. Cabana Man Dan wasn’t in any mood to mess around as he went straight for Suge at ringside, throwing him into the ring steps, then the ring post.

A right hand knocks down Suge at ringside, forcing Suge to hide behind the referee as he issues a reply… only for CMD to return him back into that ring post. They make it to the ring to officially start things, where Suge throws another right hand, only for Dan to charge out of the corner with a clothesline. A short-arm lariat’s next, then a back senton as CMD gets a two-count, before he looked to throttle Suge on the mat.

Dan hits the ropes looking for a tornado DDT, but Suge throws him off and then leaned between the ropes to draw in Dan. The ref tries to separate them, but Suge hits a cheapshot before he raked away at Dan’s eyes. A palm strike to the eye followed, blinding Dan as Suge measured him up for a forearm to the back of the head.

Crossface punches keep CMD down, as did a double wristlock, before an overhead suplex just threw Dan back into the corner. Body blows from Suge wear him down ahead of a snap suplex that gets a two-count, before Dan literally bit back. Suge stands on his face in retaliation, before Dan made a comeback with forearms… only for a leaping headbutt from Suge to stop him in his tracks.

Suge grabs the microphone to do a mid-match promo on CMD, seemingly to try and recruit him… but Dan knocks the mic into Suge’s face, which stunned him. Dan returns with headbutts and clotheslines, before he knocked Kevin Ryan off the apron… then charged at Suge with a leg lariat. A baseball slide headscissors to the outside neutralises Ryan some more as Suge returned with a swinging DDT to Suge back inside, but it’s only good for a two-count.

CMD heads to the ropes to shrug off Suge, before a crucifix nearly wins it for him… but Suge hits back with an elbow and a leg-trap back suplex before a double arm DDT suplex almost put Dan away. Suge tries to choke out Dan from there, but CMD rolls him away, then ran in with a STO for a near-fall… before Kevin Ryan ran in again to interfere.

As the ref was distracted, Suge D chokes out CMD with a shoelace, masking it with a rear naked choke on the mat as the referee ends up waving it off. For a grudge match this was nice and heated, but this felt like the start of a bigger story rather than an almighty blow-off. ***¼

Post-match, Suge stood on Dan’s feet and told him the fans don’t care about him – nor does ACTION, going by the fact they’ve put a departing star in the main event. Suge’s line of “if you’re not going to be a member of the good hand, you don’t need one” leads to him going to snap CMD’s fingers… but he relents as Ryan did it for him.

Nolan Edward vs. Anthony Henry
This was Henry’s last independent match after signing for NXT… and when you get here, you’ll know why they went with this show title!

We’ve a measured start, as both men take in the crowd before locking up. Henry breaksit to kick out Edward’s leg, but Edward comes back with a knee to the gut before he booted Henry to the outside. Henry calls for Nolan to hit back, which he does, but a headbutt from Henry keeps the fight going as they wander around ringside, trading blows like it was really Henry’s last night on any job.

Edward works over Henry’s finger, then gets go so he could break the count… returning to stand on Henry’s foot as the pair traded kicks. Henry ducks a chop as Edward hits the post as the scrap continued, leading to an X-Plex of sorts on the apron for Edward. They brawl into the crowd, where Henry kicks Edward on a chair before taking a long run up for a running dropkick to take Nolan out of his seat.

Back inside, Henry stomps over Edward’s ankles, before he began to uncork some kicks. More stomps have Edward rolling on the mat, but only gives Henry a one-count ahead of a side-Russian leg sweep that Henry rolled back through… and followed that up with a nasty neck twist.

Edward recovers with a snap Exploder, then with a shotgun dropkick into the corner before Henry pulled his way up to the top rope for a missile dropkick. Buttery smooth. Henry then grabs a towel – that Nolan had been given by JD Drake after their match in October. Cue a load of swears before Henry kicked Edward in the head for a two-count. Nolan wants Henry to bring it on… and Henry delivered with some kicks.

A kick to the back of Edward’s knee has him hobbling ahead of a Dragon screw, before Henry turned back in with a deathlock. Edward tries to fight back as it descends into a slap fight, before Henry rained down punches before he bridged back on the deathlock. Edward somehow escapes and hammers down on Henry from above, only for Henry to just stomp on the back of his ankle as he continues to decimate his legs.

Still hobbling, Edward pulls himself up to the apron as Henry dared him to give up. That wasn’t happening, as Edward fights back, giving and receiving chops, before Henry went to swear up a storm over the towel again. More chops, but Edward switches it up with clotheslines before he hit a rebound Blue Thunder Driver for a two-count.

Henry slips out of a Snake Eyes, and swings back in with a tornado DDT before a sheer drop brainbuster spiked Edward for a two-count. An armbar’s rolled through, but Henry clings on and stretches the other arm back in a trapped-arm armbar, but Edward’s able to get a foot to the rope to keep the match alive.

Hushing the crowd, Henry makes sure we all hear some more mid kicks, before a snap powerbomb dumped Edward ahead of a double stomp. This is brutal-looking stuff, but still Edward won’t stay down… so Henry locks in a trapped-arm Dragon sleeper. It’s released, so Henry switches up and… VERTEBREAKER! Still Nolan kicks out, so Henry goes back to the Dragon sleeper, pulling Nolan down as the ref’s forced to wave this off. As a farewell, this was damn near a demolition for Henry, who blitzed through Nolan Edward – but that loss, in a weird way, does at least put Edward over as someone who absolutely wouldn’t quit, even when he probably should have. ***¾

Post-match, Henry said his farewells and gifted Edward a spot as a “WorkHorseman” – let’s see if that yields any tag team bookings with JD Drake, eh?

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was the first half of a same-night double header for ACTION - but this absolutely didn’t feel like it was programmed to be a “lead in” or a “weaker” show. Everything on here felt real snappy and didn’t outstay its welcome - something that’s a relief given how some wrestling shows are trending these days - and gave us some real good sprints for their trouble.

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