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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.17.21

June 17, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling 6-17-21
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.17.21  

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*Moose approaches D’Amore, upset with how Against All Odds turned out. He’s reminded that action will be taken as Anthem is sending a member of the board to the IMPACT Zone.

TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs. Black Taurus w/Crazzy Steve

They hit the mat for some grappling to kick things off with TJP looking sharp. Taurus shows off his surprising agility as they go hold for hold. TJP is floored by powerful clotheslines but continues to slip away and fight on. Taurus almost breaks him in half with a backbreaker for a near fall. TJP hits a springboard attack and face wash in the corner. TJP connects with the Mamba Splash to win. After the match, Moose jumps TJP and demands attention. He grabs a chair and a mic. Moose attempts to hijack the show but Chris Sabin hits a dropkick from the top.


This had good action but was kept brief and was a backdrop to Moose’s antics. Side note: Sabin looks great.

*We see Ace and Rohit arguing in front of a pacing Madman Fulton. Ace pitches a partnership to level the playing field, which Rohit hesitantly accepts.

*We catch up with Chris Sabin who goes off on Moose, challenging him to a match at Slammiversary.

Madman Fulton (w/Ace Austin) vs. Josh Alexander

Fulton chases him but Josh sends him outside. He uses his quickness to take an early advantage but Fulton grabs him for a suplex throw. Fulton throws him like a lawn dart onto the apron and big boots him to take control heading into break. Fulton applies the claw and Ace attacks him from the outside as the X-Division Champion is in trouble. Josh chops at the leg and hits a knee from the top. He lifts him for a delayed vertical suplex and near fall. Fulton escapes an ankle lock but eats Divine Intervention as he picks up the pinfall win. Ace Austin attacks him immediately but Petey Williams comes for the save. Rohit saves Ace, honoring their deal. Trey Miguel makes him pay as Shera makes his return. He floors everyone, finishing with a chokeslam backbreaker on Josh Alexander. Rohit and Shera have aligned with Ace and Fulton.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

Good match here with some solid story progression. Shera looked good taking everyone out.

W. Morrissey looks giant during his interview as he walks alone.

Steve Maclin vs. Jason Page

Jason Page is a great prospect as he meets Maclin in his IMPACT debut. Maclin uses powerful shots to batter Page. Maclin clotheslines Page out of his boots before hammering him with elbows. Maclin hits a sit-out lifting reverse DDT to win.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

That was a good squash with Maclin looking physical and Page making him look dangerous.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Rachael Ellering

Rachael uses her power to control the match for a bit. Kaleb helps Tenille gain the advantage from the outside. Tenille sends her into the guardrail and looks for a countout. Tenille hits a crossbody to nearly win as she attempts another failed pinfall. Rachael fires back with big elbows and a senton for a near fall. Tenille nails a clothesline for a near fall. Tenille sends Rachael into the corner and charges her but can’t put her away. Rachael hits a twisting leg drop but gets rolled up and takes the loss

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood

This was a good match and another good performance from Tenille, continuing the tension between Rachael and Jordynne.

*Fire n’ Flava bother a janitor and force them to acknowledge them as the best tag team. Rosmeary approaches to interrupt and force them out, as Havok corners them. Kiera is tossed into a dumpster with a trash bag labeled “Mickie”.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Rhino

Rhino batters him early, neutralizing Kojima. Kojima takes advantage as we head to break but we return to Rhino in full control. His meeting with EY on the outside during the break, allowed him to adjust and switch momentum. Kojima spams chops and drops an elbow from the top. Rhino delivers a belly-to-belly setting up a Gore attempt. Kojima chops that away and hits the cutter. Kojima connects with the lariat to win.

WINNER: Satoshi Kojima

A solid match here with Kojima always being a bit of fun. Him and Edwards are certainly a duo of some likable dudes. Their title shot is next week.

*Josh and D’Lo run through next’s card as Sami Callihan is heard and eventually shown in the ring, inviting authorties.


Callihan is in the ring threatening security. D’Amore appears but reminds him that for once, he’s on his side. Callihan accepts and teleports away. Callis strolls down the ramp, feeling confident. They argue as Tommy Dreamer’s music hits. He reveals that Anthem has sent him to deliver news. He says Callihan has been reinstated and Callis has been fired. Callihan catches him in the back to tell that he will bash Omega’s brains in and make him watch.

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was a solid episode of IMPACT that failed to create very memorable moments. Strong points include Maclin's debut and the final segment. The matches were solid but unspectacular. The stories are being told patiently but coming across well already. Dreamer being revealed as the representative was a bit flat to me but we will see how this continues to unfold.

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