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House of Hardcore Results 6.24.17 – Adelaide, Australia: Carlito, Colt Cabana, and Jack Swagger in Action

June 24, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
House of Hardcore Twitch

Credit: Josh Wiles and PWInsider

Q and A before the show was pretty good. A few cringe worthy questions but you get that everywhere. I asked Colt & MVP about podcasting as I am looking to start up one with my brother and received some really good advice.

Carlito def. RCW Champion Matt “Grimm” Basso

Fun match. Carlito feigned he was leaving the match only to return with an apple in hand. Knowing how much of a wrestling fan Matt is, he would have loved having the apple being spat in his face (as much as one can).

Nick Armstrong, “World Class” Chris Basso & Bull James def. Davey Green, Kurt Baron, & Jonah Rock

5 of these guys are RCW wrestlers. Nick and Davey had a really good athletic exchange. Baron was getting “Mini Diesel” chants so he went to put Nick in a powerbomb and did the Diesel arm pump, only to smack him in the back and fake out the crowd. Jonah vs Bull was a good big man confrontation. Jonah is a stud. Finish came when everyone hit their finishers and Bull sat on Davey.

After this, Tommy Dreamer came out to inform us that they would be coming back to Australia next year. Much applause. The (Spirit) Squad interrupted him and started ripping into Adelaide. Crowd responded by yelling “Kenny’s a wanker!” Squad beat down Dreamer only to be chased down by MVP to set up the main event.

Colt Cabana def Mohammad Ali Velaz 

This was the first time I had witnessed Colt Cabana live. I loved his comedy stylings. Really got the crowd up and about. It was just a fun match to watch.

Jack Swagger def Billy Gunn.

Gunn did the whole “Suck It” thing to start the match. Swagger looks so different without his trademark wrestling trunks, he was wearing normal like gym shorts. Anyway, was a pretty good match. I always liked Swagger. Hope he does something with like ROH or maybe overseas.

Intermission and The Squad came out and did photos at ringside.

Matt Cross def Andy Phoenix

Some really good athletic exchanges between the two. It was actually a really good contrast of styles. Matt hits a picture perfect shooting star press for the win.

Swoggle def Ryan Nemeth

Big “We Want Ziggler” chants as Nemeth is Dolph’s brother. Poor Ryan. He is really, really crisp in the ring. To be honest, this was actually pretty good. I was never a big Hornswoggle fan because the gimmick was painful, but his “King of Small Style” is actually enjoyable to watch.

Tommy Dreamer & MVP def The Squad

A lot of stalling… But was all done for laughs. Kenny tried to start “House of Gimmicks” chant which failed. Kenny & Mikey did the “Give me an M…” cheerleader call to try and get people to spell their name only to have everyone yell out WANKER! A few weapons involved but nothing that would hurt people. Dreamer hits a DDT and MVP hit the playmaker for the win.


* The sound guys were horrid which is a damn shame because they are the regular RCW guys and they just completely screwed up the first half of entrances etc. Just not their night.
* You could tell the guys were tired after a long tour but they still gave it their all.
* The crowd was…  a little smarky. They cheered and booed etc but some of the calls were a bit awkward. Some people tried to make it about themselves but when you have internationals coming through you want to be involved.
* Talking to Nick Armstrong (a good mate) afterwards, he said that Dreamer had been super nice to all the local wrestlers. Giving them great advice and feedback. Hopefully it results in more opportunities later on.
* All in all a really fun night. Lots of comedy and made for a really good atmosphere.