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Highspots Wrestling Network Adds Monsters of the Mat and NEW: Studio Wars

April 15, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Highspots Wrestling Network, Warrior Wrestling

– The Highspots Wrestling Network has added the following events to its library for this week, including NEW: Studio Wars, Monsters of the Mat, and more:

NEW: Studio Wars – Episode 14

1) Club Cam w/Nikii Duke & Tony Vega vs Gio Galvano

2) Ichiban vs Shawn Donavan

3) Vita Von Starr vs Becca

4) Zachariah Gibbs vs Dutch w/Vita Von Starr

5) Nico Silva vs Matias


Celebrate the holidays with all of us in the five-sided ring!


Steve Migs vs Great Bambina vs Chase James vs Thomas Orion vs Milky Burrado -Deck the Hall Brawl

Jordan Oasis vs Nick Wayne – 2 Out of 3 Falls

Kendall Marie & Yung Strife vs Pitfall Jones & Evan Fury vs JaCub Oso & Brian Cook

Cody Chhun vs “The Ripper” Jack Stevens

Danika Della Rouge vs Xavier Young

“JC Jr” Zebadiah Saint’s Birthday Bash

*WARNING: Programs contains Strong Coarse Language & Thematic Elements

Ebony Experience

Booker-T -vs- Beachboy Shawn Summers -7:18

Ebony Experience. -vs- Lazor’s 1&2 – 7:41

Booker & Stevie Ray

( Harlem Heat)

Booker T  -vs- Action Jackson. – 5:50

Booker T  -vs- “Maniac” Mike Davis. – 4:11

Booker T – vs – Alex “Pug” Porteau. – 9:18

Booker T -vs – Super Destroyer  – 5:58

“Return Match”

Booker T – vs – Alex “Pug” Porteau. – 12:11

Body Slam and Bedlam 1.0

Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert-vs – Terry Garvin

The Total Package – vs – The Masked – 2:58

Lex Luger                              Marauder

Scott Putski -vs- Sweet Daddy Falcons -7:50

Mr. USA Tony Atlas -vs- The Bird Man  – 11:00  KoKo B Ware

Brian Ferrar – vs- The Viper. – 4:03

Junk Yard Dog -vs- Trent Knight – 4:50

Soultaker -vs- Kerry Von Erich – 9:37

Monsters of The Mat

Armed and Dangerous Vol 1 of 2

Dan Barry, The Besties & Friends: LIVE FROM WRESTLECON

Live at Wrestlecon- Day 1 w/ Jake Manning

Live at Wrestlecon- Day 2 w/ Dan Barry