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Impact News: Susan Reveals She Knew About Su Yung, Chris Bey Turns on X-Division Allies

July 15, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Susan Kimber Lee Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling/Twitter

– Susan got one over on Kimber Lee on tonight’s Impact Wrestling, revealing that she knew about Su Yung the whole time. Tonight’s episode saw Kimber pacing outside a room in the backstage area where Susan was talking to Father James Mitchell in an attempt to get Su Yung summoned when Susan came out and said everything had gone according to plan. Kimber asked what was going on and said that there had been a change in plan, and that Mitchell’s “time had come.” When Kimber realized she knew about Su Yung, she said she’d known all along and grabbed Kimber, throwing her into the room and following after:

– Chris Bey got the pinfall in the eight-man tag team match on tonight’s show between the X-Division competitors, but then turned on them after the match as you can see below: