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Impact Wrestling News: Details On Why The NWA Is Allowed To Use Impact Footage, Lawsuit Against Impact Ended Last Year

February 14, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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PWInsider reports that the reason the NWA was allowed to use TNA/Impact footage in their videos was due to Anthem’s settlement with Billy Corgan last year. There seems to be a working relationship between the two companies, as they’ve had multiple meetings about how they can work together. Corgan has also talked with other companies about working together.

– It was also revealed that the lawsuit against Impact by Fraley International ended in September 2017 with a ruling against Impact. Fraley sued TNA Entertainment, LLC, so it seems Anthem won’t have to pay the judgment. Fraley, which handles importation of merchandise from overseas, sued for money over shipments of TNA merchandise to the US after production in the Far East. In April 2017, Impact’s lawyers withdrew from representing the company after the Chancery Court in Nashville gave them permission due to lack of payment. Impact never responded or appeared in court after that. There’s no word on what Fraley won or if they collected their winnings.

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