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Highspots Wrestling Network Adds NEW Prison Break and the Best of AAW

August 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Highspots Wrestling Network, Warrior Wrestling

– Highspots Wrestling Network has revealed this week’s additions to the Highspots streaming service includes Northeast Wrestling Prison Break and a whole lot more. You can check out the full lineup for the Highspots Wrestling Network below:

Northeast Wrestling Prison Break 8/16/19

Private Party vs. Inzanely Rude vs. A Boy and His Dinosaur

Penelope Ford vs. Tasha Steelz

Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Mike Verna

CaZXL vs. Thrillride

NEW Tag Team Championships: Jerry Lawler & Keith Youngblood (c) vs. David Arquette & King Brian Anthony

nZo vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

NEW Championship – No DQ: Darby Allin (c) vs. Hale Collins

ROH World Championship: Matt Taven vs. JT Dunn

Jon Moxley vs. Pentagon Jr.

Red Light On Special Edition: Mancer Goes To The Gathering

The #HSWN and Ol’ Mancer got together at the Gathering (no not that gathering, another gathering) for a very special edittion of Red Light On. Join us as Mance takes on an amazing journey of sights and sounds.

NGW-TN Uncivil War 5 – August 11, 2019 – Knoxville, TN

1. Matt Cross vs Shane Andrews

2. Hendu Family vs Legion of Juice (Ryan Dookie, Su Yung, Shark Boy)

3. Jason Cade vs Caleb Konley vs Sugar Dunkerton

4. Besties in the World vs Lynch Mob vs Renegades of Flight

5. Mance Warner vs AJ Gray vs Matt Justice

6. Sean Spears vs Myron Reed

7. Menace vs Psychosis

8. NGW Heavyweight Champion Shawn Hoodrich vs Rich Swan

6.28.19 – Never Say Die – AAW Pro – 115 Bourbon Street – Merrionette Park, IL

1. PACO & Ace Romero vs. Clayton Gainz & Ace Austin

2. Priscilla Kelly vs. Kris Statlander

3. AAW Heritage Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something (c)

4. FATU vs. Kongo Kong

5. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mance Warner

6. Josh Briggs vs. Spyder Nate Webb

7. Curt Stallion vs. Myron Reed

8. AAW Heavyweight Championship: Ace Romero vs. Sami Callihan (c)

9. AAW Tag Team Championship: Besties in the World (May Fitchett & Dave Vega) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs. LAX (Santanana & Ortiz) (c)

Best of AAW – The Early Years

2005 – 2006

1. Danny Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn – 7/9/05

2. Tyler Black & Marek Brave vs. Brandon Thomaselli & Josh Ambercrombie – 9/10/05

3. Robert Anthony vs. Jerry Lynn – 9/10/05

4. Tracy Brooks vs. ODB – 10/1/05

5. Brad Bradley vs. Keith Walker – 10/1/05

6. Jimmy Jacobs Interview – 11/26/05

7. Colt Cabana vs. Jason Dukes – 11/26/05

8. Jerry Lynn vs. Brad Bradley – 11/26/05

9. ODB vs. Rain – 12/17/05

10. Dan Lawrence vs. Danny Daniels – 12/17/05

11. Tyler Black & Marek Brave vs. Robert Anthony & Brad Bradley – 12/17/05

12. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jerry Lynn – 1/14/06

13. Silas Young vs. Jason Dukes – 2/25/06

14. Eric Priest vs. Ace Steel – 2/25/06

15. Danny Daniels vs. Eric Priest vs. Tyler Black vs. Silas Young – 3/25/06

16. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Marek Brave vs. Trik Davis vs. M-Dogg 20 – 7/15/06

17. Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuiness – 9/23/06

18. Allison Danger & Sara Del Rey vs. Nattie Neidhart & Cheerleader Melissa – 10/21/06

19. No Rope Babred Wire: Tyler Black vs. Marek Brave – 11/25/06

AAW Pro – The Best of the Machine Guns

1. MCMG vs. DP Associates

2. MCMG vs. Joey Mercury/Christian York

3. MCMG vs. DP Associates – 2 out of 3 Falls

4. MCMG vs. The Michigan Invasion

5. MCMG vs. The Phoenix Twins

6. MCMG vs. The Phoenix Twins vs. The Northstar Express

7. MCMG vs. Adreanaline Overdose

8. MCMG vs. The Northstar Express

AAW Pro – The Best of 2007

1. Krotch & Zach Gowen vs. Michigan Invasion (War is Coming – April 14, 2007)

2. Marek Brave vs. Jerry Lynn (Defining Moment – May 19, 2007)

3. Nigel McGuinness vs. Jay Ryan (Point of No Return – June 16, 2007)

4. Joey Mercury vs. Eric Priest (Scars and Stripes – July 14, 2007)

5. Jayson Reign & Danny Daniels vs. Tyler Black & Chandler McClure (Scars and Stripes – July 14, 2007)

6. Tyler Black vs. Nigek McGuinness (Reign of Violence – September 8, 2007)

7. Jayson Reign vs. Chandler McClure (Reign of Violence – September 8, 2007)

8. M-Dogg 20 vs. Silas Young (Reign of Violence – September 8, 2007)

9. Murder City Machine Guns vs. Christian York & Joey Mercury (Rise of the Machine Guns – September 29, 2007)

10. Adrenaline Overdose vs. Phoenix Twins (Rise of the Machine Guns – September 29, 2007)

11. DP Associates (Trik Davis/CK3) vs. Murder City Machine Guns (Massacre on 26th St – October 20, 2007)

12. Silas Young vs. Austin Aries (Windy City Classic)

13. Tyler Black vs. Danny Daniels (Windy City Classic – November 24, 2007)

14. Larry Sweeney vs. Eric Priest (Twisted Christmas – December 15, 2007)

15. Silas Young vs. Krotch (Twisted Christmas – December 15, 2007)

AAW Pro – The Best of 2009

1. Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards (Path of Redemption)

2. Jay Bradley vs. Tyler Black vs. Egotistico Fantastico (5 Year Anniversary)

3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ryan Boz (5 Year Anniversary)

4. Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Hollister (Point of No Return)

5. Matt Cross & Shane Hollister vs. The Phoenix Twins (Fate of Eight)

6. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (Scars & Stripes)

7. The House of Truth vs. Silas Young and Dan Lawrence (A Reign of Violence)

8. Faith in Nothing vs. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (A Reign of Violence)

9. Gran Akuma, Hallowicked & Jigsaw vs. Arik Cannon & Northstar Express (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)

10. Silas Young vs. Bryan Danielson (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)

11. Arik Cannon vs. CJ Esparza (Massacre on 26th St.)

12. House of Truth vs. The Phoenix Twins (Windy City Classic 5)

13. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shane Hollister vs. Silas Young vs. Tyler Black (Windy City Classic 5)

14. Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Hollister & Tyler Black vs. Silas Young & Irish Airborne (Twisted Christmas)

UWF Live: Steiners VS Team 3D (02-03-07)

UWF live event from Hanover Hall on the campus of UNC-Wilmington! The 2007 night two hosts the historic first ever meeting between The Steiner Brothers and Team 3D! Another packed arena goes wild for UWF Live action!

JD Michaels vs. Kazarian (w/Maverick Matt)

Team Macktion (TJ & Kirby Mack) vs. Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young)

Jerry Lynn & Brother Runt vs. Bull Buchanan & Steve Corino (w/CW Anderson)

Caleb Konley vs. Maverick Matt (w/Kazarian)

D-Lo Brown vs. Maven (w/April Hunter)

Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon) vs. The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner)