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Impact News: Andrew Everett Injured, Sydal Looking Forward to India Tour

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Impact has posted the following video with Matt Sydal talking about the company’s upcoming India tour. Sydal says it will be the “trip of a lifetime” and talked about what he’s looking forward to.

“If we can increase the connection and reduce the distance between our two cultures, that’s what I’m looking for,” Sydal said. “It may seem like a world apart, but the truth is we’re neighbors. We’re all one, we’re all in the same globe, we’re all the human race and we’re all in it together. The more connectivity and the more communication and the more interaction between the Indian fans and the American fans… they’re not different fans, they’re all Impact Wrestling fans and that’s what’s important.”

– Andrew Everett noted on Twitter that he’s been working with a torn meniscus and that he is set to get it fixed, posting: