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Hornswoggle Tells Mandy Rose to Take Back Dolph Ziggler

April 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WrestleMania 36 Otis vs. Ziggler, Mandy Rose

– Dolph Ziggler is on a campaign to win back Mandy Rose from Otis, and he’s enlisted the help of former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle (aka Swoggle) through the Cameo app. You can check out that Cameo video Ziggler purchased from Hornswoggle below. Cameo is a video service where you can purchase personalized video shoutouts from celebrities. Swoggle’s own account can be viewed RIGHT HERE.

The caption for the tweet with the Hornswoggle video from Ziggler reads, “Kitten, @wwehornswoggle is right, you are as loved by me, as I am BELOVÉD by the world @WWE_MandyRose”

Hornswoggle states in the video to Mandy Rose, “Mandy, you need to think about this. You need Dolph in your life. Dolph is the Justin to your Britney, the Zack Morris to your Kelly Kapowski. You guys are perfect together. Dolph is beloved by the WWE locker room, by the office, by almost half of the WWE Universe — back in 2013 — but you need to give him another chance. You guys are made for each other. Take back Dolph.”

Later on, a fan directed a tweet at Ziggler, “You could leave wrestling (forever) right now and no one would even notice.” Ziggler later tweeted in response, “That’s messed up. Swoggle is a dear friend and amazing wrestler. For shame. Delete your account.” You can also view that exchange below.