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Highspots Wrestling Network Licenses Kayfabe Commentaries

November 22, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Highspots Wrestling Network, Warrior Wrestling

Highspots Wrestling Network has announced that they have licensed the rights to Kayfabe Commentaries for their streaming service. There are already eight titles available, and you can find full details below.

YouShoot: Swoggle

He may be smaller in statue, but he is big enough to agree to open up on YouShoot. Join Swoggle as he fields your questions about everything from Vince, to The Muppets. This guy may be known as a “bully” to others, but he certainly learns to laugh at himself through the course of this appearance… especially as he begins to realize a bunch of these questions are coming from the boys with whom he spent his time in a certain large federation.

We will let you in on all the inside jokes that the boys have sent in to rattle Swoggle! Plus, the YouShoot games are here too, from the Ho Bag to Measuring Up!

Swoggle was a big YouShoot fan in the past… but can he watch THIS edition??!!??

YouShoot: Tod Gordon


Most on the inside know this mantra well. But just how well do you know the man referenced? Well it’s time to turn all of YOU fans loose and ask him anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know! Tod holds nothing back as he lets you inside ECW, its workers, its women, the arena, and…yes…the Travelodge!

Go inside the complicated relationship between Tod and Paul E, and hear about the strains first hand. The YouShoot games are back…we got hos, dicks, and a whole lot more! Is Tod God?

See for yourself in another uncensored, unapologetic edition of the show that changed the shoot!

YouShoot: Scott Hall

Sometimes it seems as if the uncensored, unapologetic series YouShoot were made solely for a particular guest. One could make that case as Scott Hall sits down in the hotseat at last!

Scott tackles all your questions ranging from his exploits with drink and drugs, to the Kliq, to his storied in-ring career, and so much more. Play the YouShoot games with another totally open and honest guest on this shoot series that changed them all!

Your videos and questions, as always, are the real star of the show. So hey yo…say hello to the Bad Guy! And yes, there’s an entire chapter on Scarface……all on YouShoot: Scott Hall!

Timeline of the WWE: 1985- Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

The fuse has been ignited on the explosive popularity of the WWE in 1985. The world was about to get its first Wrestlemania. The roster was loaded with the country’s hottest talent and the ‘Fed was all over cable TV, and the networks as well.

Royalty checks begin pouring in for WWE stars as their images hit lunchboxes and dolls all over the world. The business has moved beyond wrestling as music and pop culture embrace it in this magical time.

-Saturday Night’s Main Event


-CBS Cartoon

-Mr. T

-The I-C Strap

-The Dream Team

-Andy Worhol

-Rick McGraw’s death

-Rita Marie

-Snakes and Bulldogs


-The 20/20 expose’

-The Wrestling Album


-Cyndi Lauper

-Albano’s face turn

-Plus more

Timeline of the WWE: 1984 Roddy Piper

The closing month of 1983 in WWE saw the arrival of an individual that would go on to set the entire pro wrestling landscape on its head. Roddy Piper’s effect on the largest federation in the world would set up Hogan for his massive championship run, introduce the concept of Wrestlemania, and push TV ratings to the stratosphere. Simply put…Piper helped make it all happen for WWE in the 80s.

Join Roddy for a three and a half hour journey back in time and see how each piece of the puzzle was laid. Roddy, Vince, Hogan, Dave Wolf and others had a vision of what was to come. Now head back to the birth of the boom and hear about it all in the first-person, from one of the all-time greats. Here comes the ‘Pit, MTV, the coconut, and the HOT SCOT himself! All in this edition of the open-ended historical telling of the WWE’s history.

The Pit…Vince Sr…Snuka’s end…Frank Williams…Cyndi Lauper…Dave Wolf…TNT…Patterson…MTV…Orton the Bodyguard…partying…Tonga Kid…MSG…negotiations…finishes against Hogan…Plus more…more…MORE!!!

Timeline of the WWE: 1983 Don Muraco

We’ll give you the REAL timeline!

The WWE had yet to go national. The talent raids had not begun. Hogan was still Verne’s guy. And the biggest draws in the company would revolve around the Intercontinental Title, held by The Magnificent One, Don Muraco. And the inside story is here!

The series that blows open the real, unauthorized story of the WWE is back, and we head into the 80s again!


Morales drops title


Rocky feud

Snuka and Nancy

Gilbert’s crash

McMahon power shift

Invading California

Wizard’s passing

Iron Mike Sharpe and OCD

Madison Square Garden

Victory Magazine

Plus more!!!

Timeline of the WWE: 1981 Rick Martel

Atop the tag team division in the WWE in 1981stood a fiery youngster and his brother figure, both of whom had the looks and the brawn to bring fans to their feet all over the Northeast. They slammed Moondogs, battled Samoans, and were high-flying champions full of excitement.

Head back to 1981 with Rick Martel and enter the locker rooms walked by Vincent J. McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Capt Lou Albano and the legends of yesteryear. This may have been a simpler time in the business, but the lessons learned were hard, and so was the road.

Come into the venues of yesteryear and see who was getting over and who wasn’t. This is the real deal…a time with no cable TV, no pay-per-view, and one hour of syndicated TV per week…and the arenas were packed

Timeline of the WWE: 1980 Larry Zybsko

1980 in the WWF. Business isn’t so hot. Backlund isn’t drawing the houses they thought he would and business is moribund at best. That is, until a young Larry Zbyszko proposes an idea to his mentor that would change the course of the federation, and make the career of Zbyszko himself.

This journey into 1980 is an incredible illustration of how Bruno Sammartino gave Larry Zbyszko the education of a lifetime in both the construction of the “Shea Stadium” program, as well as how to play the game of politics with the heavy hitters, like McMahon.

No one saw the impact this angle would have on the gate at Shea, the direction of the company, the shadow it would cast on World Champion Backlund, and the heat and hatred Zbyszko would have to get used to living with.

Relive the angle that re-ignited the biggest federation in the world…from the INSIDE…from the angle’s conception, to holding McMahon up for more money. This dangerous game of chess was being controlled by Bruno and now you’ll be able to live it in amazing detail!