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Ian Riccaboni Says ROH Has Stepped Up Since The Elite Left, Talks Company Mindset Heading Into G1 Supercard

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ian Riccaboni

– Ian Riccaboni spoke with ComicBook.com for a new interview promoting tonight’s 17th Anniversary show and G1 Supercard next month. Highlights are below:

On The Elite leaving ROH to launch AEW: “Wrestlers can be replaced but people can’t, and sometimes that’s the most jarring part of losing a great talent, is that not only are the great talents usually awesome wrestlers, but they’re also usually really great people. That’s how you get longevity in the locker room. And so to lose them as people hurt a lot.”

On ROH signing the likes of PCO, Bandido, Rush and Brody King: “From the moment that we knew they were leaving, that’s when you saw PCO for the first time. That’s when you saw Brody King. That’s when you saw Mark Haskins, PJ Black, Luchasaurus. That’s when you saw all these new talents…Stuff like that was major confidence boosters because I think there is a little bit of the unknown out there. I hope those guys do awesome. I think they will. But I also hope Ring of Honor does awesome too, and I think there’s enough room in the ecosystem for everybody. But there’s a little bit of uncertainty and to be pick some of the new young talent and to replenish the ranks, who might not have the star power yet, but have the potential. Those were big boosts, and those were uplifting.”

On how the roster is feeling about ROH’s direction: “The feeling coming out of Atlanta (where they taped) after our first event was, ‘Hey, I think we’re gonna be okay. I think we’re gonna be alright.’ Those guys are super talented, it’s gonna be incredibly tough to make up for their talent. I think we might be able to do that. I think we have guys and gals with potential to do that.”

On the feeling heading into G1 Supercard: “It’s something where I’ve never seen folks more eager to just be a part of something. There are almost no words that I can use to describe Madison Square Garden. Just everybody in the company is through the roof. And that goes from the opening match guys to the main event guys and gals. And we couldn’t be more excited.”