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Hornswoggle On Spending Seven Hours Under the Ring Once, Falling Asleep and Missing His Queue For Undertaker Spot

August 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Speaking with Denise Salcedo, Hornswoggle recalled his times spent under the ring during his WWE tenure. The former WWE star talked about how much he enjoyed being under the ring and how he got to a point where he would fall asleep, which came back to bite him during a Fit Finley/Undertaker match he was supposed to be involved with. You can check out highlights and the full video below:

On if he enjoyed being under the ring: “I loved it. I loved it, like it was a blast because it was just different. At TV days when we had the Raw and Smackdown tapings, that stuff, I had a monitor under there. A nice pad, everything. It was great. The live events, the untelevised ones were like, ‘Here’s a bottle of water and a Gatorade. Just wait for your cue.’ ‘Okay.’ But it was fun. It was so much fun for me every week.”

On the longest he ever spent under the ring: “Seven hours. Yeah, I was under there for seven hours one time … I slept. That was the craziest part is, I could fall asleep under there. And I could hear what was going on above me, like I could hear the matches just by the movements and the crowd reactions. And not even the matches I was involved in, but other ones before the match I was involved in on the show. I would know what was going on above me. And it was just kind of this cool [thing], not being able to see what’s going on, but I know what’s happening. But I would bring my PSP, my gaming device under there, play that and sleep, and just hang out. I was comfortable. I was so comfortable under there. I would get dressed under there, like I wouldn’t even go out in my gear. I would pull my gear bag underneath with me and [say], ‘Ah, I got time.’.”

On missing his cue once: “There is a famous story in the book actually, that we talk about, how I was supposed to — that night I was going to do a spot with the Undertaker where Finlay was gonna come under, roll me out, throw me in the ring and I was gonna have an interaction with the Undertaker. The night before, I was a little over-served on the tour. I had a few too many, and I was sleeping under the ring. And I’m laying face down, and Finlay lifts the apron and just sees me laying face down. He thought I got knocked out from one of the beams. Nope, I was just sleeping. He goes, ‘Hey! Wake up!’ I wake up, I look at him, and he goes, ‘What are you doing?’ I go, ‘I’m sleeping.’ ‘Well come on!’ And he throws me in there, and now I realize, ‘Oh Shoot, I just missed my cue. And the Undertaker is above me.’ Like, I have to do it with him.

“He throws me into the ring and the whole time I am going under my breath, ‘I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry.’ It was just like — the Undertaker, one of the coolest and biggest legends of all-time, I’m doing my spot with him that I’ve done the whole — every night that week. And, yeah. But he gets to the back and goes ‘What happened?’ I go ‘ I fell asleep.’ He goes, ‘You fell asleep???’ Yeah, yeah. It’s one of those things we look back on and we laugh about so much now. Because just the, everything leading up to it was awesome. It’s one of those cool moments I will never forget.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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