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House of Hardcore Results 10.06.12

October 6, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Shawn Daivari defeated Crowbar via pin
* Danny Doring and Roadkill defeated The FBI via pin
* Jazz defeated Winter via pin
* Tony Nese defeated Aley Reynolds via pin (Mikey Whipwreck was the special referee)
* Scott Steiner defeated Luke Gallows via pin (Eddie Kingston seconded Gallows, Rick Steiner made an appearance and delivered Steiner lines.)
* Following a successful Masterlock Challenge, Chris Mordetsky defeated Hale Collins via pin
* Rhino defeated Sami Callihan via pin
* Big Daddy V defeated Ham and Egger via pin (Spike Dudley made an appearance, and V walked away.)
* Edge made an appearance and cut a promo
* Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated The Young Bucks via pin
* FWE Title Match: Carlito defeated Tommy Dreamer and Mike Knox via pin to become the new champion

Carlito and Knox shook hands. Knox laid him out and attacked Carlito. Raven charged out and DDT’d Dreamer. He began beating the hell out of him when “Enter Sandman” hit and out came the Sandman from the top of the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

After an extended entrance, Sandman rolled into the ring. He ducked and Knox clotheslined Raven. Sandman caned them both and they ran from the ring.

Dreamer took the mic. There was a Thank you Sandman chant. Then a Thank you Tommy. Then a “Thank you both.”

Dreamer said that he wanted to thank everyone here from the bottom of his heart. He thought it was going to be a disaster. He said his Mom had a stroke and he thought she was going to die but she’s here selling merchandise. He said Edge blew off neck surgery to be here. Beulah and his kids were in the back and he said there will be a HOH 2. He said he loved the boys in the back and picked the roster and wished everyone a safe ride home.

Credit: Pwinsider.com

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